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The so-called legendary warriors were precisely Super Saiyan.

However, Saiyan God, which relied on fusion, was temporarily not included in it.

If someone were to break through the shackles with their own strength and reach “Super Saiyan God” in the future, there will also be a “God” level.

Raditz asked, “Then, the classification is based on how much Battle Power”

In his view, although he was deemed a Low-level Warrior at birth, his Battle Power has grown tremendously in the last few years.

He had already reached the level of an ordinary Mid-level Warrior.

Since Planet Hongshan’s Saiyans could be grouped into Ordinary Warriors, Elite Warriors, Super Warriors, as well as the Legendary Warrior, then he wondered if he could be ranked as an Elite Warrior, according to Planet Hongshan’s classifications.

However the disparity between reality and dreams was so huge, Raditz’s fantasies lasted did not exist for more than three seconds before they were instantly shattered.

Elise kindly explained that Planet Hongshan Saiyans classifications to her elder brother.

“Ordinary Warrior refers to warriors who have 10,000 Battle Power or lower; from 10,000 to 100,000 Battle Power are Elite Warriors; above 100,000 Battle Power are Super Warriors.

As for the legendary warriors, you currently don’t need to know.

Their Battle Power is confidential on Planet Hongshan!”

It was only an oriole-like melodious sound, but to Raditz, it was as deafening as the thunder ripping through a clear sky.

“Wh…what” Raditz shouted in surprise.

Ten thousand and lower Battle Power are all Ordinary Warriors So, only a few Saiyans of Planet Vegeta would have been at this level In other words, the Ordinary Warrior’s level only includes the former Low-level Warrior, Mid-level Warrior, and High-level Warrior!

In that case, what is the significance of this Battle Power classification

Raditz trembled as he asked, “Then, what is the total number of experts on Planet Hongshan at every level”

Elise looked at him with an expression of pride.

“The number of Saiyans on Planet Hongshan is not a lot, and I think Ordinary Warriors are more than 38,000.

I don’t know the specific number.”

“Fortunately, it’s not a lot, so the number of Saiyans on Planet Hongshan is actually also not much.” Raditz patted his chest, but Elise’s next words almost caused him to have a heart attack.

He saw Elise counting on her fingers, after which she said, “Besides Ordinary Warriors, Planet Hongshan has about 1,500 Elite Warriors and 28 Super Warriors…”

When Raditz heard that, he was dumbfounded.

It was not as though the number of Saiyans on Planet Hongshan was much, so how could there be so many Elite Warriors

Even during Planet Vegeta’s time, very few Saiyans had more than 10,000 Battle Power.

If Raditz knew the training conditions of Planet Hongshan, then he would not be so surprised.

The city where the Saiyans lived had robust technological facilities and fighting arenas, and the learning atmosphere of martial arts is very intense.

With the help of Senzu Beans and Tree of Might’s fruits, it was difficult not to become strong.

Of course, not everyone had the opportunity to obtain magical stuff like Senzu Beans and Tree of Might’s fruits.

Only those who have performed excellently during missions and martial arts tournaments got the opportunity to obtain them.

“1500, 28, 1500, 28…” Raditz kept repeating.

There were 1,500 warriors with more than 10,000 Battle Power.

What were these numbers Vegeta currently had only 26000 Battle Power, but there were 28 Super Warrior with more than 100,000 Battle Power.

This… is unimaginably formidable!

“Hey, idiot” Elise tugged at the Raditz’s Battle Armor, but Raditz seemed to have really become an idiot.

Laret guffawed.

He rested his chin on Elise’s shoulder and gloated, “Your brother has received quite the shock.

Give him a beating.”

Elise rolled her eyes rather unhappily and shook off Laret.

“It has nothing to do with you, and don’t take advantage of me.

If you do something like this again, I will tell Sister Xiling to teach you a lesson.”

Laret laughed and sat back in his seat.

Taking advantage of Elise was something he found very interesting.

“Sigh!” Shaking her head, Elise no longer cared about Raditz.

This brother really was useless, unlike brother Kakarrot.

If it was brother Kakarrot that learned that there are so many strong experts on Planet Hongshan, not only would he not be afraid, but he would also be very excited!’

Elise thought in her heart.


The spaceship sped forward at speed many times faster than the speed of light.

A month later, the silver-gray spaceship entered the territory of East Area’s Planet Hongshan.

After interacting for one month, Raditz gradually understood the situation on Planet Hongshan, but he was nervous about the planet being filled with strong experts.

“Whoosh!” The spaceship landed, and the gravitational field, which greatly surpassed the gravity of an average planet, acted on them.

Elise and others were used to it, but Raditz stumbled, almost falling to the ground.

“I forgot to tell you: Planet Hongshan’s gravity is 12 times the standard gravity.

It is even stronger than Planet Vegeta’s,” Elise said with a smile.

‘You must have deliberately not told me,’ Raditz muttered to himself.

He knows that his sister didn’t seem to like him very much, as she was not warm to him at all.

However, as someone who had long since gotten used to being bullied when he was with Vegeta, Raditz didn’t feel anything.

“Miss Elise, the escort is over.

We’ll return first.” Back on Planet Hongshan, Muying and Sadie asked for permission to return and submit the mission.

Elise politely thanked them.

“Thank you; we’ve really troubled you!”

“It was nothing.”

“You’re welcome; it was our mission.”

Muying and Sadie responded with a smile.

The trip to the North Area was not at all difficult for them.

It only wasted some of their time.

After all, the trip had been made to pick up Mr.

Bardock’s son, so it is natural to act as escorts all the way.

“Thank…thank you!” Raditz quickly thanked them.

When he realized that they were both Super Warriors of Planet Hongshan, Raditz became very restrained in front of them.

He had never before encountered an expert with above 100,000 Battle Power.

Well, Frieza didn’t count.

” Umm!” Nodding slightly, Muying and Sadie soared into the sky and returned to their own offices.

“You can go back, too.” Elise waved at the members of her Squad, telling them to disperse.

This was originally her family’s matter, but her companions had insisted on going with her.

“Um.” Her companions all dispersed.

“Why aren’t you going back” Everyone was gone, except for Laret.

“I am going the same way as you!” Laret screamed and held Elise’s hand.

“Anyway, our families live near each other.

Today, I am going to your house to eat.

Uncle Bardock will definitely welcome me.”

Elise was startled and looked at Laret for a while before saying disdainfully, “Hmph, go  eat by yourself; I don’t care!”

“Brother Raditz, let’s go.” Beckoning Raditz over, Elise began to walk in the direction of the main street.

Raditz stared at the young man and woman dumbly, but he still followed after Elise, albeit with difficulty.

Laret laughed before clenching his fists to cheer himself up, and smugly followed behind. What Sister Xiling had said was correct.

To make Elise not reject him, he must shamelessly pester her.

Bardock’s home villa was located at the center of the city, and not far from it was Adri and Xiaya’s homes.

From the place where the spaceship had landed to the villas in the center of the city… For a Saiyan with outstanding strength like Elise, only several minutes were required to cross so many streets, but because she had to bring along Raditz, who she briefed on the way, Elise moved much more slowly.

Traveling through the leisure area and the training area, and watching the Saiyans passing by, Raditz, who had not seen members of his race for a long time, felt like he had returned to Planet Vegeta.

“They are all so powerful.”

Just from Elise’s words, he couldn’t completely feel the strength of Planet Hongshan.

However, when he saw it with his own eyes, Raditz finally understood how powerful Planet Hongshan’s Saiyans were.


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