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Even though this Raditz was useless, he is, after all, a member of Vegeta’s team.

How he allow them to take Raditz away without saying a thing

Vegeta asked, “How did Raditz offend you”

Elise said, “No, he didn’t offend me as he is my older brother!”

Elise’s words shocked Vegeta.

He stealthily observed the girl with the detector.

‘Her Battle Power was 5,200, which was completely beyond a High-level Warrior’s level, and her latent talent catches up to mine.

Does Raditz really have such a talented sister And I didn’t know about it’

Moreover, other than this girl, the others present here had frighteningly high Battle Powers.

Leaving aside Muying and Sadie, whose Battle Powers Vegeta dared not check with the detector for fear that it would blow up, others are all very powerful.

“Are all Xiaya’s subordinates this talented If that is not the case, then maybe they have grasped some magical training method.” Vegeta shook his head, looking dispirited.

Raditz was stunned, or to say scared.

“How can I be your brother My only sibling is a younger brother, who was sent to a lower level planet…”

As for the younger brother… before the destruction of Planet Vegeta, his mother, Gine, was worried that she and Bardock may encounter mishaps, so she told Raditz to take care of him.

But, in the end, Raditz followed Vegeta and didn’t care about it too much.

“If your parents are called Bardock and Gine, then you are definitely my older brother,” Elise said seriously.

Raditz stared at her with a blank expression.

Suddenly, he thought of something and shouted in excitement, “Could it be my parents didn’t die Did they eventually birth to my sister outside”

Yes, it had to be like this!

My parents are not dead!

Raditz’s eyes suddenly brimmed with tears, and his emotions surged.

Elise nodded.

“Yes, they did escape the disaster of Planet Vegeta’s destruction and gave birth to me later on.

Now, I will take you back.”

Raditz’s happy mood turned to one confusion, and he could not help pinching his arm hard to check if he was dreaming or not.

“So, you are really my sister!” Then, he looked at Vegeta with an expression of embarrassment.

“If you want to leave, then go!” Vegeta coldly said.

“Thank you!” Raditz quickly thanked him and went to stand beside Elise.

“Vegeta, Big brother Xiaya told me to hand this over to you; put it away carefully!” Elise took out a bag and tossed it over, then she clasped her hands, turned around and walked away.

Vegeta opened the bag and looked inside.

He saw thirty or forty dry beans.

“What is this” He asked.

He knew that Xiaya would not send him something for no reason.

Muying, who was standing on the side, explained, “Those things are called Senzu Beans.

No matter how heavy your injuries are, so long as you haven’t died, you will recover to your peak state instantly if you eat one of them.

You ought to know that Senzu Beans are very scarce in our Guardian Corps.”

Vegeta’s pupils shrank, and he could not help taking another look at the bag of beans in his hand.

His eyes were now filled with a fervent light.

As a Saiyan that goes outside to fight all year round, he knew the significance of these beans.

They were tantamount to a chance to save one’s life!

No wonder Saiyans had become so powerful under Xiaya’s leadership.

It may just be because of these Senzu Beans.

“Give my thanks to Xiaya,” Vegeta said awkwardly.

“Also, I’ll trouble him to take care of Tarble.”

Vegeta was very concerned about his younger brother.

Muying chuckled and nodded.

He gazed at Vegeta and Nappa one last time before boarding the spaceship, closely followed by the others, who went in one after the other.

“Raditz follow us!”

“Oh!” Raditz was slow by half a beat, but he still quickly jumped into the spaceship.

As Vegeta and Nappa’s watched, the silver-gray spaceship slowly lifted off, and then broke through the atmosphere, flying towards outer space.

Nappa looked away and resentfully said, “Tch, I didn’t expect Raditz to be so lucky.

He actually had such a family.”

It was not that he didn’t consider going with Raditz, but Raditz didn’t invite him.

Moreover, he was not sure how Vegeta would react, so he didn’t say anything.

“Raditz is indeed lucky,” Vegeta indifferently said.

Xiaya had once invited Vegeta to join Planet Hongshan, but because of his pride, Vegeta refused right away.

Even now, Vegeta would still not agree.

As for Raditz now missing from the team, Vegeta was not too concerned.

After all, Raditz’s potential was not very good.

“With these magical beans, I can train without any scruples.

Wait for me, Frieza; one day, I will kill you with my own hands.” Vegeta thought, his blood boiling.

Wrinkling his eyebrows, Nappa asked, “Vegeta, now that Raditz is gone, how should we explain it to Frieza!”

Vegeta said coldly, “Explain what Didn’t the energy detector just burn down now Just tell him that Raditz had died during the mission.”

“Umm, then we will say that!” Nappa laughed heartily as he rubbed his bald head.


In the vast expanse of the universe’s starry sky, the spaceship carrying Elise and others was rapidly speeding towards North Area.

“Umm, Elise, where are we going” Raditz asked whilst fidgeting in his chair in the spaceship.

He harbored some unknown fear for the abode his parents resided in.

There was both excitement and unknown fear in his heart.

Elise moved closer, her cute little face sticking very close.

As Raditz’s watched in astonishment, she crushed his energy detector.

“Our destination is Planet Hongshan in East Area.

I’ll tell you this in advance: when we arrive at Planet Hongshan, you must be well-behaved.

Don’t think that you can be arrogant just because you are my brother.

There are many experts on Planet Hongshan.”

Elise could not get along with Raditz as much as she did with Goku.

It might have been because Raditz’s heart was filled with darkness, unlike Goku’s pure and innocent heart.

That was Elise liked to stay with Goku and why she did not like Raditz.

“East Area Isn’t that very far away!”

Raditz screamed.

His previous area of activity was the area controlled by North Area’s Frieza.

In the area controlled by Frieza, it would take someone several years to fly from one end to the other.

As for traveling from the North Area to the East Area, just how many years would it take

Raditz did not see any hibernation units on the spaceship.

Would we have to stay on the spaceship for several years

At this time, Laret, who was next to Elise, “tsked” and said disdainfully, “Our Planet Hongshan’s spaceship is not your backward technology.

From the North Area to the East Area, one month is enough.”

In the past—a time when the technology of Feidaya people was still underdeveloped—it took more than two years for one to move from North Area to Planet Hongshan.

Now that they have learned the spaceship technology of the Galactic Patrol Organization, however, the speed of spaceships had greatly improved, and the time spent on flights had been shortened.

“So powerful!” Raditz swallowed his saliva and carefully asked, “You just said that…there are a lot of experts on Planet Hongshan.

Is it like Planet Vegeta”

“What is Planet Vegeta” Elise shook her head.

She was born on Planet Hongshan and didn’t know what Planet Vegeta was like.

Muying, who was driving the spaceship, turned around and said with a smile, “The strength of Planet Hongshan can not be compared to that of Planet Vegeta’s.

During Planet Vegeta’s times, Saiyans were classified into Low-level Warrior, Mid-level Warrior and High-level Warrior based on the superiority of the bloodline.

A fully grown High-level Warrior had between 5,000 and 10,000 Battle Power, and only a few reached 10,000 Battle Power.”

“So useless” Elise, who was hearing about the strength of Planet Vegeta for the first time, couldn’t help blurting out.

Raditz asked doubtfully, “Shouldn’t it be natural Saiyan exactly had such classification.”

Muying and Sadie shook their heads sideways whilst sighing with emotions.

Yeah, this was the classification of Saiyans during Planet Vegeta’s time! Classification like this for Low-level Warriors like them; after their manner of thinking gets shackled, there is no hope at all for getting out of it.

If they were not lucky enough to migrate to Planet Hongshan, Low-level Warriors like them may have died in some unknown mission.

How could they have had the chance to grow as strong as they now were

Muying and Sadie both thought at the same time, their hearts filling with emotion.

Muying explained, “On Planet Hongshan, Saiyan’s levels are not classified like Planet Vegeta’s.

Planet Vegeta focused on born latent talent, while Planet Hongshan values ​​actual strength.

The seriousness of Saiyan’s training is the key to determining the level.

“Planet Hongshan’s Saiyans are classified from low to high: Ordinary Warrior, Elite Warrior, Super Warrior, and the even more higher legendary warrior.”


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