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In the distance, it wasnt until the berserk energy in the surroundings gradually subsided that Nappa and Raditz breathed sighs of relief.

Energy waves erupted from Vegeta in an unbridled manner.

Asdelicate and weak people, they were worried that they would be accidentally sent flying.

“Wow, Vegeta is really powerful.

But, he is still not satisfied, even though his Battle Power has reached 26,000 already; if it was me, I would already be laughing up my sleeve.” Nappa felt amazed as he stroked his bald head.

Raditz clasped his palms together and whispered, “Vegeta has always wanted to surpass Frieza.

He wouldnt be satisfied with such a small Battle Power.”

“Ohh, Frieza!”

When Nappa heard the name “Frieza”, he could not help but shudder.

At the thought of such an enemy behind the Saiyans, his countenance turned ugly.

“I only have 7000 Battle Power, and I dont dare fight Frieza.”

This was also what Nappa admired about Vegeta.

He knew that he could not fight him, but he still wanted to do it; this took a lot of courage.

At Vegetas strong request, they had been training on this unknown planet for three years.

Vegetas Battle Power rose gradually, but Nappa and Raditz seemed to encounter a bottleneck.

Their Battle Powers stopped at 7000 and 2500 respectively.

I have to say that this kind of pressure is a very good catalyst for Saiyans.

Although Vegeta and the others never slacked in their training, the results they had gained in the past three years of training surpassed what they had gained ten years before that!

In the past three years, whether it was Vegeta, Nappa, or Raditz, they were worried about the influence of Frieza, even when they slept at night.

One could very well imagine how uncomfortable this simple life was.

Even Nappa felt that he would soon go crazy.

But, for some reason, their strengths had doubled!

Listening to Nappas laments, Raditz is also very uneasy.

“Yeah, if it was known by Frieza, we will become miserable.”

Nappa didnt reprimand Raditz this time; instead, he nodded, deeply convinced that they didnt have the courage to rebel against Frieza as Vegeta did.


A few days later.

Vegeta was training, as usual, when a silvery-gray spaceship suddenly passed through the atmosphere and landed.

A black shadow was cast down.

It moved on the desolate land before stopping finally above a dried-up riverbed.

When Vegeta and the other discovered the spaceship, their countenances changed.

Why did this spaceship land here

Could Frieza have realized that they didnt go back and sent someone to look for them

Vegetas facial expression was gloomy, and as an icy, murderous glint flashed in his eyes.

He soared into the sky and flew towards the area that the spaceship landed.

A long time ago, Vegeta almost destroyed this unknown planet, so the places he flew past were desolate deserts.

“Turn on the detector, and look at the energies in the spaceship,” Vegeta coldly commanded.

Nappa nodded and pressed a button on the single-lens energy detector next to his ear.

He only heardbeep beep beep as lines of data flashed before his eyes, and with a loud bang, the energy detector burned down.

When Vegeta and the others saw the detector burn down, their complexions changed immediately.

Although their energy detectors were outdated, it was important to note that the energy detectors range was beyond 10,000.

For the energy detector to burn down so quickly, the energy of the other party was, at the very least, 15,000.

“Vegeta, what should we do” Nappa turned to Vegeta with a nervous expression.

Clenching his teeth, Vegeta indifferently said, “Lets go.

Go up and take a look.

I hope that the situation is not too big.” With that, Vegeta—taking the lead—flew over.

After exchanging glances, Nappa and Raditz could only try their best to keep up; if they ventured too far from Vegeta, they would be unable to guarantee their own safety.

At the landing site, the cabin door of the spaceship finally opened, and nine figures came out of it: five men and four women, two of whom were slightly older, middle-aged people.

“Uncle Muying, do you think theyre on this planet” A beautiful girl with a ponytail asked.

The man named Muying laughed and said, “Miss Elise, it has all been predicted by your father, Sir Bardock.

Your brother is definitely here.”

Elise nodded and said to the boy beside Muying, “Laret, in a while, lets test their strength.”

The boy named Laret grinned, but he did not agree.

“You can go if you want; I am not interested.”

“What!” Elise eyes slanted widened, and an expression of displeasure appeared on her jade-like fac.

“Laret, you know that I am the captain; you have to listen to me.”

“If you were not a girl, I would have defeated you long ago,” Laret whispered in a low voice.

“What did you say”

“Nothing.” Laret quickly shook his head.

Although he is one year younger than Elise, he often allowed Elise to gain some small advantage.

Surprisingly, the nine people that had alighted the spaceship were Elise Squad, which was formed by Elise.

The two middle-aged people with them had entered the North Area, this time, specifically to protect their Guardian Corps members—Muying and Sadie, who were both powerful fighters, with their Battle Powers reaching 120,000.

Muying and Sadie were the first batch of Saiyans that had moved to Planet Hongshan.

Originally, as Low-level Warrior, after training hard for all these years and taking the Tree of Mights fruit, they had become Super Warriors on Planet Hongshan.

Now, as core members of the Guardian Corps, they were sent by Bardock to protect Elise and others.

They all had on dark-red colored Battle Armors with black borders, which looked solemn and oppressive.

Vegeta cautiously approached them.

When both sides met, he got a clear look at the beautiful Battle Armor these people wore and the brown tails swaying behind them, Vegetas expression changed.

“Ahh! They are all Saiyans.

Wasnt it said that every Saiyan had been killed by Frieza” Nappa shouted frantically.

“Shut up!” Vegeta angrily scolded as he eyed the Saiyans in front of him.

Suddenly, he remembered what Xiaya had told him and asked, “Are you all Xiayas people”

“Yes, we are the members of Sir Xiayas Guardian Corps,” Muying answered, neither haughtily nor humbly.

During the time of Plant Vegeta, Vegeta had been a high and mighty prince; but now, it was the era of Planet Hongshan.

Prince Vegetas status doesnt scare Muying at all; furthermore, his 120,000 Battle Power was far more than Vegetas.

In Muyings heart, Sir Xiaya was the one and only mighty Saiyan leader.

“Guardian Corps” Vegeta muttered to himself.

It was obvious that it was the name of an organization.

When Muying noticed Vegetas expression of confusion, he said, “Guardian Corps is a troop formed by Sir Xiaya to protect Saiyans planet.

It has 1,000 members.”

Vegeta nodded.

A similar organization existed during the time of Planet Vegetas times.

It was classified as a first-class armed force, but it was not the core strength of Planet Vegeta.

“Why have you come this time I already said that I will not join Xiayas Force.” Vegeta was a proud individual.

Even now that he had lost his position, he had no intention of being a subordinate of others.

He would rather conceal himself and take revenge against Frieza.

Suddenly, Sadie laughed out loud and stepped forward.

“This time, we are not here for you, but for him!” He pointed his finger at Raditz, who was standing at the back.

“Me” Raditz said in disbelief.

I am just an insignificant Low-level Warrior.

How am I worth them personally coming here for me

“Thats right; we are here for you,” Elise said as she jumped out and began to walk circles Raditz, shaking her head in disappointment.

“There is nothing remarkable; you are so weak.”

If Goku has the halo of future Super Saiyan, which made Elise regard him highly, then Raditz only has one famous saying left behind: “Your Battle Power is a mere 5, ah!”

In the future that Bardock saw, Raditzs achievements were limited, and he even had a conflict with Goku.

However, as his father, how could Bardock sit back and watch indifferently Hence, after getting acquainted with Goku, he decided to have Elise bring him back.

Over the years, Bardock also hoped that the future he saw was inaccurate.

If Goku had the potential to become Super Saiyan, then why would Raditz, who had a latent talent much higher than him, be extremely mediocre in the end

Bardock did not believe it, so he hoped that Raditz could break his “prophecy.”

However, although Raditz and Gokus rate of growth deviated from the “prophecy,” Bardock could still see the differences from them.

Goku gradually pursued his own martial arts with the heart of a powerful expert, which made Bardock look at him in a different light.

However, Raditz… although his Battle Power was far above Gokus, he had no passion to become powerful.

At most, he trained just because of pressure from Vegeta, and also because only by training could he better protect himself.

This made Bardock very disappointed.

At the same time, he also realized that his eldest son may not be able to break the “prophecy”.

Rather than him continue living aimlessly outside, and carelessly throw away his life—after which he may even fight with his younger son—it was better to bring him back to Planet Hongshan.

Although this may make Raditz remain mediocre, it, at least, gave him another path that was different from that of the “prophecy,” which was the framework for the prophecy to suddenly appear.

In fact, right before Bardock decided to bring Raditz back home, he had given up on his expectations towards Raditz.

“Grr!” Raditz was so ashamed of Elises words that his complexion alternated between red and white, and he couldnt help but lower his head, depressed.

Vegeta frowned and asked, “Why are you looking for Raditz”

Had Raditz accidentally offended them No; it couldnt be.

With their strength, Raditz was not qualified to meet to them, let alone offend them, and this wasnt Vegeta looking down on Raditz.

Furthermore, Raditz has always been with him in the last few years, so how could he have the opportunity to meet these people.

“We want to take him away.” Elise raised her head, her bright eyes shining like stars, and beautiful black hair fluttering in the wind.


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