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“Kakarrot’s Battle Power is 1620; however, Piccolo’s Battle Power is 1681.

If we only look at the numbers, then Piccolo is a little ahead, but the disparity between the two is not large.

Victory or defeat will depend on their performance!” Xiaya looked at Xiling and Myers and commented with a relaxed expression.

The value of one’s Battle Power was just a rough metric in a fight.

It only indicated the amount of energy an individual possessed.

Naturally, possessing higher energy had many more advantages, but the concrete outcome of a battle was dependent on one’s performance.

Experience and ideas were the main factors.

“It will really be difficult to judge!” Xiling nodded her head in agreement.

Xiaya suddenly smiled and said, “You know that Piccolo is a demon, right But when I observed him just now with ‘Spirit Eye Secret Skill’, I found that his sins are—surprisingly—zero, meaning that he has never committed an evil deed!”

“A good demon” Myers muttered while rolling her eyes.

“He was busy training, so there should’ve been no time for him to do evil!”

To defeat Goku, Piccolo had gone back to the “Yunzabit Heights” where his father had lived since birth.

The climate there was bad, and it was uninhibited.

The number of lifeforms there was not much, so one would have to abandon the thought of committing evil.

’Perhaps, it’s Piccolo’s lack of sin that will enable him to slowly break away from the ranks of demons in the future.’

In the martial arena, the two combatants used their respective unique skills.

In an instant, enormous energy balls appeared between the sky and earth.

The dazzling lights completely illuminated the whole sky.

Narrowing his eyes as he stared at the dazzling energy ball, Xiaya faintly smiled and said, “They are about to go all-out.

It seems that a victor would soon be decided!”

The entire Martial Arts Temple was dead silent as everyone was shocked by the two enormous energy balls that had suddenly appeared.

“What frightening energy! They can release such a huge energy ball” Krillin and others had sweat seeping out from their foreheads.

The energy density of the two energy balls was extremely high.

If released, the entire southeastern island would be wiped out from the face of the earth.

“Unbelievable, it seems that they were holding back previously…” Old Kami muttered to himself with wide eyes.

“Wow, what a bright light.

They are like suns!” Bulma shouted in astonishment and suddenly thought, ‘This is the energy ball that my future husband produced…’ Her emotions were suddenly running high.

Amidst everyone’s gaze, the two enormous energy balls gradually approached each other.

Finally, a rumble resounded throughout the horizon, stinging the ears of every one present followed by buzzing sounds which continued to ring.

A violent shockwave, like one caused by a nuclear explosion, broke through the clouds, and then a fierce wind swept out, bringing along sand and dust.

After the sandstorm passed, the audience felt like they had experienced the end of the world as they were covered in sand and dust from head to toe, leaving them in a sorry state.

As they took in the view of the venue again, the audience was stunned.

They saw that the vast structure of the venue had disappeared, replacing it was a huge bottomless hole.

A fiery aura was constantly emanating from the huge hole, and the top layer of soil became crimson-colored after getting scorched by the intense temperature.

A cloud of light-black smoke was floating above it.

“This… What a shocking destructive power…” The host was lying prone beside the huge hole, and half of his body had been charred black.

Old Kami looked at the venue calmly, his eyes shining with a bright light.

After sensing the faint aura of Goku and Piccolo, he raised his head and stared at the sky.

At a height of several thousand meters, Goku was floating in a sorry state, and on the other side, the exhausted Piccolo was in an even more unbearable state.

From the fight just now, Goku was slightly superior.

After slowly landing, Piccolo fell out of the arena.

Goku, while floating in the air with great effort, turned towards the host and shouted, “Hey, host, he has already fallen out of the arena, so announce the result!”

“Well, oh…” The host came back to his senses and quickly raised the microphone, announcing loudly, “Ma Jr.

has fallen out of the arena.

Contestant Goku wins.

Thus, the winner of the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament is Contestant Goku.

Let us give him a warm round of applause to congratulate him!”

As soon as the results were announced, the audience applauded and cheered.

The battle that just concluded was too amazing.

They had no objection to Goku being the champion of the World Martial Arts Tournament.

As if a joyful drama had come to an end, the whole world was discussing the details spiritedly.

The battle between Goku and Piccolo had opened their eyes, and it was even more breathtaking than their previous battle from three years ago.

“Hah, great! Goku, you are awesome!” Krillin laughed heartily while cheering.

He felt honor in Goku’s victory.

“The disparity in our strength is getting bigger and bigger.” Yamcha spat out a turbid Ki, but he was not dispirited.

“Haha, he is really worthy of being my future husband, a mighty expert!” Bulma shouted excitedly, and then she quickly rushed towards Goku.


“Goku, one day I will kill you with my own hands and rule the world!” After the competition ended, Piccolo stiffly left this sentence behind and soared into the sky.

“I’ll be waiting for you!” Goku shouted with confidence.

Old Kami walked over to Goku’s side and said, “Goku, you shouldn’t have let him go.”

Goku scratched his head and said in embarrassment, “I think that Piccolo is not a bad person.

Moreover, I need a rival who can always urge me on!”

Old Kami sighed and then introduced Chi-Chi’s new identity to them.

“From today onwards, Chi-Chi will replace me as the new Kami of Earth.

I hope you all can help her!”

After saying that, he glanced around at everyone, and his eyes especially stopped at Xiaya, Xiling, and Myers for a moment.

He knew that Earth was insignificant in the universe; thus, they needed to be united.

Fortunately, Krillin, Yamcha, and other young experts had appeared on Earth in recent times, making Old Kami very happy.

“Hmm, we will definitely help out.”

Bulma hugged Chi-Chi’s shoulder like a bosom friend and said, “Wow, Chi-Chi, you are the Kami of Earth from now on.

To think that I am a good friend with the Kami!”

“In actually, Senior brother Goku is more suitable to be the Kami,” After her initial astonishment, Chi-Chi said modestly.

Goku hurriedly waved his hands and said, “No no, I don’t want to stay in that boring place.”

“Exactly, Goku wants to go back to West City with me.” Bulma pulled Goku’s arm, and then she announced to everyone, “I am planning to get married to Goku.

The wedding will be held in West City.

I hope that you will all come to our wedding.”

“Wow, Goku is getting married, and the bride is such a beautiful girl!” Krillin exclaimed.

Launch and Hasky also surrounded them and asked, “Goku, do you plan on settling in West City in the future”

Goku embarrassedly scratched his head and said, “Bulma allowed me to live in her home, but I’ll also stay on Mount Paozu as it will be transformed into a martial arts training area specially customized for me.

You can also come over and train in the future.”

Oolong bit his fingers as he watched Goku and Bulma intimate display and muttered unwillingly, “Boo hoo, I’m so jealous!”

Master Roshi wholeheartedly blessed them and vowed that he would be present at the wedding.


On the way home, Myers asked Xiaya, “Kakarrot is about to get married.

Should we allow Bardock and the others to come over and participate in the wedding”

Xiaya thought for a moment before saying, “Bardock must have known about it long ago.

Umm, let’s notify them anyway.

Their child is getting married, so—as parents— they should indeed be present.”


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