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“The fourth match of the quarterfinals, Contestant Goku vs.

Contestant Cyborg Tao! Contestant Goku was the runner-up of the last two tournaments, and he is also the hero who defeated King Piccolo to save the world.

Please, look forward to his performance!”

The blonde host had long been instructed by Central City’s government to not miss the opportunity to expose Goku’s identity.

The audience immediately became enthusiastic.



Unlike the original work, King Piccolo’s battle with Goku took place in West City, and it was broadcast live all around the world.

Thus, almost everyone knew that the hero who saved Earth was called Goku.

Moreover, Central City intended to expand Earth’s martial arts facilities, so they were vigorously supporting it.

Currently, It could be said that the most famous person in the whole world was Goku, just like Satan after the Cell Games in the original work.

“Goku, I will personally return this humiliation!” Cyborg Tao’s face was gloomy as his body emitted a chilly aura.

Goku frowned and said, “You are Mercenary Tao To think that you haven’t died yet!” Goku spoke rudely as he didn’t like the dark and bloody aura emanating from Mercenary Tao.

“Goku, defeat him immediately!” Bulma waved her arms, and then she placed both hands to the side of her mouth, in the form of a horn, and shouted.

To Bulma, Goku responded with a smile and grimly looked at the Cyborg Tao.

“I won’t show mercy this time.”

Goku’s indifference left Mercenary Tao seething with rage, and as the host announced the start of the match, Goku occupied the upper hand with overwhelming superiority.

Then, Mercenary Tao suddenly showed his mechanical weapons, thereby invoking Goku’s wrath.

Mercenary Tao’s shameless behavior completely tarnished the dignity of a martial artist, so Goku directly knocked him out with a punch.

After throwing Mercenary Tao outside the venue, Goku said, “You are not qualified to be called a martial artist!”

“Despicable and shameless guy, quickly get lost!”

“Get lost!”

The audience became angry, especially as Mercenary Tao’s retracting blade’s target was Goku—the hero who saved the world.

“The use of weapons by Contestant Mercenary Tao is in direct violation of the rules of the tournament.

Contestant Goku wins the match!” The host announced the results in a loud voice, and then he said to the enthusiastic and expectant audience, “The semi-final matches will be held next from the previous martial arts tournament quarter-finals.

Contestant Yamcha, one of the quarter-finalists of the previous martial arts tournament vs.

Contestant Ma Jr.

(Piccolo) who swept through all opponents in the preliminaries.

I invite both contestants to mount the martial arts arena!”

“It’s my turn to fight!” Yamcha fastened his belt tightly and prepared to mount the martial arts arena.

Goku looked at Yamcha solemnly and said, “Be careful, he is King Piccolo.

If you can’t take it, you can admit defeat.

Goku could tell that the disparity in strength between Yamcha and Piccolo was too large.

If Piccolo didn’t comply with the rules of the competition, Yamcha would be in mortal danger, so Goku was prepared to intervene at any moment.

“Don’t worry, I know my limits!” Yamcha gave a thumbs-up as he glanced at Piccolo and then jumped on the arena.

Instantly, enthusiastic cheers erupted from the audience.

“Hehe, this person is Goku’s fellow apprentice; however, I can’t kill him because of the damn rules of this competition!” Piccolo smiled coldly, his two devil-like teeth shining brightly.


The match continued.

Like in the original work, although Yamcha had gone through three years of arduous training, the disparity between him and Piccolo was still too big.

Piccolo was worried about the rules of the competition, so he did not deal a deadly blow.

In the end, Yamcha was defeated after using various unique skills.

Next was the second match of the semi-finals, Goku vs.


The husband-and-wife battle of the original work became a battle between fellow apprentices.

After probing Chi-Chi’s strength, Goku—who enjoyed widespread support—obtained victory.

The finals of the competition was the battle between Goku and Piccolo.

Just like a game where one can upgrade after beating monsters, the two kinds of armies—after passing through numerous obstacles—met in the finals.

“Next is the finals of the tournament.

I invite Contestant Goku and Contestant Ma Jr.

to come forth,” The host announced with an enthusiastic expression.

Immediately, intense cheers erupted from the audience.

Besides the audience at the venue, people all around the world who were paying close attention to the tournament also cheered enthusiastically.

“Goku, you must win!” Krillin shouted.

“Goku, come on!” Bulma’s hands were placed at the sides of her mouth in a horn-shape.

Goku gave a bright smile to everyone and walked onto the arena, standing face-to-face with Piccolo.

“Humph!” After snorting Indifferently, Piccolo showed a sinister smile and said with an icy tone, “Goku, to tell you the truth, I am different from three years ago.

This time, I must have your life, and then, I’ll announce my, King Piccolo’s, return to the world!”

“Piccolo, we will only know who wins and who loses after fighting, so don’t spout too much nonsense!” Goku looked serious as he rebutted.

Piccolo’s lips curled, and his gloomy face emitted a chill.

Then, both sides ceased spouting unnecessary words and created a distance between themselves, facing each other from a distance.

They didn’t dare to act rashly.

In the martial arts arena, the atmosphere suddenly became very stifling!

Suddenly, two powerful auras erupted with great momentum.

It seemed as if the entire venue was covered by the huge lid of a pot.

The scene suddenly became quiet, creating a tense and soul-stirring feeling of oppression.

Krillin gulped.

His throat was somewhat dry as he said to Yamcha nervously, “These two are too powerful; even their auras causes me to start trembling!”

Yamcha agreed with a nod while keeping his eyes fixed on the two people in the martial arts arena.

Chi-Chi’s bright and beautiful eyes sized up the two men, not knowing what she was thinking in her heart.


Goku and Piccolo disappeared almost at the same time, and then the sounds of fierce fighting continuously echoed out, causing the rocks on the to split open.

This was already a high-level battle.

The eyes of Krillin and the others kept moving around, but they could only capture Goku and Piccolo’s afterimages.

If even Krillin and others were like this, then the audience below the arena was even worse.

They stared blankly at the fight, not knowing what was happening.

“So powerful!” The host took a deep breath and no longer looked at what was happening in the arena.

He immediately shouted to the camera operator, “Hurry and record it.

These photos are an important material for the future of the martial arts tournament.

Central City will also collect the records in an exhibition hall for broadcasting.”

“It turns out that this is Goku’s real strength.

I wonder what happened in the last year.

Why did Goku and Piccolo suddenly become so powerful” Old Kami looked at them in shock.

A year ago, he was still able to faintly discern Goku and Piccolo’s strength, but now, he couldn’t even perceive their battle.


Piccolo and Goku used their full-strength on the arena, and various odd moves came out one after another.

At this moment, time seemed to have lost its effect on their bodies.

They frequently fought dozens of times in a second.


The sounds of each clash and the air splitting alternately echoed out, like a rhythmic musical performance.

From time to time, dazzling lights flashed on ground and sky, and faintly discernible fists weaved together like a gorgeous visual feast, continuously shocking the hearts of the audience.

“This… is simply incredible.

The strength of these two contestants is simply beyond everyone’s imagination.

Is this really something humans can do” The host looked at the scenes captured in slow motion and couldn’t help but be shocked by the magnificent battle.

“Is that blue ray of light an energy wave” Some of the spectators asked.

“Yes, there were such moves in the information published by Central City.

Oh, by the way, the moves previously used by Mr.

Krillin, Mr.

Yamcha and Miss Chi-Chi were all energy waves…”

“Did you realize that Mr.

Goku and the others’ battle was like the battle style in Miss Tights’ book—Chronicles of the Galaxy”

“What is this ‘Chronicles of the Galaxy’”

“Wow, that’s really true.

The previous contestants seemed to be very powerful, but they are all described like this in the ‘Martial Immortal’s Biography’.

Now, it seems to have suddenly become like legends.”


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