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After the initial shock which felt like a frost attack, Piccolo’s heart thumped and his countenance turned ugly.

However, Piccolo quickly adjusted his mood to make himself as calm as possible.

At this point, Piccolo felt that winning or losing against Goku was not of much importance.

If the two people took action to obstruct him, then it would be almost impossible for his plan to succeed.

After reconsidering further, Piccolo’s expression turned gloomy, and he bit his teeth, roaring inwardly, ‘Damn it! What’s going on with this world One after another, strong experts keep springing out.

How can I, King Piccolo, be scared Sooner or later, I will surpass them!’

Xiaya noticed Piccolo on the roof of the Martial Arts Temple, smiled and said to Xiling and Myers, “Look at Piccolo… his expression changed when he saw us.”

Xiling said seriously, “He must have recognized me and Myers.”

“I think he must be wondering why everything seems to be alright between me and Xiling; after all, weren’t we fighting each other previously” Myers said with a grin.

She and Xiling appeared in front of Piccolo one year ago and put up a good performance as if they were mortal enemies, but now, they were getting along with each other.

After listening to the conversation between Goku, Xiling, and Myers, Bulma asked curiously, “Did you mention King Piccolo just now Is that strange green-skinned person King Piccolo”

“Yes, it’s King Piccolo.”

Bulma said with astonishment, “It’s really King Piccolo!” However, Bulma was just surprised and not the slightest bit scared.

“King Piccolo is not dead; are you not afraid” Xiaya asked Bulma.

“Why would I be afraid Goku will definitely defeat him again,” Bulma said as if it was a matter of course.

“Goku could defeat King Piccolo three years ago, and now, he has become even more powerful.

Wouldn’t it be easy to defeat King Piccolo”


Xiaya was left speechless at Bulma’s blind faith, and then he felt relieved right after.

Bulma’s trust in Goku was based on mutual understanding.

“The relationship between you two is really good.”

“Of course.” Bulma raised her head high as if it was natural.

On the arena, the battle between Yamcha and the old Kami quickly came to an end, with Yamcha winning without any difficulty.


“The third match, Contestant Chi-Chi will fight against Contestant Yajirobe.

I invite the two contestants to mount the martial arts arena.”

Following the announcement, Chi-Chi jumped on the martial arts arena.

On the opposite side, Yajirobe stood lazily.

Due to the rule of the martial arts tournament which forbade the use of weapons, Yajirobe—who was best skilled in using a katana—could not use his weapon.

“Chi-Chi, Come on!” In the audience seats, Bulma shouted.

Krillin calmly said to Yamcha, “That Yajirobe is quite powerful, but he is much weaker than Chi-Chi.”

“Yes, the Ki disparity between the two is big.

Moreover, you can see that he is not good at boxing techniques…” As he watched Yajirobe and Chichi trading blows, Yamcha suddenly said.

Krillin also had the same thoughts.

“One can discern that Yajirobe’s use of boxing arts is very rough.

This isn’t the air of someone at his level of expertise.

Look at his clenched fist and posture when punching.

What he should really be good at is wielding swords.”

With martial arts at Krillin’s level, although he hadn’t learned swordsmanship, he still had a little ability to discern.

On the arena, Chi-Chi’s breathing remained calm as her bright eyes stared at Yajirobe.

“This match limits your full potential, but even if you use your full strength, you still won’t be my opponent.”

Yajirobe suddenly grinned and burst into laughter, causing the fatty flesh on his body to shake.

“Immortal Korin also told me this, but I still want to see how you are going to defeat me.”

After saying that, Yajirobe spread open his legs and stood like a stake with his hands placed at his chest.

Suddenly, an awe-inspiring and domineering aura erupted from Yajirobe’s body.

“Swordsman!” Chi-Chi was startled as she blurted.

Only a swordsman could have such a powerful and domineering Ki.

At that moment, Chi-Chi instantly reacted, and her delicate body flickered.

She rapidly opened up a distance between herself and Yajirobe, and her whole body entered a battle state.

“Chi-Chi is getting serious,” Xiaya smiled and said.

Nevertheless, the current Yajirobe had gone beyond Xiaya’s expectations.

In the original work, Yajirobe was a lazy guy without any motivation.

Although he could assist at critical moments, he was, basically, not useful during normal times.

Now, however, he was equipped with a powerful and domineering aura and a strong will.

He was a genuine swordsman!

“It is also interesting this way.

A genius in the original work who was buried.

I wonder what heights he would reach in the future!” Xiaya was a little expectant about Yajirobe.

“I am going to attack,” After speaking, Chi-Chi’s hands slowly adopted a pose, and her heart entered a state of calm like still water.

If she was not in view, it would have been easy for people to forget her existence.

“Heart calm like still water!”

“Tranquility yields transcendence!”

Standing on the side, old Kami could not help but cry out in alarm.

In Chi-Chi’s current state, she seemed like she would stop breathing at any moment.

A calm and peaceful atmosphere permeated the arena.

This was a magical atmosphere!

’It seems that choosing Chi-Chi as my successor was not a wrong choice!’ Old Kami thought as he sighed in relief.

Chi-Chi’s state of mind was as clean as a blank sheet of paper, and now, she had attained a high profoundness.

She was the perfect candidate to be Kami’s successor.

At this moment, between Chi-Chi and Goku, old Kami was already inclined towards selecting Chi-Chi as his successor.

In the martial arts arena, the battle between Chi-Chi and Yajirobe was still ongoing.

Following the emergence of the majestic and incomparable strength, the raging and strong whirlwind—one as ferocious as wolves and tigers—made creaking sounds.

Chi-Chi and Yajirobe were very fast.

In a short amount of time, the arena was filled with their afterimages as they battled.


The solid marble slabs shattered, and several small stones shot out under the pressure of the enormous power and accelerated to max speeds, streaking through the sky.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

Suddenly, the air trembled, and then, the deafening sound of shattered air reverberated.


Like a huge invisible palm slapping the air, the audience felt the change of the surrounding atmospheric pressure.

The delightful battle brought them a carefree and uninhibited feeling.

Yajirobe’s Battle Power was, after all, inferior to Chi-Chi’s, and the rules of the match limited his strength.

Thus, after a while, Yajirobe gradually retreated to the corner of the arena while panting.

In contrast, Chi-Chi’s aura was still serene, as if she hadn’t gone through any strenuous movements.

It could easily be judged who the stronger party was between the two.

“I lost!” Yajirobe frankly admitted defeat and jumped off the arena.


This result left everyone feeling astonished, their faces looking lost.

However, they quickly gave both sides warm applause, and the cameras around the venue also recorded the battle and broadcasted it to TV screens all over the world.

“That fat man is quite powerful.

If he can lose a little weight, perhaps he may win next time.” The people without much understanding made their judgments based on Yajirobe’s appearance; they thought that Yajirobe lost because he was too fat.

However, there were many people before the TV screens who were experienced.

At this time, their faces were concentrating as they continuously commented, “That Chi-Chi is a true expert.

Look, the entire match has come to an end, but her breathing is not in disorder.”

“Oh, it’s true!”

“Contestant Chi-Chi seems to be the disciple of Master Roshi, ​​the god of martial arts.

She had a good performance in the last two tournaments.

No wonder she can be so powerful.”

At the competition venue, Goku and the others congratulated Chi-Chi for obtaining victory.

Old Kami looked on with relief and mused, ’These kids have already surpassed me.

They are the future of Earth.’

Then, old Kami glanced at Xiaya and the others in the audience and slightly nodded.

Xiaya also gave him a smile in response, nodding in tacit understanding.


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