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Bardock left Earth and returned to Planet Hongshan.

Thus, for the next few days, only Bulma and Goku were left on Mount Paozu.

With the departure of Bardock, Bulmas feelings for Goku began to blossom, and she often took the initiative to hold Gokus arm and give him some benefits.

Since the feelings in her heart were exposed by Bardock a year ago, Bulma truly realized the magnitude of her affection for Goku.

Besides, Bulma didnt know when she started developing such feelings for Goku.

Perhaps from their first encounter, the beginning of the first journey, Gokus image was gradually imprinted in her heart.

However, Goku was too young at that time, far from Bulmas criteria for a suitable spouse; thus, even Bulma herself didnt realize it.

In the past few years, as Goku grew up, Bulma accompanied him all day long.

These feelings, after accumulating for several years, ignited like a single spark and finally became an inferno.

“Bulma, you are too close… I cant train,” Goku looked at Bulma with annoyance and said.

However, Goku—who was faced with Bulmas shiny violet eyes—could only sigh helplessly.

Seeing that Goku was no longer avoiding her, Bulmas face was full of joy, and she became even more unbridled as she got closer to him; her body almost melded into his body.

Feeling the soft touch on his arm and the faint fragrance in his nose, Goku looked dazed.

He suddenly felt that it wasnt so bad.

“Hey, Goku, come back to West City and live with me from now on,” Bulma looked up at Gokus handsome face and said.

The little boy from before had already grown into a man that one could rely on.

“But Mount Paozu is my home!”

“I have bought the whole Mount Paozu and built a special training place just for you.

Moreover, your martial arts are so good, so from West City to Mount Paozu will only take ten minutes.”

To Bulma, there was no situation that couldnt be solved with money.


Even Goku who was ignorant about all this vaguely realized Bulmas feelings towards him.

Also, Goku felt at ease living together with Bulma.

He liked such a feeling.

“Hee hee, the World Martial Arts Tournament will commence in two days, and it will be the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.

You were only able to clinch the runner-up position in the last two tournaments.

This time, you must become champion no matter what,” Bulma raised her head and said.

Gokus eyes revealed confidence as he said, “This times championship is mine.”


The date of the World Martial Arts Tournament was approaching, and all the contestants were making their final preparations.

Heavenly Lookout.

Krillin, Yamcha, and Chi-Chi were all quietly sitting in the Lookouts square.

A gust of wind blew, and they all opened their eyes; then, three vigorous and majestic auras suddenly soared into the sky.

After three years of hard work, they had grown much stronger.


“Launch, are you going to participate in the martial arts tournament this time”

The blonde-haired Launch had performed very well in the martial arts tournament three years ago, leaving behind a deep impression during the martial arts tournament.

“What is the current strength of Goku and the others” Blonde-haired Launch asked.

Xiaya replied, “Kakarrot is much more powerful than you, while Krillin, Yamcha, and Chi-Chi are about the same as you.

Oh, by the way, that King Piccolo will also participate in the competition.”

Krillin and the others had been training hard on the Lookout and were already more powerful than Launch.

“Ah!” Launch shouted.

She shook her head and said, “Since they are all better than me, I better not participate.

The previous champion cant even win, and losing is too embarrassing.” Blonde-haired Launch made up her mind to leave behind a brilliant image of herself.

Hearing her, Xiaya smiled and said, “Dont participate then and do as you like.

The present competition will have Kakarrot fighting against King Piccolo.

It is still worth spectating.”

Xiling said, “Piccolo ate the Tree of Mights fruit that I left behind, and he must have become very powerful, while Kakarrot has also been training under Bardock for a year.

Their battle will probably make people look forward to it.”

Afterward, they talked and laughed while rushing towards the venue of the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament with a small aircraft.

On a small island in the southeast that was thousands of miles away…

The weather which had been cloudy and rainy for several days had no trace of stopping.

The island was located in a subtropical zone, and its climate was more pleasant than that of the previous venue of the tournament.

The surface area of the small island was large, and mountain ranges were spread throughout the island.

The island was home to a large number of residents, hotels, and shopping centers, which were spread all over the island.

Tourists from all over the world gathered here, making the whole island bustling.

One day, it was cloudy and drizzly as usual.

23rd World Martial Arts Tournament was about to commence after the three-year interval.

“Krillin and the others havent come yet”

At the tournaments registration area, Hasky was watching the long queue while holding an umbrella.

Master Roshi looked at his watch as time moved on, little by little; yet, his disciples had not arrived.

“These guys… they have no concept of time.

To think that they are late for such an important tournament!”


Following the ear-piercing sounds of brakes, some people jumped down from a taxi.

“Oolong, Puar!” Hasky enthusiastically waved her hands and called out to Oolong and others.

After a while, an extended sedan stopped in front of Master Roshi and everyone else.

Wearing leather clothes with her long hair fluttering, Bulma stepped out of the car and raised an umbrella, revealing two long legs that were as white as jade.

Her other hand was holding on to a tall young man next to her.

Looking at Bulma who was beautifully dressed, Master Roshis blood boiled, and his hands unconsciously stretched out to touch her.

Suddenly, a fist smashed out with fury, hitting Master Roshis eyes.


Bulma, with a red face, shouted furiously, “Old lecher! You still want to touch me! I havent seen you for so long, but you are still so lustful!”

Master Roshi covered his eyes and smiled apologetically.

Then, he muttered under his breath, “You are also not the same… You are so fierce, and youre not at all reserved.”

“What!” Bulma angrily glared at him, and Master Roshi cleverly closed his mouth, no longer speaking.

Then, he turned to look at the youngster beside Bulma.

“Bulma, who is this person next to you Your boyfriend” Hasky walked over and asked.

Goku smiled and greeted Master Roshi and the others, “Ah! Grandpa Master Roshi, Hasky, everyone, long time no see.

Dont you recognize me”

Master Roshi wiped his eyes and looked at the youngster in confusion while swallowing his saliva.

His face was incredulous as he asked, “Uh, could it be… you are Goku”

“Yes, its me!” Goku said, taking off the cloth wrapped around his head.

“Its really Goku!” Everyone was shocked.

The diminutive child had unexpectedly grown into a handsome youngster.

“Goku, you have grown a lot taller!” Master Roshi exclaimed in amazement.

Suddenly, Haskys eyes turned as she noticed the intimacy between Goku and Bulma.

“Could it be… You both are together now”

Bulma giggled.

Her face was like a blooming flower as she said, “Of course, Goku is my boyfriend now.

We will marry and form a family in the future…”

Pa! Pa! Pa!

A series of applause was heard, and Xiaya, leading Xiling and Myers, walked over.

The already transformed blue-haired Launch was following behind, calmly holding an umbrella.

“Then, I shall congratulate you and Kakarrot!” Xiaya said with a smile.


Bulma looked at Xiaya with a belly full of doubts.

Previously, Bulma had felt that it was a little strange for Xiaya to call Goku, Kakarrot; she mused, Its one thing for Uncle Bardock to call Goku, Kakarrot; after all, he is Gokus father, and the name Kakarrot should be Gokus Saiyan name.

But… why do Xiaya and the others also call Goku, Kakarrot Are they also Saiyans

Bulma also thought of the series of cooperations between Xiayas Planet Hongshan Corporation and her Capsule Corporation, and the good relationship with Tights.

‘What kind of relationship do they have


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