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“Demon… Where did you come from”

Human Kami questioned in a stern voice.

He knew that the demon in front of him did not come from the Demon Realm he was familiar with.

In the Demon Realm, there was no such powerful demon.

Even if all the demons of the Demon Realm were added up, they would not be as strong as him.

Garlic Jr.

ignored the human Kami and turned to look at Garlic.

He shook his head while clicking his tongue and said, “Father, Im very disappointed in you.

This is only a trifling Kami, yet he made you so fearful that you didnt even dare to vent the anger in your heart.”

“What did you call me… father” Garlic was pressured so much by Garlic Jrs imposing aura that an urge to swear allegiance to him rose in his heart, but upon hearing the way Garlic Jr.

addressed him, his heart shook.

Garlic Jr.

said, “I have come from a world three hundred years in the future.

In order to come to this era, I created a world, even though it is just a small fragmented world.”

Garlic Jr.

leisurely explained.

In this small world, his power was at an unquestionable, absolute peak, and there was no pressure to speak.

“You are my… son” Garlic was stunned as he asked.

I actually have such a powerful son. At this moment, Garlic suspected that he was dreaming, so he pinched himself.

It is not a dream…

Garlic Jr.

imperceptibly raised his lips in ridicule.

After that, his gaze fell on the human Kami, and the corners of his mouth slightly rose.

In this world, Garlic Jr.

was the only supreme ruler, and the Kami was insignificant in his eyes.

At this moment, Garlic Jr.

spotted Xiaya sitting quietly on the side and exclaimed in surprise, “Oh, there is another person here!”

The human Kami frowned, not because he was dissatisfied at continuously being ignored, but because he discovered that an indistinct aura had suddenly emerged from the young man.

Kami found the aura somewhat familiar, but the time frame was too short to register it.

At this moment, Xiaya opened his eyes and stood up.

“Oh, you just said that this world was created by you, right” Xiaya stared at Garlic Jr.

and walked towards him step by step.

“Can you tell me how you created this fragmented world”

While looking at Garlic Jr, the imposing aura around Xiaya multiplied by several times with every step he took.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The imposing aura was like a drum, causing the air to tremble.

When Xiaya arrived beside Garlic Jr, the deep and powerful aura pressed down on him like a lofty mountain.

Under Xiayas majestic aura, the Lookout almost crumbled.

The aura caused everyone present to feel as if they were in a small boat amidst the ocean, on the verge of capsizing.

Garlic Jr.

didnt look calm anymore.

His black pupils shrank, and his heart raced.

His face turned pale.

“You… Who the hell are you There shouldnt be someone like you in this era!” Garlic Jr glared as he howled.

‘How can there be such a powerful person in this world, three hundred years in the past

Xiaya faintly smiled and said, “I am naturally not a person of this era.

I came here chasing after you!”

After saying that, Xiaya extended his fingers and the purple Time Ring produced dazzling colors under the sunlight.

“Are you Your Excellency Towa, the so-called guardian” Garlic Jrs throat became dry, and he felt bitter.

He knew that he wouldnt be able to escape in front of a Time Enforcer.

“Towa Is that the person who gave you the space-time crystal It seems that all of this is being manipulated by someone from behind the scenes.” Xiayas cheerful expression vanished as his sharp eyes glared at Garlic Jr.

Garlic Jr.s actions were not only destroying the balance of the universe but also asking for trouble! Towards those that sought trouble, Xiaya was never polite.

Xiayas body lowered and then disappeared.

When Xiaya appeared again, his attack—which was as light as a feather—had already struck Garlic Jrs body.

Garlic Jr.

was stunned; he was unable to react in time when a severe pain suddenly came from his abdomen.

He seemed to have been hit by a heavy train, causing his body to fly out uncontrollably and crash into a hall.


The fragments of stones fell to the ground, with Garlic Jr.

buried under the rubble.

“Ah ah ah!!”

As Garlic Jr.

bellowed, the stones covering him were instantly sent flying.

Each stone accelerated to the extreme speeds, shooting out like bullets.

Xiaya extended his finger and swayed it a few times in front of him, flicking the flying stones away.

Seeing this, Garlic Jrs countenance changed.

His short bluish-green body suddenly transformed to a height of two-meters, with his skin turning deep-blue in color.

The muscles all over his body bulged, seemingly full of explosive power.

However, it was nothing in Xiayas eyes.

“Tsk tsk, 2.5 million Battle Power! I wonder how he trained…” Xiaya muttered.

After his transformation, Garlic Jrs strength greatly increased, raising violent tornadoes which caused the Lookout to sway.

“They are both so powerful!”

At this time, whether it was human Kami or the young Namekian, they were both stunned.

To both of them who had a Battle Power of only several hundred, the existence of Xiaya and Garlic Jr.

was akin to a real god.

In front of them, human Kami and the young Namekian were as humble as mortals, seemingly insignificant.

“Damn it! Why would you appear in this world This is the world I created… It should be ruled by me!” Garlic Jr.

roared, and his eyes opened wide.

He stepped on the ground forcefully and attacked Xiaya.

“Ruled by you Dream on!” Xiaya retorted.

When Garlic Jr.

closed in, Xiaya grabbed his wrist and then exerted a force.


Blood splattered in all directions as Garlic Jrs arm was detached.

“Ah!!” After a heartbreaking scream, Garlic Jrs eyes turned bloodshot, and his whole body trembled.

At this time, he awoke to reality, and his heart was full of fear.

He wanted to create some distance between him and Xiaya.

However, Xiayas golden hair shone, and he stared at Garlic Jr without the slightest emotion in his green eyes.

Xiaya waved his arm, and the surrounding space suddenly became sticky, causing Garlic Jr.

to freeze in midair.

At this moment, space suddenly collapsed with a rumbling sound, and berserk space power erupted from the point of collapse.

Garlic Jr.

was torn to pieces by the berserk energy.

In just moments, space became smooth once again as if the previous event never happened.

The others swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

They were subdued by the strange scene occurring before their eyes.

“Mister…” The human Kami tried to speak, but his words were stuck in his throat.

Xiaya nodded slightly, and then he looked at Garlic indifferently.

Frightened, Garlic retreated backward and attempted to jump from the edge of the Lookout, but at this moment, a bright energy beam shot out and penetrated Garlics chest, instantly crushing his heart.

After that, his corpse fell from the edge of the Lookout.

After dealing with Garlic, Xiaya indifferently said, “If left alive, this Garlic will only be a disaster, so I dealt with him for you.”

“Thank you!” Human Kami reacted and promptly said.

He also knew that Garlic could not be left alive, but as the Kami, he couldnt do the deed.

“Umm! Train the person beside you well.

The meaning of a Kamis existence is to protect Earth, and the methods of protection are many.

Vanquishing evil is not necessarily a method! A Kami does not need to be kind, blindly.”

The meaning behind Xiaya words was that the darkness in the young Namekian was nothing at all.

They all say that Buddha is compassionate, but it must be noted that there is also an angry Vajrapani in Buddhism.

Human Kami nodded thoughtfully.

If it was someone else, he would not necessarily listen, but Xiaya was different.

He had just shown his ruthless methods, leaving a deep impression in human Kamis heart.

Also, the strange thing was that he was feeling a natural suppression from Xiayas dimension.

Could it be that this person is a high-level god The human Kami pondered.

The dimension suppression from Xiaya came from the training on the Creating God Star.

The status of someone who had crossed the 200th level of the Creating God Star was much higher than Underworlds King of Hell.

Thus, naturally, Xiayas status was above the Kami of Earth.


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