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Originally, Xiaya didnt care about the Demon Realm, but after Listening to the Supreme Kai of Times warning, he curbed his conceit.

He mused, On second thought, it is impossible for Dabura to be the only expert in the Demon Realm.

At least the fragmented world could not have been made by Dabura.

“Chronoa, what should I do after I find the source of this fragmented world… directly destroy it” Xiaya asked.

The Supreme Kai of Times voice came from the Time Ring as she said, “The source can be destroyed directly, but the fragmented world needs to be considered; after all, there are a lot of living beings residing in it.

If you can, destroy the darkness inside.”

“Okay, Got it!” Xiaya cut off the call with the Supreme Kai of Time.

At this time, Xiling walked out in a bathrobe with water still dripping from the ends of her golden hair.

She stopped beside Xiaya, bringing with her a refreshing fragrance.

“What happened, going out”

“Umm, the Supreme Kai of Time has arranged a mission for me.

I need to go to Earths Demon Realm,” As he changed to a Battle Armor, Xiaya explained to Xiling.

“Earths Demon Realm… There are no important people there, so why do you have to go in person”

Xiling didnt think much of the experts of Earths Demon Realm, so her words were full of disdain.

It was understandable that she looked down on them as the strength of Earths Demon Realm was too weak.

Moreover, even the Battle Power of the regions ruler, Shula, did not exceed a hundred points.

Xiaya smiled and said, “A fragmented world could appear, or the forces of the Universes Demon Realm could even take action.

No, even Dabura, the king of the Demon Realm, doesnt have such power; maybe some other experts will appear.”

“Do you want me and Myers to go with you”

“No need, you both stay on Earth…”

Xiling nodded.

She buttoned-up Xiayas shirt collar and said, “Then, you need to be careful.

If you meet great danger, then you must retreat immediately.”

“Hmm.” Xiaya finished dressing and was ready to go when he suddenly remembered something.

He said to Xiling, “By the way, if you have time, go and take a look at Piccolo and gauge his current strength”

“King Piccolo”

“Yes, but Piccolo is a Namekian, not a pure demon.” Correcting the title, Xiaya took out a few Senzu Beans and a Tree of Mights fruit and said, “Kakarrot is bound to grow stronger under Bardocks training.

As Gokus rival, Piccolo cant be too weak, or next years martial arts tournament will be a lot less fun”

Xiling gave him a white eye and accepted the Senzu Beans and Tree of Mights fruit.

“You and your bad hobbies.

What kind of entertainment could there be from a match between the two It will be better to just pull two Saiyans and have them compete.”

Xiaya chuckled.

How could he have any interest in watching them compete He was only interested in reminiscing about the memories of the past.

Besides, if there was no meeting between Goku and Piccolo in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, would it still be the World Martial Arts Tournament

At least in Xiayas view, it would be a lot less fun.

“Im going.” Xiaya soared into the sky and headed towards the entrance to the Demon Realm.

After Xiaya left, Xiling dragged Myers and flew towards a weak aura.

An unknown valley.

The entrance to the Demon Realm was in a rocky wall on both sides of the valley.

It was an entrance made of marble, and relief sculptures of demons and monsters were carved on both sides of a stone door.

The door which had a height of more than ten meters was already open, revealing a small gap just enough for one person to enter.

From the long and narrow gap, a dark and evil aura was pouring out.

Good and Evil were concepts that had different definitions for different people.

As some people say, children cannot distinguish between right or wrong, while adults only see the pros and cons, and good and evil are only in the heart.

Just as you eat steak, you cant say people who eat insects are not elegant; after all, is it elegant to eat steak Doesnt it also support the killing of living things

One cannot impose their values on others.

Its not necessarily evil to kill excessively without feeling guilty, but its certainly not good to do it, knowing that its wrong.

If the standard of good and evil must be measured by something, it may only be measured by the difference between the values ​​of both sides and the final choice they make.

Xiaya landed at the entrance of the Demon Realm, and as he looked at the gap on the stone door, he couldnt help but raise his eyebrows.

Within the Demon Realm, there was a kind of darkness that Earths living beings couldnt bear.

This kind of darkness was naked negative emotions.

If someone stayed inside for a long time, they would begin to hallucinate after being affected by the dark aura.

Also, it could cause a persons soul to become corrupt.

Xiaya swung his hand, conjuring a layer of energy around his body to protect it, and then he strutted into the Demon Realm.

The dark and long passage was about a hundred kilometers, but with a few flashing afterimages, Xiaya quickly passed through the passage and entered the vast Demon Realm.

As far as he could see, there was only a dark red color.

“What a desolate place!”

Xiaya softly sighed and mused,Compared to Earth, the Demon Realm is more like a backward place where even birds dont **.

Advancing on the cracked earth, Xiaya could see a broad and deep bubbling brown-colored spring.


The bubbles shattered, releasing a few wisps of dark brown fumes.

“Hm I can hear the sounds of a battle ahead… ” Xiaya looked ahead for the source of these sounds, and sure enough, he found someone fighting.

Dozens of hideous-looking demons were besieging a girl who wore a cheongsam.

These demons were not strong, but the girl had fallen into a predicament as she couldnt fight so many of them.

Looking at the girls appearance, Xiaya was a little surprised.

“Its Chi-Chi… Why did she come to the Demon Realm and clash with the demons”

Since it was an acquaintance of his, Xiaya couldnt ignore her, so he quickly flew forward.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After a series of muffled sounds, all the demons fell to the ground.

“Thank you! Ah, Mr.

Xiaya!” Chi-Chi was thanking the person who assisted her, only to discover that her helper was Xiaya.

At this moment, Chi-Chi suddenly discovered that Xiaya, who normally looked like a wealthy youth that enjoyed a high status and lived in ease and comfort, an amazing martial artist.

The demons that besieged her were not weak, but they were no match for Xiaya at all.

Xiaya looked at Chichi and asked, “Why did you come to the Demon Realm alone.

This is already the periphery of Earths Demon Realm, so if you continue onward, you would be in the territory of the Universes Demon Realm.”

“Isnt this place Earth Demon Realm”

“You have long passed Earth Demon Realm, you should go in that direction.” Xiaya pointed in another faraway direction.

“Ahh!” Chichi exclaimed as she realized that she had gone in the wrong direction.

“Kami wanted me to defeat Shula of the Demon Realm, but I accidentally went in the wrong direction.”

Xiaya touched his forehead and said, “You had better go back first.

Shulas territory is not far from the entrance to the Demon Realm.

If you continue to go forward, you will be in the Universe Demon Realms region.

The demons there are not something you can deal with.

“So it is like this… thank you,” Chichi smiled and said, feeling embarrassed.

“Forget it, I will take you to Shulas territory.

After defeating Shula, you should immediately leave the Demon Realm.

It is not suitable for humans to stay in the Demon Realm for a long time.”

“OK!” Chichi nodded.

Then Chi-Chi smoothly entered the territory of Shula with Xiayas assistance.

As she stared at Xiayas receding figure, Chi-Chi couldnt help but heave a sigh of relief as she muttered with lingering fear, “Fortunately I met Mr.

Xiaya, or I would have been in trouble.

I didnt expect Mr.

Xiaya to be such a powerful martial artist… um, right, even his familys Launch is so powerful, so how would he also not be powerful”

As the saying goes, an expert in the wild was only an expert on the surface, while the greatest experts were those who lived in the city!

After bidding farewell to Chi-Chi, Xiaya once again returned to the periphery of Earths Demon Realm.

“Chronoa said that the source of the fragmented world has emerged in Earths Demon Realm, but I am already at its periphery; so, why havent I found anything unusual”

Xiaya calmed down and carefully sensed the changes in the surroundings.

The sky suddenly seemed to have become calm, and only a fire-like aura was floating in his field of vision.

Suddenly, Xiaya sensed some space undulations in the eastern direction.

These undulations were very subtle and were getting weaker as time progressed.

“Ive finally found it.” A faint smile appeared at the corner of Xiayas mouth, and he flashed, rushing toward the spot where the space undulations were coming from.

When he arrived, he was surprised by what he saw.

There were numerous corpses strewn everywhere within an area of ​​one kilometre.

There were demons, humans, and even many unknown demonic beasts and rare animals.

In the middle of the corpse-laden wasteland, a crystal-like red gem was exuding an unstable aura.

Affected by this, the surrounding space was seething rapidly, and energy was flowing backward, like a river, being absorbed by the red crystal gem.

“Xiaya, this is the source of the fragmented world!” The Supreme Kai of Times youthful voice suddenly sounded in Xiayas ears.


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