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Mount Five Element had lush greenery and towering forests.

The sunlight formed beautiful light spots sunshine after passing through the leaves of the canopy of trees.

At the Mountain’s peak, Goku was busy repairing the crack above the Furnace of the Eight Divisions, and standing next to him was a beautiful giant beautiful, eating a large bowl of noodles which she held.

She had two long pheasant tail feathers on top of her head.

“Gohan, your grandson is much more powerful than you,” The beautiful woman said to an old man, with a greyish-white beard, who stood beside her as she put down the bowl and shrunk to the size of a normal human.

This old man was Goku’s grandfather, Gohan.

After Grandpa Gohan’s death, he was tasked with looking after the Furnace of the Eight Divisions in Annin’s place.

The reason why Ox King’s Fire Mountain and Mount Five Element were so hot was due to the crack on the Furnace of the Eight Divisions.

After hearing Annin praise Goku, Grandpa Gohan chuckled and calmly said, “Goku, this child is now training at The Lookout; his achievements will not be small in the future.”

“There is nothing great about those Kami’s, but your grandson is really good…”

Annin didn’t express any opinion, but she did not deny Goku’s achievements while belittling Kami’s achievements.

She thought to herself, ’Son Gohan’s grandson’s strength is not much weaker than mine.

Who would have thought that this mortal world’s Kami would be so lucky!’

“Grandpa, I have fixed the crack on the Furnace of Eight Divisions.”

While Gohan and Annin were chatting, Goku repaired the Furnace of Eight Divisions.

To repair the crack, Goku had to find the eggshell of the Hikui Bird.

After a hectic work, Goku finally stopped the fire.

“Good!” Grandpa Gohan stroked his beard and laughed heartily.

Annin was also very happy because she could once again cook noodles with the strongest fire of the Furnace of Eight Divisions.

Suddenly, a powerful aura approached Mount Five Element.

Goku, Annin and Grandpa Gohan sensed it, causing their expressions to become grave.

Annin opened her mouth and said in shock, “Unexpectedly, there is such an expert in the human world.

He is coming towards Mount Five Element.”

“This place is located at the junction of the Mortal World and the Other World… shouldn’t it be difficult for people to find it” Grandpa Gohan asked; he was a little bit surprised.

“It’s hard to say…”

“It’s such a powerful Ki… It would be good if I could do battle with him.” Goku, however, looked very excited at this moment.

In his heart, Goku was itching to fight.

His eyes were erupting a strong fighting intent.

“You must not fight.”

“Goku, you are not his opponent.”

When Annin and Grandpa Gohan saw his expression, they rushed to stop him.

At the moment, it was unknown if the newcomer was a friend or foe, so it wouldn’t be good to rashly offend them.

Annin’s beautiful eyes were rotating as she thought of various countermeasures.

Just as Annin and the others were feeling anxious and fearful, Bardock brought along Bulma and entered the boundary of Mount Five Element.

“Not good… That person has entered the Dimensional boundary.” Annin’s countenance abruptly changed.

Her phoenix eyes slightly rose, and the aura around her body condensed.

Like the Heavenly realm’s Lookout, Mount Five Element is a very special place.

Ordinary people can’t enter this place.

Annin can be sure that the other person is rushing towards the Mount Five Element.

“That person has arrived!”

The enchantment protecting Mount Five Element suddenly fell like broken glass.

Immediately, a suffocating aura—like surging yellow sand—poured in, and the substance-like aura turned into a Ki wave.

The peak of Mount Five Element shook as if it had met a strong storm, blowing everything around it away.

Goku and the others were more sensitive to Ki, so it felt like a huge mountain was pressed against their chest, making it hard to breathe.

“Such a frightening aura!” Goku’s heart crazily jumped.

His fighting intent completely disappeared after experiencing the oppressive aura.

Goku knew that he was not a match for the newcomer.


Suddenly, a crisp and pleasant voice was heard, and shortly afterward, Goku saw Bulma—who wore skin-tight cowboy clothes—waving her hands.

She ran towards them, causing her long light-purple hair to flutter.

“Bulma, why are you here” Goku was astonished.

He didn’t expect to find Bulma here.

“Why I can’t come to look for you” Bulma smiled, tightly hugged Goku, and then stared at him with dissatisfaction.

“It’s not that.

Also, can you let me go, you are making me uncomfortable.” Goku said, feeling uncomfortable.

Bulma also reacted and quickly released Goku.

Her violet starry pupils watched Goku, and after a while, she exclaimed in surprise, her little hand gesticulating, “Goku, how come you have become so tall! Look, I can only reach your eyebrows.”

“Yeah, now I am taller than you!” Goku replied with a grin.

At this time, the masked Bardock stepped forward and sized up his son who had looks very similar to his: “Kakarrot, let me test your skills.”

Since Bardock had already hidden his tail in the Battle Armor, Goku didn’t know the identity of the person in front of him, but his intuition was nagging him that the person in front of him was more powerful than he thought.

Bulma knew Bardock’s identity and understood that he won’t hurt Goku, so she quietly retreated to one side, leaving the space for Goku and Bardock.

“This person is very powerful! it is impossible for there to be such a strong person on Earth,” Annin said with certainty.

“Yeah.” Grandpa Gohan nodded.

The battle between Goku and Bardock was not even a little suspenseful.

Their naked eyes couldn’t even register it before Goku was defeated in an instant.

“Your strength is still not enough.

Leave with me, and let me properly train you,” Bardock sounded calm as he said.

Goku’s expression was one of disbelief.

He repeatedly thought about the reason he lost, but he couldn’t understand it at all.

Nonetheless, after hearing from Bardock that he was willing to give him pointers, Goku grew excited.

“Bulma, who is this person He is so powerful!” Goku asked Bulma in a low voice.

“Hee hee, can’t tell you.” Bulma gave him a white eye, not saying anything.

Bardock didn’t react much to the intimacy between the two people.

He indifferently looked at Annin and Grandpa Gohan to the side.

His eyes didn’t have much emotion and were full of indifference, causing Annin and Grandpa Gohan to feel a slight chill run down their spine.

After Bardock and the others left, Annin and Grandpa Gohan took a deep breath.

“Frightening, who would have thought there are also experts like this on Earth.”

At this time, in another place on Earth.

Seaside, the powerful wind caused the sea waves to sway.

Xiaya calmly looked at the direction of Mount Five Element.

He had returned to Earth for some time.

From the aura that had just erupted out, he knew that Bardock had already met Goku.

“I don’t know what kind of strength Goku can achieve under Bardock’s training, but it makes me look forward to it!” Thinking of Raditz and Vegeta who would come to Earth many years later.

They would discover that Kakarrot, who was once a low-level warrior in their heart, had unexpectedly become so powerful.

“But, If this happens, the disparity between Piccolo and Goku would increase.

Tsk tsk, I’ll have to see the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.”

At this time, Xiaya was like a spectator watching the script in his heart come true little by little, waiting for something unexpected to happen.

A mischievous interest couldn’t help but emerge in his heart.

At this moment, the purple ring on his hand flickered a few times.

Xiaya raised his finger in surprise, as the youthful voice of the Supreme Kai of Time came from the ring.

“Hey, Xiaya, are you free now”

“What’s the matter” asked Xiaya.

“Just now, when I used the book of Time and Space to check on Universe 7, I found that the planet you are on has suddenly divided into a small fragmented world.

This should have been done by the Demon Realm’s people; since you are on Earth, please go and check it out.”

“A fragmented world has appeared on Earth” Xiaya was a little surprised.

He knew that changing the timeline could cause a whole set of multiverse dimensions to appear, but a fragmented world would only appear if the local and delicate operations were appropriate; such a world’s size would be very different.

Some were as huge as galaxies, and some were as small as dust; however, there was no doubt that such a world wouldn’t appear naturally.

Then, someone must be manipulating it.

The Supreme Kai of Time’s job was to record and investigate these fragmented worlds.

When a fragmented world has been confirmed to be harmful, it needs to be dealt with or even destroyed as soon as possible.

“Umm, the source of the fragmented world should be the Demon Realm on Earth, so you can start from there.

However, Earth’s Demon Realm is connected to the main Demon Realm of Universe 7, so you have to be careful if you encounter the experts of the main Demon Realm.”


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