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The off-road vehicle sped along all the way, causing a long snake-like trail in the surging yellow sand.

Bulma was wearing sunglasses as she quickly sped along, leaving West City.

After Touring and adventuring along the way, Bulma entered a vast flatland a day later.

It was a desolate place void of people.

At this time, an afterimage flashed in the sky, attracting Bulma’s attention.

Taking off the sunglasses, she looked at it in surprise.

The afterimage seemed to be of a person.

“There are people who can fly without a vehicle Is it the Sky Hovering Art used by Tien Shinhan” Her violet-blue eyes revealed a curious look.

Bulma, who often interacted with Goku and others, could also be regarded as half a “martial artist”.

She quickly followed with her vehicle.

Ten minutes later, the figure landed on a towering stone and said coldly to Bulma, “Little girl, why are you following me”

The man was wearing strange silvery-white clothes.

He had noticed long ago that Bulma was following him.

At this time, Bulma also knew that she was already exposed.

She raised her head to look at the person’s appearance and was immediately shocked.

 She couldn’t help but scream, “Ah, Goku, why are you… No, you are not Goku! Goku is not as mature as you…”

Bulma was amazed at the fact that the man in silvery-white clothes looked exactly like Goku, but from his facial expressions and temperament, Bulma could discern that he was not the Goku she knew.

‘He looks exactly like Goku, and he is mature… Is he a relative of Goku’ Bulma’s thoughts wandered around.

She knew that Goku was abandoned in a remote mountain when he was a child and that Grandpa Gohan picked him up and raised him.

“Goku” Bardock softly muttered, and then the scenes of the future suddenly appeared in his mind.

“Goku is Kakarrot’s name on Earth.

It seems that this girl knows Kakarrot.”

Bardock looked at Bulma and suddenly discovered that she had also appeared in the scenes of the future; the scenes of Kakarrot on Planet Namek.

“You know Kakarrot”

Bardock’s voice was as gentle as possible, but his innate temperament made him look very cold and indifferent.

Bulma couldn’t help but freeze.

She seemed to have heard the name, Kakarrot, somewhere. ‘Right! It was in Xiaya’s villa.

At that time, Xiaya had called Goku—Kakarrot.’

‘So, Kakarrot is Goku.’

“You mean Goku”

Suddenly, Bulma spotted the tail on Bardock’s waist and exclaimed excitedly, “Ah, you also have a tail, and it looks similar to Goku’s.

You must be Goku’s father!”

“Yes, I am Kakarrot’s father.”

After discerning that the girl in front of him was a good friend of his son, Bardock frowned and asked, “Girl, what are you doing by coming out here Not afraid of danger”

Bulma smiled and replied, “I came out to find Goku.

He hasn’t come to see me for a long time.”

As Bardock heard this, he became dumbfounded.

He suddenly thought of the scenes of the future in which they had appeared together on Planet Namek. ‘If they don’t have any close relationship, it seems unlikely that she will follow him to such a faraway place.

Can it be that this girl is my future daughter-in-law’ With this guess, Bardock felt that Bulma was more pleasing to the eyes.

He mused, ‘With her appearance, she is a good match for my son.’

‘However, her Battle Power is a little low…’ Bardock shook his head at this thought.

He knew that Earthlings had a low Battle Power.

“If you want to see Kakarrot, I can take you to him.

He is at a place 6720km southwest,” Bardock said as he pointed in a direction.

Bulma immediately took out the dragon ball radar and sure enough, she saw that there was a dragon ball signal in the direction indicated by Bardock.

“You’re right, but how did you know, Uncle”

“By sensing Ki… Kakarrot’s skills are just so-so.

Although they are not worth mentioning among Saiyans, at least on Earth, they are not bad.” Bardock, one who knew the future, did not think that the current Goku was too weak. ‘Perhaps like Sir Xiaya said, Kakarrot’s breakthrough opportunity has not yet arrived, and at present, his potential is still dormant.’

“Saiyan” Bulma mused, ‘isn’t this the protagonist of Tights’ book’

‘Wait, aren’t Goku’s features similar to what a Saiyan looks like in the book Are there Saiyans in this world’ Bulma was full of doubts.

‘If there are Saiyans in the universe, does it mean that Frieza also exists Ah, in that book, Frieza was a Universe Emperor-like-existence.

If someone like him exists, it will be too frightening.’

So Bulma asked carefully, “Uncle, you just said that Goku is a Saiyan… so, is there a person in the Galaxy called Frieza”

“You also know Frieza” Bardock looked a little surprised, but he quickly nodded and said, “Yes, North Area used to have such a person, but he was extremely antagonistic to Saiyans.”

‘It’s real! The stories in my sister’s book are real!’

Bulma’s heart couldn’t help but violently skip.

‘But… how does my sister know about so many things in the universe Ahh, yes, it must be Jaco who told her; the strange guy who claims to be a member of the Galactic Patrol.’

Bulma began to think more about it.

The fragmented memories in her brain were connected, and the memories of her childhood were awakened.

She remembered that there was a person who claimed to be from the Galactic Patrol that had been to their home, and this person brought them to some doctor’s house. ‘It seems that I also repaired a spaceship…’

‘Really, why didn’t I remember all this until now’

“Uncle, wasn’t Planet Vegeta destroyed by Frieza You wouldn’t happen to be on Earth to… to bring Goku back, right” Bulma asked nervously.

She definitely couldn’t let Goku go back.

Bardock glanced at Bulma in surprise and mused, ‘This little girl knows quite a lot.’

Bardock replied, “I don’t intend to bring Kakarrot back.

The place where he grew up is Earth.

I came to Earth because I feel that his martial arts are too weak.

With such a weak prowess, how will he face his enemies in the future I will train him well for a while.”

“Hey, little girl, do you like Kakarrot”

“What” Bulma responded unconsciously, and then she stood there blankly.

Her mind was blank.

“So, you have never thought about it” Bardock laughed, but in his heart, he already viewed Bulma as his daughter-in-law.

He did so because of his visions of the future. ‘This girl would stick by Kakarrot’s side no matter how dangerous it gets.’

Bulma stood still, and as a blush suddenly appeared on her flawless cheeks, her heart raced.

‘Do I really like Goku’

Bulma recalled the little things she knew about Goku.

Five years ago, when she met Goku for the first time, he was just a young and inexperienced child, rescuing her from the mouth of a dinosaur.

They went on adventures together, and in the blink of an eye, five years had passed; the child had already grown to become a hero who saved the world.

Bulma raised her head and saw Bardock’s expression which was a smile but not a smile.

She opened her mouth and awkwardly said, “Uncle, you should take me to Goku first.”

“Haha.” Bardock laughed and nodded.

Then, he took out a mask, put it on and said, “Don’t inform Kakarrot of my identity when we meet him.

I don’t want him to learn of his past yet.

“Why” Bulma asked, puzzled.

Bardock didn’t answer, so Bulma tactfully didn’t ask again.

Bardock directly flew into the air and asked, “Do you have a faster means of transportation It’s a long way to Kakarrot’s location.”


Bulma took out a jet plane from the Hoi-Poi Capsule which could boost their speed by a lot.

Soon afterward, Bardock and Bulma sped up, heading in the direction of Mount Five Elements.


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