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Chi-Chi accepted the Senzu Beans from Immortal Korin.

After accepting favors from Immortal Korin, she couldn’t make things difficult for him, so she faintly smiled and told him the complete details of everyone’s missions.

“Krillin is to look for a gourd in a remote mountain forest that can suck people in; Yamcha has to go to Rumble Mountain and get a crown inlaid with diamonds.

As for Senior Brother Goku, it seems he has to go to a place called Mount Five Element to eliminate the center of fire.”

“Eh! Mount Five Element Isn’t that her territory Kami allowed Goku to look for her”

Korin exclaimed in surprise.

However, after recalling the level of Goku’s current strength, he was not much worried.

Seeing Korin’s surprised look, Chi-Chi asked, “What is so special about this Mount Five Element”

Korin paused and said, “It’s more than special.

There is a powerful deity living in Mount Five Element.

She has been watching over the passage between the Underworld and the mortal world for tens of thousands of years; even Kami would have to respectfully refer to her as, senior.

He wouldn’t dare to carelessly offend her.”

“Tens of thousands of years” Chi-Chi was surprised as she mused, ‘Who can live for so long’

“She is the oldest deity on Earth, and she has a very good friendship with the King of Hell.

Kami let Goku go to her place to extinguish the center of fire… The difficulty is not small,” Korin said worriedly.

Korin had lived on this Korin Tower for eight hundred years, a length of time which was incomparable to the deity who had lived for tens of thousands of years.

Korin looked at Chi-Chi with a heart like a mirror and mused, ‘Kami is sending Chi-Chi and Goku on the most difficult missions… It seems he intends to focus on training them.’

Korin guessed that Kami was considering the issue of an inheritor.

After Chi-Chi listened to Korin’s words, she patted her chest and said gladly, “It turns out that there is such a powerful person living in Mount Five Element; compared to that, the Demon Realm is much easier.” Rather than facing a god who had lived for tens of thousands of years, she might as well go to the Demon Realm.

“Immortal Korin, I’ll be going now.”

Chi-Chi summoned the Flying Nimbus, jumped on it, and said goodbye to Korin before disappearing past the horizon.

“Hehe, this is Kami’s test for her Kami… have you really made up your mind”

Korin muttered softly as he looked in the direction where Chi-Chi had disappeared for a while and then continued to pay attention to Satan and Yajirobe below, who kept climbing the Korin Tower.

“They should come up in a few hours…”


A cool breeze was blowing gently, and even after a heavy rain, there was still summer heat in the atmosphere.

In a huge forest surrounded by towering mountains and precipitous ridges, Krillin was wearing the dark-orange martial art suit of the Turtle School as he walked on the long and narrow mountain road, step by step.

The mountain road was very steep, and often, the obstacles on the road had to be cleared to open the road.

Kami had asked him to find, in this place, a gourd that could suck people into it.

Krillin had been looking for a long time but still found no clues.

Suddenly, the sound of gunshots could be heard coming from the depths of the mountains, and a dense crowd of birds and beasts were startled in surprise, flying away from the forest.

“Sounds of gunshots, is somebody ahead” Krillin muttered and went to look for the source of the gunshots.

After a while, he found a few villages ahead.


In another exposed bluestone mountain, cracked and weathered mountain rocks were growing from the ground like a tree stump, forming a large stone forest made of bluestones.

Each bluestone was a pointed mountain peak, among which one of the mountain peaks was particularly tall and surrounded by rocky mountains.

The peaks were several hundred meters high, and the foot of the mountain looked like it had been chopped off by a large sword.

The entire mountain peak was shaved off, leaving behind an open ground of 200 square meters.

In the middle of the smooth square stood a stone shrine, on top of which was enshrined a golden and dazzling crown.


A bright white lightning bolt with a slight mix of purple descended from the dark clouds and struck the fragments of stones, immediately shattering them, and giving birth to a cold aura in the process.

Not far away, a short-haired young man was quietly sitting cross-legged, with a red ribbon on his head fluttering in the wind.

Suddenly, the young man opened his eyes, which shone with determination, and stared at the crown that was not far away.

He took a step forward, and like a lightning snake, he shot into a distance seven or eight meters from the stone shrine.

At this time, the sky’s wrath seemed to have been invoked as a lightning bolt, half a zhang in thickness, penetrated the clouds and struck down.


The young man’s expression changed drastically.

The surprise attack caused his attack to fail at the last minute, so he had no choice but to retreat helplessly.

“Just a little bit short.

Maybe I will succeed if I try a few more times…” The young man was completely calm.

His entire body suddenly shook, and an awe-inspiring aura erupted out.

In the past, he was a bandit traveling around a desolate desert.

In his field of activity, he moved unhindered throughout the desert, considering himself to be the best.

If it weren’t for his encounter with Goku, he might not have left the desert at all, and he also wouldn’t have accepted Master Roshi as his teacher to surpass Goku.

Perhaps, throughout his life, he would have been the prodigal son of the desert.

To surpass Goku, he left the desert to learn martial arts, hoping to defeat Goku by himself one day.

His current strength was much greater than it was previously, and he was still destined to grow stronger in the future.

However, the disparity between him and Goku did not decrease; instead, it grew wider.

Yamcha laughed at himself and mused, ‘Maybe I shouldn’t compare myself with Goku at all… No, my martial arts are not so shallow!’

Yamcha’s eyes were determined as they flickered with sparkling lights like lightning rays.

‘Right now, I am a martial artist.

I am not practicing martial arts to compete with others, but to truly surpass myself.’

At this moment, Yamcha’s aura completely changed and became somewhat profound.

He stood up with a heart as calm as the surface of a river, without any waves.

He once again made up his mind and walked toward the stone shrine at the center.

The rumbling lightning kept flashing around him, but Yamcha was completely calm as if he didn’t see the ferocious and frightening lightning bolts.


The cyan stones shattered into powder as Yamcha stepped on the stone shrine and reached for the crown.


Mount Five Element, the top of the mountain.

The huge Furnace of Eight Divisions was suppressing the passage between the Mortal World and the Other World.

Crimson flames flew out of the Furnace of Eight Divisions, illuminating the surroundings with a bright white color.

At the bottom of the Furnace of Eight Divisions, a raging inferno was leaking out from a small crack.

These flames drilled into the veins below the earth, causing the surrounding hundreds of kilometers to boil.

The scorching inferno raised a wind storm, inundating the surroundings with an oppressive aura.

Goku, wearing the Weighted Clothing made by Kami, jumped down from the Flying Nimbus, causing the ground to split open and old stones to shatter due to the vibrations.

‘So this is the Mount Five Element… It is really hot.

Kami told me to extinguish the flames at the center, so where should I start’ Goku rested his chin on his hand and pondered.

In just two years, Goku’s height rose by several tens of centimeters, like a sapling.

If Bulma was here, she would only reach the level of his eyebrows.

Kami sent Goku to extinguish the flames at the center of the earth.

However, Kami didn’t give Goku a method to extinguish the flames, causing Goku to be a bit vexed.

On the outskirts of West City…

As a cloud of sand rose, Bulma’s off-road vehicle was speeding on the pebble road in the suburbs.

After graduating from college, Bulma worked for a few days at her family’s corporation.

The calm life couldn’t tie down her courageous and adventurous heart.

Finally, Bulma wasn’t able to stand it anymore, so she ran away from home and began to look for the dragon balls.

Bulma was wearing a cowboy hat and a travel-worn dress with light makeup on her face.

She pressed the button of the dragon ball radar in her hand.

Besides the three dragon balls that Goku left with her, the other four were on the move.

She knew that the four-star ball had always been with Goku.

“Hehe, all are moving around.

Goku must have already left the Lookout.

Jeez… They all came out already but didn’t come over to play with me.” Bulma raised her seductive lips which were like cherries filled with water.

Bulma smiled, snorted and said, “Since you are not coming to look for me, I will go look for you, and then I will teach you a good lesson!”

Bulma had a smug look as she hummed a tune; her long purple hair fluttered in the air as the corners of her mouth unconsciously curled into a faint smile.


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