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Yajirobe stared at Satan in surprise and suddenly waved the scabbard in his hand, laughed, and said,” I didn’t know your ambitions were so high… I haven’t thought so much like you.

Anyway, a lot of people are now rushing over to the Korin Tower, so let’s go! We won’t make a good impression if we are late."

After speaking, Yajirobe walked down the rugged mountain road with his long sword resting his shoulder.

He was gone in no time.

Satan exclaimed and quickly followed him.

It would be unwise to look down on Yajirobe’s pace because of his overweight physique.

His speed was not slow one bit as he traversed the terrain like a martial arts expert, moving without a trace.

Satan exerted his full strength but still failed to keep up with Yajirobe’s speed.

“Hey, wait for me…” Satan was gasping for breath as he struggled to keep up.

After a while, Satan supported himself on a stone beside the road, panting.

Yajirobe slowed down and said with disdain, “I thought you said that you are a wrestler Why are you so useless You can’t even keep up with such a slow pace.

I think you should just give up on challenging the Korin Tower, the sooner the better.

At this rate, you will not even be able to get up there.”

‘How the hell do you martial artists train!’

Satan was left speechless; he began to question his martial arts.

However, after a while, Satan shook his head.

He had also participated in many wrestling competitions and won many championships.

He could also be considered to have a little renown as a wrestler, so how would he shirk away if others could push forward.

It must be said that Yajirobe was very powerful.

At this time, Satan suddenly recalled something.

In the last World Martial Arts Tournament, the champion of the wrestling world, Gregor, also participated in the martial arts tournament, but in the end, he didn’t even qualify for the quarter-finals.

‘Is wrestling not be a match for martial arts…’ Satan’s heart shook as he arrived at this conclusion.

“Yajirobe, can you teach me martial arts” Satan pleaded.

He finally understood that the wrestling skills he learned previously were no match for profound martial arts.

Satan usually participated in tournaments but never encountered real experts.

“Heh, me teaching you martial arts… I can’t do it.” Yajirobe repeatedly shook his head and said, “My martial arts are something that I have pondered on, myself.

I don’t know how to teach people.”

Teaching people was a troublesome matter and Yajirobe wasn’t up for it.

Satan was dumbfounded as he mused, ‘So this guy in front of me is a genius! He is already amazing without any external guidance, so if he was specially trained, wouldn’t he have been even more extraordinary I must tightly embrace this thigh!’ Satan immediately made up his mind.

In some aspects, Satan loved to ingratiate himself to others for personal gain.

He also loved to act big.

Although he stole the credits of Goku and some others in the original work’s Cell Games Saga, he still had a sense of righteousness over all.

He had bravely stepped forward many times when Earth was in peril; he could be regarded as a man of character in what he does.

Satan was a very ordinary and unimportant person, armed with both cowardice and courage.

He was such a contradictory character that man people loved, while many others equally despised him.

The people who liked him saw him as a true temperamental person, one who used his jokes to change the atmosphere like a conciliator.

However, the people that despised him saw him as one that lusted for fame, thereby stealing Goku’s credits; the latter category wished they could strangle him with their hands.

However, no matter what, Satan’s character was created to be successful.

Satan made up his mind to hold Yajirobe’s thick thighs, so he immediately acted and stuck to Yajirobe like a dog skin plaster, continuously pleading with Yajirobe so much that it became annoying.

“I have already said my piece… I don’t know how to teach people.

If you climb Korin Tower, can’t you just ask Immortal Korin”

“But if I can’t climb, then what would I do…… can’t you help me” Satan shamelessly requested.

Even before attempting to climb Korin Tower, he began to cook up plans on what to do if he couldn’t climb Korin Tower.

Yajirobe was struck speechless.

Thus, Satan and Yajirobe quarreled until they reached the Sacred Land of Korin.

In the dense forest, when the sky-penetrating Korin Tower penetrating appeared in their sights, they were both dumbfounded.

“This is the Korin Tower It’s so tall!” Satan exclaimed in surprise, and as he raised his head, he felt dizzy.

“Yes, there are also many people climbing it.” Yajirobe pointed at the black dots high in the sky.

“I seem to have seen someone falling.”

“I saw it too.”


Satan stepped back with shaky feet as he mused, ‘Falling from such a high place… even if I don’t die, I will become a cripple!’

However, after remembering that his master had great expectations for him to be the strongest martial artist in the world, Satan took a deep breath, clenched his teeth and revealed the lost spirit of a brave warrior.

He held tight the ivory tower, and from seemingly nowhere, he took out a rope from his body and started climbing up at a snail’s pace.

After watching Satan as he steadily climbed tens of meters, Yajirobe smacked his lips.

He bent over, exerted strength in the soles of his feet, and leaped.


Like an artillery shell, he soon surpassed Satan.

“Hey, wait for me!”

“Really troublesome,” Yajirobe muttered to himself and waited for Satan to climb up; then, he grabbed Satan’s collar and pulled him up.

Then, under Satan’s screams, Yajirobe brought him along as he rapidly flew towards the top of Korin Tower, almost climbing up seven or eight meters with every jump.

Soon, Yajirobe surpassed most of the challengers.

“Rope… my rope has snapped!”

On top of the Korin Tower.

In the spheroid building, Korin was silently looking at the scenes below of Satan and Yajirobe climbing Korin Tower.

“These two guys… their climbing speed is very good.” Korin shook his head while drinking tea.

Next to Korin, a long-haired girl in a blue cheongsam was standing quietly.

The girl’s figure was exquisite, and her thin black hair fluttered in the wind.

The fit cheongsam was just rightly outlining the girl’s lithe and graceful body.

Her flawless cheeks were sparkling and crystal-clear like jade, with a skin so tender.

“What are you looking at, Immortal Korin” The long-haired girl curiously asked, her black eyes shining.

“Hehe, two interesting guys.

One of them is unexpectedly self-taught.

If he can be properly trained, he may not necessarily be worse than you.

It’s just that these guys seem to be a little lazy.

I don’t know if they are suitable to be martial artists.” Korin answered truthfully.

Ever since Yajirobe entered the range of the Sacred Land of Korin, he had caught Korin’s attention.

Although there had been an upsurge of training in martial arts in Earth’s martial arts circle, there were only a few martial artists with outstanding talent.

Presently, Yajirobe was enough to make Korin look at him in a favorable light.

“Chi-Chi, why did you come here” Korin narrowed his eyes and sized up the girl in front of him.

Ever since Goku, Chi-Chi, Krillin, and Yamcha started training in the Lookout, Korin had been paying attention to their training. ‘These kids worked very hard, and under the guidance of Mr.

Popo and Kami, they absorbed the nourishment non-stop like a sponge.

They attained new growth almost every day.’

Korin was very optimistic after seeing this.

He hoped that Earth could produce many powerful martial artists.

After all, he had learned from Xiaya a long time ago that Earth was just a weak low-level planet in the universe.

No one knew if there was already a force in the dark universe staring at Earth like prey.

For the future safety of humanity, there was an urgent need for a powerful warrior to appear among humans.

Moreover, Korin also learned from Kami that King Piccolo had not been eliminated yet, so no one knew when he would spring up to stir up trouble again.

A warrior with a strong sense of justice was also a safeguard for Earth.

At this time, Chi-Chi looked up and said with embarrassment, “Immortal Korin, I want a few Senzu Beans.”

Korin asked in surprise, “What do you want Senzu Beans for Don’t tell me the Divine Spring in the Lookout is not enough to eliminate the fatigue of your daily training”

Chi-Chi rolled her eyes and said, “Kami has arranged a mission for each of us.

I have to go to the mortal world to find the entrance to the Demon Realm and then defeat Shula.”

“Demon Realm Kami is letting you go alone" Korin was a little shocked.

Although Earth’s Demon Realm was only a small part of the entire Demon Realm, there were still quite a few experts in it.

“Mhm!” Chi-Chi nodded.

She looked towards Korin and said, “Exactly! Because it’s dangerous, I want to prepare a little more Senzu Beans.”

Korin understood the dangers of the Demon Realm.

He grabbed some Senzu Beans from a clay pot, put them into a small bag and handed it over.

“Put away these Senzu Beans.

The experts in the Demon Realm are not ordinary.

You have to be careful!”

“Hmm!” Chi-Chi nodded and put away the Senzu Beans.

“Oh, by the way, you said that Kami had arranged a mission for each one of you… Then, what are the missions assigned to the


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