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Nappa looked down on Raditz, largely due to the prejudice a High-level Warrior has towards a Low-level Warrior.

Nappa was only in-league with Raditz because there were only a few Saiyans left in the universe.

Nappa felt it beneath his dignity to pay attention to a trifling Low-level Warrior.

So whenever he was in a bad mood, he would take out his anger on Raditz, showcasing his superiority.

This time—besides carrying out the given mission—Vegeta left by himself using the spaceship for unknown reasons, leaving Nappa and Raditz on the planet.

Napa did not dare to show his dissatisfaction to Vegeta, so he let loose his anger on Raditz.

Raditz knew that he was no match for Nappa, so he often endured the humiliation; however, this personality of his made Nappa—as a High-level Warrior—look down on him even more.

“Hehe… Raditz, have you felt that during this time, Dodoria has grown arrogant again He was very low-key before,” Nappa leaned over and suddenly said.

Raditz stared blankly for a while.

He usually didn’t care about this, so he asked in surprise, “Why is that”

“Fool, this indicates that Frieza is coming back soon.

Dodoria must have felt that with a strong backing, he could dare to be arrogant in front of the Abo and Cado brothers.”

“So it was like that!” Raditz came to a realization.

Nappa laughed heartily.

“Hahaha… this is Uncle Nappa’s analysis.

Hm” At this time, the communication device near his ear beeped twice.

It was Vegeta’s communication signal. ‘Vegeta is coming back’ Nappa looked happy and exchanged a few sentences with Vegeta.

Then, he said to Raditz, “Get ready, Vegeta will be back soon.”

After that, Nappa casually sent Energy waves to the distant forest, and then, rumbling explosions rocked the terrain, producing black smoke.

When the smoke dissipated, the land became visible again, and an open, flat, and scorched terrain appeared in front of them.

Raditz looked at the scene calmly, his eyes sparkling with a hint of admiration.

Although Raditz could also do this much damage, he would have to use more effort, unlike Nappa who did so easily. ‘Sure enough, it deserves to be acclaimed as the power of a High-level Warrior!’ Raditz thought, enviously, in his heart.

“Ha ha ha, Raditz, when Vegeta comes back, we will go to other planets to carry out missions.

If Uncle Nappa doesn’t take action for a long time, his body will grow rusty.”

After saying this, Nappa twisted his neck, producing ‘creaking’ noise.

Not too long after, a not-so-large spaceship landed on the open terrain that had now become barren.

The hatch opened, and Vegeta alighted from the spaceship.

Covering his mouth and lightly coughing, Vegeta stretched out his hand and fanned the black smoke in front of him.

He looked at Nappa and Raditz.

After seeing their eager expressions to get into action, Vegeta frowned.

Then, he turned on the energy detector and examined them.

Soon after, Vegeta revealed a dissatisfied expression and coldly said, “It has been so long, but your Battle Power hasn’t improved even the slightest ”

“Vegeta, I already have 3,000 Battle Power now,” Nappa said arrogantly.

As a High-level Warrior, he felt that he was already very outstanding.

After listening to Nappa, Vegeta raised his eyebrows and berated, “Don’t make a fool of yourself.

Do you think you are very powerful with such a small amount of energy In the eyes of real experts, you are nothing.”

Recalling the few Super Saiyans that he encountered while visiting Tarble, Vegeta felt a great weight in his heart.

Anyways, he was the Saiyan Prince, so although he already admitted—in his heart—that he was weaker than those Super Saiyans, his pride still left him feeling upset; he couldn’t let it go.

“Uhhh!” Nappa didn’t know why Vegeta was so angry. ‘Uncle Napa’s Battle Power has broken through 3000… Isn’t that a happy matter Why does Vegeta look dissatisfied’

Nappa did not understand, so he could only angrily retreat to the side.

As for Raditz, seeing that Nappa was scolded even though his strength had reached 3000, he thought of his Battle Power and felt too ashamed to show his face.

After a moment of silence, Vegeta suddenly said, “We will not be doing any missions next; instead, we will properly train on this planet.”

“But if we don’t carry out missions, we will not have a good explanation to give to King Frieza’s side…” Raditz submissively said.

“Don’t mention Frieza in front of me!”

When he heard Frieza’s name, a cold light flashed in Vegeta’s black eyes, and he clenched his teeth as hatred burned in his heart.

After confirming the truth of Planet Vegeta’s destruction from Xiaya, only hatred was left in Vegeta’s heart towards Frieza.

“Moreover…” Vegeta gave a signal with his eyes, and Nappa and Raditz immediately realized and simultaneously turned off the detector.

“What is it Did something happen” Nappa asked carefully.

“Umm, pay attention to the location when you talk later.

We should try not to let Frieza know about it.” Vegeta’s face was cold as he told them the hard truth, “I just got the information that the original Planet Vegeta was not destroyed by the so-called meteorite impact; instead, it was destroyed by Frieza himself, and all Saiyans died by Frieza’s hands.”

“What!” Nappa and Raditz were both stunned.

“Planet Vegeta and the Saiyans… How could they be destroyed by Frieza’s hands"

In particular, Raditz was in shock.

In his heart, he had always thought of King Frieza as the great universal emperor.

“Unexpectedly, Planet Vegeta was destroyed by him…"

Nappa’s heart was also trembling.

Thinking of Vegeta’s character, he cautiously asked, “Vegeta, are you going to seek Frieza for revenge"

Vegeta looked gloomy as he coldly snorted and said, “Planet Vegeta’s hatred must be repaid, but now is not the time.

Hmph… Frieza has been laying low, he must be even more powerful than we think!”

In the past, he thought that Frieza was only a little more powerful than Dodoria and the others.

At most, he had a few tens of thousand Battle Power, but the information that Xiaya gave him made him feel cold.

He couldn’t help but feel a sense of urgency in his heart.

He needed to get more powerful, not only to surpass Frieza but to also surpass Xiaya and others.

He, Vegeta, was the only one qualified to become a Super Saiyan!

Nappa stared at Vegeta in confusion and asked, “Vegeta, hasn’t your Battle Power already reached 10,000 If you carry out the Great Ape transformation, even if you won’t be a match for Frieza, you should be about the same!”

“Hmph, that’s what we thought before! However, someone informed me that Frieza’s Battle Power in Normal State is 530,000.

Normal State Doesn’t it mean that Frieza can also use transformations in an emergency like we Saiyans”

Vegeta sneered.

The information he had in his hands gave him a basic understanding of his enemies.

To put it simply, he currently had no qualifications to challenge Frieza, not even a little hostility must be revealed.

Otherwise, once Frieza becomes aware, he would kill Vegelike he did to other Saiyans!

To Vegeta’s satisfaction, Frieza had retired behind the scenes and couldn’t keep an eye on them for a short time; however—presently—there were signs that Frieza was planning to return.


It was like a thunderbolt falling from the sky to strike their hearts.

Nappa and Raditz were shocked and couldn’t tell north from south.

Suddenly, a chill rose from their tailbone to the top of their heads.

Even though they were standing under the blistering-hot sun, they felt like they were in a world of snow and ice, feeling an immense chill.

“Vegeta… You are not…joking, right” Nappa coughed and asked in disbelief.

‘Good Heavens, 530,000 Battle Power! And that’s still in Normal State’

‘Frieza is so powerful’

“Do I look like I’m joking”

Vegeta’s whole body gave off a dangerous aura, and his icy gaze seemed to pierce into Nappa’s chest like a sword.

Anxious, Nappa hurriedly waved his hand and said, “No, I don’t mean that…”

“Hmph, you need to also make haste and train; Saiyans don’t need useless people.

Don’t blame me for punishing you then!” Vegeta said sternly.

Nappa, who was well aware of Vegeta’s personality, knew that Vegeta’s words weren’t empty threats.

With Vegeta’s vicious and ruthless nature, he would kill them, so Nappa quickly nodded in agreement.

On the side, Raditz was still in a daze, and when Vegeta’s indifferent eyes turned towards him—as if he awoke from a dream—Raditz also repeatedly nodded in agreement.

Afterward, Vegeta no longer paid attention to Nappa and Raditz, and without any distracting thoughts in his mind, he flew to the side and began to train hard on this strange planet.


Intense energy waves wantonly shot out in all directions, and suddenly, these energy waves erupted into a deafening noise.

Nappa and Raditz looked at each other helplessly.

Nappa stroked his big bald head and smacked his lips.

“What’s up with Vegeta Who told him all this Forget it, asking you would be in vain!”

Nappa shook his head in derision, walked away by himself and also found a place to train.

“We have to fight… fight against Frieza, this is really…” Raditz didn’t know what to say.

His face was full of dejection and defeat.

Setting himself against Frieza, he felt that his future was full of darkness.


Planet Hongshan, after Xiaya completed the Saiyan God experiment, he also entered training cultivation with Xiling and Myers.

He had to spend some time reviewing what he learned from Whis.

He knew that the road to training attached importance to unremitting efforts.

Those who lacked perseverance were destined to have no future, just like Gohan.

After not training for four years, Majin Buu’s strength also regressed greatly.

Completely losing the temperament of martial artists, it was no wonder that people would be ridiculed as “wild than rice”, wilder than the big man like a character!

If the cart in front overturns, it would give a warning to the following cart*.

Xiaya thoroughly understood this lesson, so he worked even harder during training.

[*draw lessons from the predecessor’s failure]

Xiaya wanted to reach the level of Super Saiyan 3 as soon as possible and then rush to the 300th floor of the Creating God Star in one breath with supreme strength.

Xiaya wanted to know how it would be to improve his dimension after he reached Super Saiyan 3.

Would it be like Gohan, entering that mysterious state, or would he directly become… a Super Saiyan God


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