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“For real transformation… it seems that the Saiyan God transformation also has requirements for the strength of the other five Saiyans,” Xiaya said and laughed heartily.

The combined power of Shaque and his squad was not enough to induce Bardock’s transformation, but the more powerful Adri and his squad succeeded.

Undoubtedly, this outcome solved the previous problem.

If a powerful Saiyan intends to attain the Saiyan God transformation, then the Saiyans assisting from the side would have to be powerful too.

“After attaining the Saiyan God transformation, Bardock has become more powerful…” Xiling said, seemingly awed by the scenes of Bardock transforming into a Saiyan God.

Xiaya stared at Bardock who was in the red-haired state and laughed.

“Hehe, that’s for sure.

Bardock is a Super Saiyan, and his Battle Power while in Normal state is not less than 6 million; thus, his strength in the Super Saiyan God state should be 4.2 billion.”

“Then… doesn’t that mean he is more powerful than me” Myers was greatly surprised.

As the fourth Super Saiyan on Planet Hongshan, Bardock’s potential seemed to have been developed after getting the Tree of Might’s fruit, and he slowly widened the distance with Adri and others.

Unexpectedly, after the Super Saiyan God transformation, Bardock’s power was now second only to Meiling.

He had become a super expert in a true sense.

Currently, with several Super Saiyans and Saiyan Gods, Planet Hongshan could truly regard East Area superciliously, and even the whole universe without fear!

At least in this universe, no one could treat them with contempt.

One day, the weather was warm, and the sun was shining brightly.

In the vast spacious sky, there were two bright streaks of light flashing across the void, colliding fiercely with each other.

Adri used the Saiyan God state to his heart’s content as he battled Bardock, who was in the Super Saiyan state.

The strength of a Saiyan God clashed with that of a Super Saiyan, raising strong winds and scattering clouds.

It was difficult to tell the winner and loser was in a short time.

Originally, Adri had a Battle Power of more than 400,000 Battle, and he was also unable to break through this level’s limit.

Currently, after transforming into a Saiyan God, the energy increase of seven hundred times had suddenly put his strength on the same level as the Super Saiyan state Bardock.

“Hey!” Bardock loudly shouted, and the golden blaze on his whole body burnt as he suddenly attacked Adri.

Golden electric rays flashed like water snakes, leaving behind a few blurry afterimages in the sky; this was followed by a sweeping attack.

Adri was also not willing to be outdone.

Dense light-colored rays appeared on the surface of his body, and the two of them commenced another bout of fierce fighting.

“Bang!” Irresistible forces struck each other, and the two of them immediately turned into two light rays and dodged.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

Like falling meteors emitting a glittering and brightly colored luster, they shot out seemingly infinite Energy waves to their heart’s content.

At this moment, Adri moved and appeared in front of Bardock, and then he bent over and kicked Bardock with tremendous and explosive power.

A faint straight line extended from the place where Bardock stood, and his body shot out like a cannonball, flying some distance high in the sky before hitting the ground.

He slid for hundreds of meters, penetrating deep into the earth’s stratum.

He left behind an enormous crater several meters deep and a hundred meters long.

The large crater was full of dust.

Adri landed by the side with a smile of satisfaction plastered on his face.

He hadn’t enjoyed such a fun fight in a long time.

Planet Hongshan’s sturdy land allowed him to not worry about his attacks harming the planet, and on top of that, Bardock—such an evenly matched opponent—made Adri feel happy.

“Ah!” The earth cracked open, and a huge sturdy man drilled out from the ground with a roar.

Bardock floated high in the sky in a sorry state.

The golden flaming aura on his body became chaotic and was no longer stable.

In the distance, the spectators of the battle had serious expressions.

Adri’s youngest son, Laret, was smiling happily as he said to the girl by his side, “Elise, your father is not a match for my father.”

Elise’ cheeks bulged; her pretty face displayed her unhappiness.

She pinched Laret’s arm hard, and fiercely said, “With which eyes of yours did you see that my dad is going to lose!”

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask Big Brother Xiaya.” Laret stretched his neck and pointed at Xiaya.

“Big Brother Xiaya, who do you think is going to win” Elise asked unhappily.

In the face of Elise and Laret’s quarrel, Xiaya really didn’t want to join in, but he still looked at the two combatants in the sky and stated his opinion, “If we are only talking from the point of view of energy, Bardock should be better, but the burden of the Super Saiyan transformation is too great; so, it would be difficult to have a prolonged fight.”

“On the contrary, all aspects of a Saiyan God are very balanced.

Moreover, the attributes of a god have caused Uncle Adri to be in a self-healing state.

Of course, a Saiyan God also has a weakness.

Just like Planet Metamor’s Fusion Technique, once the time limit for fusion expires, the Saiyan God state would be deactivated.”

After all, Adri’s Saiyan God state was different from Goku’s Super Saiyan God, so it still had a time limit.

“Who will win” Elise and Laret spoke in unison, and then, they both looked at each other and coldly snorted.

“You should see for yourself.”

Elise and Laret were dissatisfied with Xiaya’s answer, so both of them turned to look at Xiling and Myers and said, “Elder sisters, you tell us…”

Xiling pretended to be oblivious and ignored them.

Myers happily smiled and said nothing.



The loud sounds of the battle were non-stop, and a variety of colorful lights rose from the ground, illuminating the entire sky.

After battling for nearly half an hour, Bardock’s Ki was almost depleted, and Adri had also reached his limits because of the self-healing ability of the Saiyan God state in battle and his rigorous moves.

Not long after, the two ended the fight and transformed back to their Normal State.

After a little rest, Adri heartily shouted, “Ha ha ha, I am so happy… I haven’t had such a great fight in a long time.”

Bardock also revealed a smile and said, “The Saiyan God state is, as expected, profound.

Your current strength is almost equally matched with mine.

If you could have lasted a little bit more, I would have been defeated by you.”

“Ha ha ha.”

“That said, Little Ya, how did the test of the Saiyan God go over there” Adri adjusted his breath, turned around and asked Xiaya with concern.

When it came to business, Xiaya took it seriously.

“From the results of recent tests, the minimum requirement for the transformation to a Saiyan God is 50,000 Battle Power.

I have tested with many people, and not even one person among those people with 50,000 or more Battle Power has not been able to transform.”

“Then, how many Saiyans in total have a Battle Power of 50,000 or more on Planet Hongshan” Bardock asked.

“There are more than 1200 people who have a Battle Power above that of Elite Warriors on Planet Hongshan, and for people who have a Battle Power above 50000, there are a little less with a total of 312 only.” Compared to the time during Planet Hongshan’s Martial arts tournament a year ago, the number of Elite Warriors now are more than a hundred people.

Adri’s eyes suddenly lit up and the corners of his mouth curled into a smile; he said, “So to say, more than three hundred Saiyan Gods can be produced on Planet Hongshan altogether”

Xiaya smiled, shook his head and said, “Not possible.

Although the requirements for the transformation to a Saiyan God had been estimated by us to be 50,000 Battle Power or more, we need to understand that the requirements of a Saiyan God are still very harsh.

I reckon that if we can ultimately have two hundred Saiyan Gods, it wouldn’t be bad.

Moreover, only around thirty can appear at the same time.

“That is also very powerful… tsk tsk, more than 30 Saiyan Gods.”

Adri felt satisfied whenever he thought about this.

Although with 50,000 Battle Power as a foundation, many Saiyans could become a Saiyan God with a Battle Power of more than 35 million, they were much weaker than Super Saiyans; however, Adri wouldn’t have even dared to dream about this previously.

The mass-production of Saiyan Gods could only be done by the current Planet Hongshan.

But then again, if it weren’t for the training atmosphere of Planet Hongshan in these past few years as well as the timely cleansing of the sins of Saiyans, Planet Hongshan wouldn’t have gained the capacity to produce many Saiyan Gods.

Everything had a cause and effect, a mysterious concept.

Later on, only Elite Warriors could know about the existence of the Saiyan God transformation as a secret weapon.


More than ten days later…

Somewhere in the North Area which was controlled by the Abo and Kado brothers’ Forces.

Saiyan Nappa and Raditz were waiting on a planet, and not far away, the dead body of an alien with a strange appearance laid upside down on the ground.

Nappa picked his teeth with a thin toothpick and spat on the ground.

“Where has Vegeta gone to He has been so mysterious lately… We have been waiting for him for more than a month.”

Raditz took a bite of fatty meat and said with an indistinct voice, “I don’t know.

Vegeta disappears once every few years, so I am already used to it.”

“Didn’t you say that he doesn’t have anything to hide from us Why not take the spacecraft”

Napa asked and pointed at three spherical spacecraft not far away.

Vegeta didn’t use the spacecraft any time he disappeared; instead, he used a spaceship.

“Who knows We shouldn’t care about this kind of thing.

After all, if Vegeta knew, we will be reprimanded by him,” Raditz put down the chunk of meat in his hand and said seriously.

When Nappa recalled Vegeta’s frightening look, he couldn’t help but smirk, and then he looked at Raditz with anger and an evil expression in his eyes.

“Raditz, it seems like your wings have hardened… You dare to speak to Uncle Nappa like that”


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