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Bardock didn’t turn to a Super Saiyan God like Shaque.

Xiaya fell into contemplation due to such a situation.

Xiaya felt that there was something wrong with it, but he couldn’t figure it out.

Xiaya carefully recalled every little bit of his previous life’s memories.

In the original work, Goku succeeded in transforming into a Super Saiyan God after receiving power from Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, and some others.

Bardock was also a Super Saiyan, so normally it should have also succeeded.

However, the fact laid bare before Xiaya that Bardock had failed.

Then, what was the reason for his failure

Xiaya raised his head and glanced at Bardock and everyone else, and suddenly, a bright light flashed through his mind.

‘Is it because the strength of the Saiyans supplying him power is not enough’

Xiaya thought for a bit and felt it was possible.

The reason why Goku could become a Super Saiyan God was because he received power from Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, and others.

They were all Super Saiyans like Goku, except Pan who wasn’t born yet.

They had altogether gathered four Super Saiyans.

Xiaya looked at Shaque once again.

Shaque was just an ordinary Saiyan.

Moreover, Anastasia and the other members of the Shaque squad who poured their strength into him were also ordinary Saiyans, but their power had been integrated and they succeeded.

‘Does the Super Saiyan God state have requirements for the five suppliers… Does it require them to be equal’ Xiaya didn’t know if his guess was correct or not, but at this moment, he could only resort to guessing.

The only exception in Goku’s case was Pan.

She was not a Super Saiyan, and couldn’t even be regarded as a Saiyan.

Perhaps, a portion of Vegeta’s power was distributed to Pan, forming the coordination between the energy suppliers.

However, these were just speculations.

What was the specific situation There was too little information available for reference, so it was impossible to make a judgment.

With a soft sigh, Xiaya had Bardock and the others try it a few times, but they failed without exception.

Myers, who had been watching by the side for a while, grew somewhat impatient and suddenly asked, “How about we bring other people of the special battle squadron over and see if they would succeed”

“Umm, call them over.” Xiaya pondered and felt that Myers’ idea was worthy as a reference.

“There are also Saiyans with less than 10,000 Battle Power; they can also try it,” Xiling inferred and followed with a suggestion, and then he continued, “Unfortunately, Uncle Brook and some others are not on Planet Hongshan; otherwise, we could have also let them try.” ”

There was a successful example of Shaque, so Xiaya thought to himself, ‘It would be better to spread this experiment in the special battle squadron.’ Thinking of this, Xiaya agreed.

The members of the Special battle squadron were elites he chose more than ten years ago.

In the early days, there were more than 80 members.

After several years of losses and replenishment, there were now 84 warriors, forming twelve special battle squads.

If each special battle squadron could successfully create a Saiyan God, the overall strength of Planet Hongshan would suddenly rise by a lot, which was quite tempting.

“I am going to call those people.”

Bardock didn’t feel disheartened that he couldn’t become a Saiyan God.

When he thought of how their present plans were related to the future of Planet Hongshan, he felt fervent at heart, so he volunteered to call up those special battle squadron members.

About ten minutes later, forty to fifty members of the special battle squadron arrived one after another above Kamei forest.

Bardock introduced them, “These are the special battle squadron members present on Planet Hongshan.

Everyone else is away on various missions.”

“OK, let them try it first.” Xiaya nodded and then explained the general situation.

When Bardock came over to summon them, he didn’t explain the situation, so when they heard that they were summoned to try the ‘Super Saiyan God’, they were just as dumbfounded as Shaque was previously.

However, due to their trust in Xiaya, their hearts immediately became fervent, and they couldn’t help but discuss in whispers with each other.

“Quiet, everyone!”

Under Xiaya’s command, they ceased their discussions immediately and looked at Xiaya with a serious expression.

Xiaya looked around and felt very satisfied in his heart.

He was pleased because these Saiyans were willing to execute whatever orders he gave them, but considering that the success of the Super Saiyan God experiment was still up to chance, he warned them.

“Don’t be happy too early.

The Super Saiyan God transformation may not be suitable for all of you, and the possibility of success is very low.”

However, despite the warning, he wasn’t able to stop the fervent hearts of these special battle squadron members.

“Leader, please rest assured… we are mentally prepared.”

“If just in case it succeeds, we will immediately become powerful.”

“Sir Xiaya, please begin quickly.” Everyone urged him.

Xiaya looked at Shaque and the other members of the Shaque squad and asked them to group these special battle squadron members.

Shaque and his squad followed his orders and jumped to the front of the special battle squadron.

He separated them into groups of six and had them form a circle.

Shaque and his squad had been experimenting for a day and a night, so they were familiar with the fusion process of the Super Saiyan God.

Soon, they had explained the essentials to the other Saiyans.

Before long, golden rays of light soared into the sky.

Several divine and awe-inspiring energies appeared in the sky above Kamei Forest.

Eight red-haired and red-eyed Saiyan Gods awe-inspiringly stood upright in midair.

Their magical auras were so vast that it felt as if gods were ascending to heaven.

These Saiyan Gods had several tens of millions of Battle Power!

Xiaya raised his head, sighed with emotion and muttered, “They succeeded.

Super Saiyan God, no… Saiyan Gods can also be made in batches!”

Myers grabbed Xiling and jumped up and down in excitement, and her face which was like the warm sunshine in early spring was brimming with smiles.

“So this is how a Saiyan God looks… Um, they surprisingly don’t have even a little bit of aura!” Bardock stared with his tiger eyes as mighty waves continuously churned in his heart.

Xiaya said, “So this is a ‘God’, but the strength of these Saiyan Gods is inferior to that of a Super Saiyan.

As it cannot be named ‘Super Saiyan’ God, let’s call it ‘Saiyan God’ for the time being!”

Bardock also nodded in agreement.

The Super Saiyan transformation had an unparalleled appeal and spiritual yearning in the Saiyan race.

Although the Saiyan God state was another option besides Super Saiyan transformation and even more superior in a sense, the term “super” should not be added to it; otherwise, it would lessen the fame of the Super Saiyan transformation.

“Now we have roughly figured out the conditions for the Saiyan God transformation, but there is one more thing to understand, which is the minimum requirement for the Saiyan God transformation… How much Battle Power does a Saiyan require to become a Saiyan God”

Xiaya seriously analyzed it word by word.

Just like the Super Saiyan transformation, in theory, Saiyans above 100,000 Battle Power were eligible to transform into a Super Saiyan but to transform into a Super Saiyan, it often required three million Battle Power and above and extreme emotion as a catalyst.

This was because the Super Saiyan transformation was extremely burdensome on the body.

Similarly, not anyone would be able to become a Saiyan God, and there must be some restrictions.

Bardock knew its importance, so he nodded.

“Everyone, keep it in mind that the Saiyan God transformation is an important secret of Planet Hongshan, so no one is allowed to tell it to others at will,” Xiaya ordered.

Before completely understanding the secrets of the Saiyan God transformation, exposing it to others too early would only cause chaos on Planet Hongshan.

After all, Xiaya couldn’t guarantee that all the Saiyans on Planet Hongshan were kind-hearted people.

The Saiyan God transformation could be used as a secret weapon of Planet Hongshan’s high level.

“Yes, leader.”

“We won’t say anything about such an important matter.”

The special battle squadron’s warriors repeatedly assured.

Xiaya nodded in satisfaction and stopped things here.

Xiaya repeatedly warned them and waved his hand to dismiss them.

A few days later, the other members of the special battle squadron who were carrying out missions were urgently called back.

Furthermore, all the members of the former Adri Squad also came back.

Afterward, in a secret place, the special battle squadron’s eighty-four members plus the Adri squad—numbering a total of 90 people altogether—were divided into fifteen teams, each of which created a Saiyan God of their own.

Then everyone attempted it one by one, and experienced the opportunity of transforming into Saiyan God!

With the emergence of the “90” powerful warriors with Battle Power comparable to Super-Saiyan, the foundation of Planet Hongshan immediately grew a lot.

The only regret was that these Saiyan Gods couldn’t exist at the same time because of the special characteristics of a Saiyan God’s fusion.

Moreover, these warriors did not have a good foundation like Goku, so they couldn’t automatically comprehend the meaning of Super Saiyan God, Therefore, Planet Hongshan could at most only have fifteen Saiyan Gods at a time.

However, this was already very impressive.

“Uncle Adri, you all should try to transfer your powers to Bardock,” After Adri obtained the power of Saiyan God, Xiaya said.

He wanted to further verify the strength requirements of the other five people for the Saiyan God transformation.

“Okay!” Five people from the Adri Squad stood up and transferred their powers to Bardock.

Suddenly, golden flashes shrouded the sky and earth, and Bardock’s imposing aura was stronger than everyone else from before.

The golden flaming aura turned into dense blue fog and then turned red.


The red fog drifted from place to place like flower petals.

The fog curled up a few times, and amidst the colorful rays of light, Bardock’s hair color changed as he transformed into a Saiyan God.


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