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“An increase of Seven hundred!” By comparing the power Xiaya exerted during his spar with Shaque, Xiling could discern Shaque’s approximate strength, and the conclusion she came to set off huge waves in her heart.

The simple God Mode had brought about a boost to Shaque’s strength which was much more powerful than the Super Saiyan transformation.

Moreover, even the power boost granted to Meiling by her Super Saiyan 2 transformation was not more than a hundred times, while Xiling herself was still at the Ascended Super Saiyan level.

The increase in power was much smaller.

Even though Super Saiyan God’s enhancement multiplier was undoubtedly a lot, it was still not a match for the Super Saiyan transformation because the Fusion-type God Mode was a low version, with a similarly low starting point.

Although the Super Saiyan transformation’s enhancement multiplier was inferior to that of the Super Saiyan God Mode, its starting point was higher.

If both transformations were juxtaposed to find out which is stronger, then the Super Saiyan transformation would come out on top.

However, if they could transform into Super Saiyan God from the Super Saiyan state, then they would be more powerful.

Xiling stared on with shining eyes, her pretty face full of smiles.

After quite a while, Xiaya and Shaque ended their battle.

Then, due to the time limit, Shaque suddenly withdrew from the Super Saiyan God state.

After Shaque landed, Anastasia, Angeline, Lydia, Bailey, Ewin, and Patty all surrounded and questioned him.

“Shaque! How did you feel just now”

“It’s a very powerful transformation.

Moreover, I could unexpectedly fight against leader Xiaya for a while.”

Shaque said with a smile on his face.

He was undoubtedly happy, but he was still modest as he said, “I am still far weaker than leader Xiaya.

If I am not mistaken, Xiaya did not even use 10% of his strength just now.”

“I only used about 1% of my power,” Xiaya admitted.

His Battle Power was about 8 billion at his peak state, but he only used 80 million when he sparred with Shaque.

Xiaya’s words instantly scared everyone, and the scene suddenly fell into a dead silence.

After a while, a burst of cheers erupted out as the members of the Shaque applauded after finding out the level of Xiaya’s strength.

Xiaya turned to Xiling and Myers and asked, “What do you think”

Xiling said, “If that is the Super Saiyan God state, then it is really powerful.

The recovery power and explosiveness is almost equal to a genuine God state, and just like Master Whis said, a powerful God does not have an aura.”

“But it seems to be a little different… The life level is a little different from that of a God.”

Myers also pondered for a moment and said, “The strength is definitely enough, but the dimension is not.

It can’t be said to be a real ‘god’, at most a ‘demi-god’.” From Myers’ perspective, a genuine God was not like Kai who had dimension but no real power; instead, a God was like the God of Destruction, Beerus, having both realm and dimension at its peak.

“After all, it is just a fusion of mortals.

A little difference is also allowed.

However, Shaque’s state far exceeded an ordinary Saiyan’s dimension, so calling it “Saiyan God” should be more suitable,” Xiaya thought for a while and said.

Although Shaque’s eyes and hair turned red after transforming into Super Saiyan God, his hairstyle was still almost similar to an ordinary Saiyan’s hairstyle; however, his strength was much weaker than Goku’s Super Saiyan God.

Thus, it was more appropriate to call Shaque’s transformation a Saiyan God rather than a Super Saiyan God.

Xiaya was clear that a Saiyan God could still become stronger.

After achieving Super Saiyan, Goku transformed into Super Saiyan God; this was the true definition of “Super Saiyan” god in a sense.

From this, Xiaya thought of another question.

‘After Shaque transformed into Saiyan God, his power directly increased by 700 times… In that case, that Saiyan God in ancient times should be similar.

However, the red-haired Saiyan God could defeat Zangya and Bojack, indicating that the several Saiyans he fused with were very powerful in their Normal State.

This means that several Super Saiyans existed during that period…’

That was an era of greatness and gathering of numerous talents.

’Saiyans were powerful in ancient times, maybe even more powerful than the current Planet Hongshan,’ Xiaya looked at the jubilant Anastasia and others, inwardly thinking.

Xiling moved closer to Xiaya, causing a pleasant fragrance to enter his nostrils.

She whispered to him, “Can we also transform into God Mode”

Xiaya pondered for a moment, but in the end, he gave a disappointing answer.

“It shouldn’t work.

We are now on the road to become gods.

From the perspective of life level, our God Form is different from that of a Super Saiyan God; after all, the Super Saiyan God state doesn’t represent a true god.”

“But there is no harm in trying it.”

Xiaya finally decided to try it.

However, he knew that the probability of success was very low because a Super Saiyan God like Shaque—one who transformed by relying on external forces—could only be classified as a ”demi-god” while possessing the characteristics of a God.

This was different from Xiaya who was walking on the true path to becoming a God.

But there was no problem in giving it a try as they currently had the opportunity to.

So, Xiaya told Shaque and the others to follow the previous steps and execute the experiment again.

The result was not out of expectations.

When the power of the members of the Shaque squad entered him, a natural suppression suddenly appeared and dispersed their power.

Due to the difference in dimension, the suppression—due to their varying status—caused the formation of Super Saiyan God to fail.

It was just like how an emperor of an empire couldn’t be conferred with the title of a minister; such an act would go against the social strata.

“As expected, it won’t work!” Xiaya shook his head with slight regret.

However, at his level, Xiaya did not care about the little increase in power that would be gained from the Super Saiyan God transformation.

It was important to know that Xiaya himself far exceeded the level of an ordinary Super Saiyan 2, and his increase in strength was originally more than one hundred times.

Although an increase of seven hundred times in the Super Saiyan God state was tempting, the life level still fell short of that required to attain the status of a “God”, and lifespan was still with the realms of mortals.

After that, Xiling and Myers made attempts too, but it still didn’t work.

Although the resistance was lower than that of Xiaya, the external power would still automatically dissipate as soon as it entered their bodies.

As Whis said; although the path of becoming a god would cause his power to grow slowly, it would steadily progress, and the future attainments would be much brighter than that of a fake god.

The fake Super Saiyan God was like a quick fix; it was fundamentally not a God.

“Anyway, should we have Bardock try” Myers suddenly suggested.

Bardock was already a Super Saiyan.

If five pure-hearted Saiyans injected their power into him, would it trigger a mechanism which would let him turn into a true “Super Saiyan” God

Xiaya’s eyes lit up, and he seemed to be very interested.

“Yes, let’s have Bardock try.”

Then, Xiaya used a communication device and called Bardock over.

It didn’t take long for Bardock to appear above the Kamei Forest.

Everyone stood above the dense forest for a long while, looking in the distance.

The reflection of sunlight in the distant sea was like glittering and translucent crystals, shimmering and shining.

Bardock was then briefed on the situation, and he was also very interested.

“I just sensed that Sir Xiaya’s aura had rapidly increased, and was wondering who you were fighting with… So, a Super Saiyan God doesn’t have an aura.” Bardock suddenly realized and was also very interested in giving it a try.

“Bardock, you stand in the center, and Shaque, Anastasia, Angeline, Lydia, Bailey, you all should try to pour your power into Bardock,” Xiaya gave them instructions with a serious tone.


“Got it.”

They responded, and then they formed a circle and began to accumulate power.

Five sparkling rays of lights soared into the sky and slowly poured into Bardock’s body.

However, the expected scene did not occur.

After a few clusters of dazzling brilliance, the energy output of Shaque and the others floated in midair for a while before it quickly turned into smoke and disappeared.


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