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Xiaya earnestly listened to Zangya’s tale of the events that occurred 200,000 years ago.

He realized that the ancient red-haired Saiyan should be the so-called Super Saiyan God mentioned in the original work, but that Super Saiyan god didn’t seem to be very powerful.

Otherwise, how would Zangya and others still be alive

So, he asked Zangya, “What do you think of the red-haired Saiyan’s Battle Power And what about the Super Saiyan you killed before; how strong were they in comparison to us”

Zangya thought carefully and sized up Xiaya’s handsome face as if determining something.

After a while, she said, “The Super Saiyan that was killed by us was probably as powerful as Bardock.

As for the second Super Saiyan, I never met him.

He should be a little more powerful than the first one.

However, for the red-haired Saiyan…”

“If you want to compare, it is probably more or less the same state you were in when I was caught by you, and a little more powerful than Boss Bojack.” Zangya gave her judgment.

“That is to say, the red-haired ‘Super Saiyan God’ is much more powerful than Cell Perfect Form, but is no match for Super Perfect Cell…” Xiaya muttered to himself.

An initial judgement of the Super Saiyan God was made in his heart.

After all, the ancient Super Saiyan God was most likely a fusion of ordinary Saiyans.

This transformation was different from Goku’s Super Saiyan God transformation.

After his training on the Creating God Star, Xiaya attained a clear understanding of the so-called realms and dimensions.

A dimension could be said to be a type of life level, relating to the lifespan of living creatures, and it had nothing to do with Battle Power.

Just like in the god system, Kami and Kai had different dimensions and different life spans, but when comparing their Battle Power, Kami’s Battle Power was not much lower than the Kais.

Although one’s realm was also a type of extremely mysterious level, it was linked to strength, reflecting the level of a lifeform’s mastery of their power.

For example, the “mysterious state” of Gohan—after his potential was unlocked by the old Supreme Kai—was also a type of realm!

However, at that time, Gohan had only merged his Super Saiyan’s strength with his Normal State’s strength, discarding some of the narrow disadvantages of the Super Saiyan transformation.

Furthermore, because the Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3 transformations had embarked on the path of the blind pursuit for power, the old Supreme Kai thought it to be an evil transformation method; also, these transformations placed a serious burden on the body.

If Gohan’s “mysterious state” had to be accurately termed, then it would be referred to as the half “Super Saiyan God” state.

In Xiaya’s understanding, the Super Saiyan God state ought to be a high-level state that combined a Saiyan’s power.

It was of a higher-level than Gohan’s mysterious state, but this doesn’t also imply that any Super Saiyan God’s Battle Power would be greater than Gohan’s mysterious state.

One must know that the “Super Saiyan God” state was only a high realm, just like a pile of firewood; directly burning it was one type of “realm”, and letting it carry out nuclear reaction was another type of “realm”.

The nuclear reaction was, of course, more of a high-level energy release in comparison to directly burning, but the prerequisite for it to occur was dependent on the total amount of the energy released, which was precisely the amount of firewood.

If a planet or even tens of thousands of planet-scale firewoods were burned together, would it release less energy than if it were carrying out a nuclear reaction using a mere pile of firewood

There was no comparison at all.

At present, there were two ways to become a Super Saiyan God.

One was the fusion method—the fusion of six Saiyan’s powers with a righteous heart, which leads to one person becoming the Super Saiyan God.

The other method was referred to as the breakthrough method.

With powerful strength, an individual would have to comprehend the god realm and become a Super Saiyan God.

The former was a low starting point and of a high level, just like using a pile of firewood to ignite the nuclear reaction to release energy.

The latter was a high starting point and of a high level.

It would take a whole planet and even more firewood to ignite the nuclear reaction.

As for which method was stronger and which was weaker, the answer was naturally obvious at a glance.

The Saiyans in ancient times may have been more powerful than the Saiyans during Planet Vegeta’s times; thus, one could imagine how powerful Six Saiyans fusing into a Super Saiyan God would be.

If six “ordinary” Saiyans fuses into a Super Saiyan God, their strength would soar to the level of the Cell Perfect Form.

The increase in power would be larger than the increase of the Super Saiyan transformation.

An increase which would be shocking.

This showed that even the fusion type Super Saiyan God still had unparalleled power!

‘Maybe, Planet Hongshan can also try the fusing method to attain a Super Saiyan God!’

Xiaya suddenly had this thought, and as this idea appeared, it was just like a seed taking root and sprouting.

It took root in Xiaya’s heart, making him feel itchy.

Xiaya knew that creation of Super Saiyan God required six righteous Saiyans; in which five Saiyans would inject their power and spirit into the sixth Saiyan’s body, making the sixth Saiyan’s spirit and realm soar.

This was a method to improve the level of the realm.

The ancient Saiyans were not as vicious as the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta.

They were only an uncultured race, not a tyrannical race.

Once they were successful in it, Planet Hongshan could mass-produce Super Saiyan Gods and build a Squad like the one on Planet Hongshan who were currently carrying out missions.

This would create an ideal squad of Super Saiyan Gods.

Thinking about every Squad having a Super Saiyan level fighting force, during critical moments, it would guarantee the Saiyan race’s survival rate.

Xiaya suppressed the excitement in his heart and bid farewell to Zangya.

‘Anyway, I will first find a Squad to test this idea,’ Xiaya mused.

He then looked for Xiling and Myers and told them his idea.

They readily approved of it and went to the Mission Administration Office to inquire for a suitable Squad.

In a short while, a familiar name appeared on the name list of suitable squads.

“Shaque’s Squad.”

Xiaya smiled as he saw the Squad which was comprised of the former members of his Squad.

Ever since they arrived on Planet Hongshan, Shaque and the others had entered the special battle squadron for training.

Shaque’s Squad could also be said to be a special battle squad.

The squad’s members were Elite Warriors, and the captain, Shaque, was a Super Warrior with a Battle Power of more than 100,000.

“The members of Shaque Squad has increased, and there are two more people named Ewin and Patty,” Xiling glanced at the name list and said in surprise.

Xiaya had seen this male and female duo.

They had both achieved good results in the last Planet Hongshan’s martial arts tournament.

“Let’s choose them.

Inform them to come to the Kamei forest in the West.

I will be waiting for them there.” Xiaya told Charlene and then left with Xiling and Myers using Instant Transmission.

Charlene looked at the name on the list with a surprised expression and inwardly thought, ‘This Shaque Squad is lucky to be chosen by Sir Xiaya.’

Then, Charlene used a communication device to send instructions to the members of the Shaque Squad.

Soon, the seven members of the Shaque Squad received the signal and took to the sky, flying towards the Kamei Forest in the West.

“Why do you think leader Xiaya is looking for us”

The one asking the question was Ewin, who was a new addition to the Shaque Squad.

He was a middle-aged Saiyan in his thirties.

Unlike Shaque and the others who had carried out missions with Xiaya in their childhood days, Ewin and Patty revered Xiaya.

Shaque was flying at the forefront, the cold breeze causing his hair to sway.

“I don’t know.

It should be an important matter.

Who remembers the Kamei Forest’s location”

“Kamei Forest” Everyone was dumbfounded.

“Kamei Forest is in the west, and it is surrounded by a sea on three sides.

It is a very old virgin forest, but it was destroyed in the battle seven years ago…”

“Ah! When the Frost Demons invaded, the battlefield was in Kamei Forest!” Bailey, a member of the SHaque squad, exclaimed.

Shaque nodded and said, “Kamei Forest is of great significance to Planet Hongshan.”

Anastasia, Bailey’s wife and one of the three female members of the squad, said with gleaming eyes, “Maybe, there is a surprise waiting for us.

Previously, whenever there were good things, Xiaya would think about us first.”

In the past, whether it was the Gravity Machine, Senzu Beans, or the later Tree of Might’s fruits, their portions were never lacking.

“It’s quite possible!” Angeline’s big eyes fluttered.

Her delicate face was soft and exquisite as if it was meticulously adorned.

“Then, we should speed up.

We can’t let Xiaya and the others wait for a long time.”

They sped up while chatting and laughing.

A few thin bands of light streaked across the clear sky, leaving behind blurry afterimages.

After a while, gleaming sunlight shone in the distance, and they were already close to the Kamei forest.


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