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Xiaya knew that Tarble’s character was not suitable for combat, so he assigned him to a work in the field of logistics.

Thus, Tarble won’t require Battle Power to perform logistical work with Gine or Charlene.

After making proper arrangements for Tarble, Xiaya spared some time to deal with the matters of Planet Hongshan.

Due to Planet Bakuf’s destruction, the Saiyans needed to open up new markets — an action which would inevitably lead to them crossing paths with the Universe Commerce Alliance or similar organizations.

The truth was that within the range of the cannon, although such words were somewhat biased, it was the truth of the dark, forest-like universe.

[* If one party has the strength to crush the other party, there won’t be a need to hold reasonable talks.

Both parties will only come to a compromise if they held similar strengths.]

Markets needed the backing of a military force, otherwise, there will inevitably be obstacles placed in front of them; regarding this fact, the strength of the Saiyans on Planet Hongshan could serve as a backing.

“Oh, and by the way, the Galactic Patrol organization has been re-established recently, and the Feidaya people have connected to the Mission Network and the public platform of Galactic Patrol again.” Adri suddenly reported on the news of the Galactic Patrol organization.

After the Galactic Patrol organization was destroyed by Bojack and his companions, the organization had finally been re-established with the support of several Kais after some time had elapsed.

Moreover, after that battle, the newly established Galactic Patrol organization was composed of the leadership level and the basic level of military force.

Through learning from their previous bitter experience, the organization now attached more importance on military force than ever before.

Xiaya nodded.

The establishment of the Galactic Patrol organization was not against his expectations because the four Kais need a spokesperson in the Galaxy to maintain stability.

Of course, although the former Galactic Patrol organization had unified the four major galaxies in name, they could not achieve the goal of maintaining Galaxy’s stability.

“Since Galactic Patrol organization has been re-established, we will maintain our original cooperation with them.

If they have any missions, they are free to release them, but the Mission Administration Bureau must check them out.

The missions which can harm the long-term perspective interests of Planet Hongshan must be avoided,” Xiaya pondered for a while, and bluntly said.

At his level, let alone the little Galactic Patrol organization, he didn’t even take the Kais seriously.

However, it would be a little troublesome to provoke the King of Hell.

“Don’t worry… we will arrange it properly.” This matter was related to the plans of Planet Hongshan, so everyone nodded.

After that, Xiaya recalled the Feidaya people’s research on the Meta-Cooler’s wreckage and asked, “It has already been more than a year since the Feidaya people obtained the remains of the Meta-Coolers; so, has their research yielded any results”

If Feidaya people were successful in their research, even if they only obtained a little useful technology from the wreckage, it would be a great result for Planet Hongshan.

Speaking of the Feidaya people’s research, Adri couldn’t help but laugh.

“There are a few results.

Recently, they have completed a new level of Bio-warriors which are much more powerful than the Saibamen of Planet Vegeta.

Now, they are working on researching the second level of Bio-people.”

“What are the specifics” Xiaya revealed a surprised expression and asked.

Planet Vegeta’s Saibamen were portable and easy to manufacture, and as long as there was suitable soil, they were quite easy to grow.

They had a Battle Power of about 1000.

They were cost-effective and consumable cannon fodders with great strategic significance in capturing some medium and high-level planets.

Therefore, when he heard that the Feidaya people had developed Bio-warriors that were more powerful than Saibamen, Xiaya was somewhat interested.

Bio-people were different from real humans.

They had no sense of self and were completely controlled by a core in their brains.

As for the similarities between them and human beings, it could be said that they looked more like humans.

Of course, the ancient warriors developed by the ancestors of the Feidaya people was another situation.

Adri smiled and said, “The first batch of Basic-level Bio-people have a Battle Power of about 2,000.

They are not yet ready for combat, and are mainly only used for the training of young Saiyans.”

Xiaya nodded in approval.

Due to the high standards of Planet Hongshan, the first-level Bio-people could only be used to train young children.

As a Fighting Race, Saiyans needed to accumulate battle experiences from an early age, and as the population of Saiyans on Planet Hongshan kept increasing, Xiaya wouldn’t be able to protect every Saiyan like before.

After revising the analysis, it could be concluded that Saiyans grow into qualified warriors only after experiencing the trials of war and blood.

“The Battle Power of the second-level Bio-people is roughly between 5,000 and 10,000,” Adri continued.

Slightly surprised, Xiaya sat up upright.

This level of Bio-people was enough to attract his attention; after all, the majority of the Saiyans on Planet Hongshan were also at this stage.

“Is the loyalty of these Bio-people guaranteed” Xiaya asked seriously.

He was not worried that the Feidaya people would harbor bad intentions because they were now a race that grew together with Saiyans.

One specializes mainly in science and technology, while the other specializes in battle.

Thus, the Bio-people were only the icing on the cake.

“Yeah.” Adri nodded.

“They have all been implanted with a microchip.

Moreover, these bio-people were created without awareness.”

“Let the Feidaya people research it carefully!”

Xiaya waved his hand and passed down his judgment.

If the manufacturing of second-level bio-people could be finished easily, a large group of them would be formed, but Xiaya still was very calm.

As long as there was no Bio-warrior on Zangya’s level, Xiaya would remain completely unconcerned; even if there was, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to suppress them with just a wave of his hand.

Speaking of Zangya, Xiaya had something to ask her, so he ended the conversation here and headed towards the floating island where Zangya lived.

The floating island was located in the higher dimensional space of Planet Hongshan.

Its appearance was somewhat similar to the Lookout on Earth.

It wasn’t easy for anyone on the entire Planet Hongshan to go to the floating island, except for Launch who had direct rights to operate there; however, it was a piece of cake for Xiaya.

Xiaya gently waved the sleeve of his cloth, and suddenly, a hole seemed to appear over the flat and dense forest, revealing a towering and majestic island underneath which sharp and uneven rocks were exposed.

Xiaya immediately launched the teleport ability, and his figure instantly appeared on the floating island.

Floating island.

A valley near which a stream was flowing.

The barefoot Zangya was soaking her feet in the small stream.

When she saw Xiaya approach, Zangya’s blue eyes suddenly lit up.

She pulled back her body, and jumped up, arriving by Xiaya’s side.

Her orange fluffy hair swayed in the wind conjured by her immense speed.


Xiaya, how can I help you”

Zangya was very satisfied with her life here, but she was afraid of Xiaya.

She knew that her Boss, Bojack, was killed by Xiaya because he provoked him.

Xiaya indifferently looked at Zangya and inwardly thought, ‘This Zangya is quite timid, and not at all arrogant like the first time I saw her…’

“Don’t be nervous! Today, I am here to ask you about the red-haired Saiyan you previously mentioned.

So, can you give me more details” Xiaya asked.

After hearing these words, Zangya breathed a sigh of relief and patted the white jacket on her body.

She proceeded to then recount to the past events of 200,000 years ago.

“At that time, I was still very young.

I was following boss and others, wandering the Galaxy.

One day, we encountered the wandering Saiyan race…” Zangya carefully took a look at Xiaya and continued.

“Because the Saiyans provoked me, a battle erupted out between us.

At that time, there was also a Super Saiyan among them, but that Super Saiyan was not our match at all.

After killing the Super Saiyan, the Saiyan race retreated continuously in defeat and was almost exterminated by us.”

“It was at that time that, without any idea how they accomplished it, a red-haired Saiyan suddenly appeared.

The red-haired Saiyan was too powerful; we were defeated by him.”

While speaking of the red-haired Saiyan, Zangya still felt her heart fluttering with fear.

It took her 200,000 years to recover from that fight.

“… afterward I fell into a deep sleep because of my serious injuries.

I am not very clear about the specifics, but later, I heard from Bujin and others that boss had encountered another Super Saiyan after he had gotten seriously injured.

Then, he was sealed by the Kais in an unknown place.

Now, it looks like it should be the center of the Galaxy.”


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