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Super Saiyan—it was the ultimate legend among the Saiyan race, and because it hadnt been proven, many people just simply regarded it as a legend!

Just as different races produce their myths, and Saiyans gave their history legendary myths.

These legends were passed down by word of mouth to future generations.

Some stimulate fighting spirit, looking for a fighting goal, and some for the cohesion of team spirit.

However, it was not very conclusive whether Super Saiyans really existed.

Vegeta naturally knew about the legends of the Super Saiyan.

He firmly believed in the authenticity of these legends, and he had been working hard to follow this path.

He did so because he knew that only by becoming a legendary Super Saiyan would he be able to defeat Frieza and restore the Saiyan race.

However, right in from of him stood three Super Saiyans; a realization which made Vegeta feel as if he was dreaming.

“A Super Saiyan is far superior to an ordinary Saiyan.

Your latent talent is quite good.

If you train hard in the future, you may also make a breakthrough.” Xiaya patted Vegetas shoulder like one would while caring for a younger brother.

Not only did Vegeta not reject Xiaya at this moment, but he also felt extremely moved.

Vegeta became invigorated as he mused, “Yes, Im the prince of Planet Vegeta.

Moreover, with my talent and hard work, I can definitely become a Super Saiyan.

By then Frieza, Abo, and Kado will all be insignificant.”

Vegeta was getting increasingly excited, and from this, his self-confidence swelled.

His conversation with Xiaya had made him realize that he was far from becoming truly strong, but there was still hope.


After staying for a while on Planet Degsa, Vegeta quickly left via spacecraft.

Since he secretly snuck out during the interval between missions, Vegeta had to rush back to meet with Nappa and Raditz.

“Tarble, it seems that your brother is very concerned about you,” As he stared at Vegetas departing spaceship, Xiaya turned towards Tarble on the side and said.

Vegeta didnt dislike his brother because he was weak.

Instead, he snuck over to see him.

Xiaya was aware that under Vegetas resolute and stern appearance, there was a soft heart.

Tarble nodded and asked, “Big Brother Xiaya, where are we going next” Tarble understood that Vegeta had him follow Xiaya for his well being, so he was very respectful towards Xiaya.

However, he was reluctant to leave Planet Degsa, where he had lived for 16 years.

“Of course, we are going back to the home of Saiyans—Planet Hongshan!”

Xiaya said in a serious tone, and then, he took out a gravity bracelet and handed it over to Tarble.

Planet Hongshans gravity was more than ten times that of Earth, and it was also much stronger than Planet Vegetas gravity.

Tarble had been living on the tiny Planet Degsa for all these years, and like Goku, he had long become unsuitable to the original gravity.

“Planet Hongshan” Tarble muttered.

“Are there a lot of Saiyans on Planet Hongshan”

“You will know when you get there.”

Xiaya faintly smiled but did not answer the question.

He then let Tarble adjust the gravity bracelet to an intensity that he could bear.

After seeing the translucent and sparkling brilliance flicker, Xiaya brought along everyone and left.

For the current Xiaya, it was as simple as breathing to bring along several people and instantly teleport in the universe.

Planet Hongshan.

The morning sun rose and a gentle breeze blew.

When Xiaya and the rest came back, a new day had just begun.

The bright-red rising sun was reflected in the sky, exuding the gentle and refreshing light rays of the early morning sun.

Although Xiaya, Myers and XIling hadnt returned for more than a year, Planet Hongshan didnt change much.

However, there were more powerful auras on Planet Hongshan, and there was also an increase in new life.

“Hehe, the morning sun has risen, and the weather is refreshing.

Today is also a very good day.” Xiaya chuckled with a faint smile on his face.

As more life was being born, prosperous scenes seemed to appear.

“Ah, this is Planet Hongshan… The gravity here is very powerful.” Because they returned to Planet Hongshan via Instant Transmission, the gravity bracelet didnt immediately change the gravity, so a strong gravity suddenly pressed down on Tarbles body, causing his face to turn pale and his entire body to tremble.

Fortunately, the gravity bracelet exhibited its effect soon after, and Tarbles countenance turned better.

“Tarble, you should come to my house first, and then I will arrange a place for you.”

It was better to arrange Saiyans like Tarble, with temperaments not suitable for combat, to logistics or the floating island.

Speaking of the floating island, Xiaya was reminded of Launch who had been roaming free and unfettered on earth for several years.

If she wasnt brought back, who would deal with the matter of Senzu Beans

“Myers, you go to Earth and bring back Launch.”

“What if she is not willing to come back”

“Stupid, then just tie her up and bring her back! The Launch who is unwilling to return must be the Blonde-haired Launch,” Xiaya said without any trace of politeness.

“Good!” Myers nodded, then she immediately used Instant Transmission and departed to Earth.

While staring at the Myers disappearing back, Tarble couldnt help but reveal the envy in his eyes as he mused,This skill that can be used to instantly vast traverse distances is really magical.

After that, Xiaya led Tarble to stroll around Planet Hongshan.

In the city, huge hemispherical buildings stood uniformly.

Each building was a standard four-story structure.

There were training areas, living areas and leisure areas in the living circle which could meet the various kinds of needs of Saiyans.

With the increase in the number of Saiyans, the balanced and harmonious Saiyan city was also expanding outwards.

Now, it was already like a large living circle.

Tarble had always lived on Planet Degsa, which was a technology planet, so he was no stranger to technology.

However, the training atmosphere on Planet Hongshan made him naturally feel close to it.it.

Even though he was not very keen on training, the fighting genes in his Saiyan bloodline still made his blood boil slightly.

“Xiaya, is he the youngest son of King Vegeta, His Highness Tarble” In Adris home, Adri asked in surprise.

“Yes, I also saw Vegeta, but I didnt bring him back.

Moreover, I think that he wouldnt be willing to come back.” Vegeta had the pride of King Vegeta.

Even if he had to lead a vagrant life outside, he wouldnt come to Planet Hongshan.

Because here, he would no longer be the prince of Saiyans!

Adri nodded.

He had also seen Vegeta a long time ago.

At that time, he thought that if his daughter and nephew could attain half of Prince Vegetas accomplishments, then he would thank the heavens.

Now, he was aware that he had a very narrow outlook at that time.

The God of destiny makes a fool of people.

Now, Xiaya was already the leader of Planet Hongshan.

“Your Highness Tarble!” Adri said politely.

Tarble waved his hands repeatedly and said, “Dont call me Your Highness.

I am not a prince anymore.” Tarble knew that Planet Vegeta had already been destroyed, with its former glory also dying with it.

Now, the Saiyans of Planet Hongshan were completely different from those of Planet Vegeta.

‘Their leader is Xiaya, and if I proclaim myself a prince again, I reckon that no one will agree with it.

Its better not to humiliate myself.

Moreover, Tarble realized that Xiaya was a better leader than his father, King Vegeta.

Under his leadership, the Saiyans not only restored their former glory, even their influence far surpassed that of Planet Vegetas.

Now, in the East Area, perhaps no one dared to look down on the influence of Planet Hongshan.

Adri smiled and said, “Then, I will call you Tarble.

You will live on Planet Hongshan in the future.

If you have any request, you can ask me directly”

“Will do.”

After that, Xiaya told to Adri about his training on the God of Destructions Planet.

At this time, Bardock also came over.

After listening to Xiayas description, Adri and Bardock stared at each other speechlessly.

The amount of information in Xiayas words was enough for them to digest for a very long time.

“So, the Super Saiyan transformation is just aquick fix method… really powerful or mysterious realm, ah!” Bardock sighed with emotion.

Although a Super Saiyan was strong, it was only an explosive-type transformation after all.

It was not the Normal States power.

The transformation releases its power within a brief period, thereby depleting energy.

However, this was different from the mysterious state like that of Gohans.

That was truly a powerful strength.

Xiaya smiled and said, “But at the present stage, the Super Saiyan transformation can be regarded as a powerful transformation for an individual.

If one doesnt have enough compatible power, their realm would be nothing but a castle in the air.”

“By the way, have you ever heard of Super Saiyan God” Xiaya asked casually, but after seeing Adri and Bardocks blank expression, he didnt say anymore.

XIaya reckoned that he would have to ask Zangya this question since she had met the Red-haired Saiyan in the past, who should be a Super Saiyan God.

After a few hours, a light ray shone, and Myers returned with the Blue-haired Launch.

“Why have you been gone for so long”

Myers loosened her grip and took out two books; one was titled “Chronicles of the Galaxy”, and the other was titled “Martial Immortals Biography”.

“This is what Tights just gave me.

She asked us to have it released throughout the entire Galaxy.”

“She has a good idea.”

Xiaya took the book and flipped through a few pages.

The first book titled “Chronicles of the Galaxy” was the hardcover edition of the book that Xiaya had read on Earth previously.

It was more refined than the earlier novel that was based on Vegeta as the model.

As for the other book titled “Martial Immortals Biography”, it was Tights latest work.

Xiaya flipped over a few pages and concluded that the story was mainly based on Earth as the background.

‘This story is not suitable for release in the Galaxy.

“Only release her first book,” Xiaya said as he came to a decision, and then he introduced Tarble to Launch.

After that, he asked Gine to arrange work for Tarble.


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