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How time flies on a long journey.

In a flash, one months time had passed away.

Everywhere was the scene of vast darkness.

Innumerable stars radiating a bewitching white light were sparkling like small diamonds embedded on a black plate showing an unchanging quiet beauty.

Suddenly, there were bright lights flickering.

In the deep and quiet outer space that flickering was very noticeable.

After drawing near, seven spherical spaceships faintly appeared from that bright light.

In the vast universe, the distance between two planets is extremely far, even the nearest one spanning across countless light years.

However, due to powerful technologies of the universe civilizations, the interstellar travel in the Dragon Ball World had become clearly much more convenient and fast.

In several months or even several days time, travel across several starfields is possible.

From the Planet Vegeta, few starfields away, an ashen colored planet revolved around a small yellow planet in the center of the galaxy.

Planet Dalia, in a dry riverbed.

With an ear-piercing rumbling, several floating red spheroids descended after passing through the clouds.

Rumble, after the sounds of impact, the dust flew up immediately blotting out the sky and sun.

As the dust lacked moisture content, it caused it to not be able to disperse for a long time, forming a thick cloud of dust.

Soon, seven-figures emerged from the several craters of unknown depth.

Lydia took the lead and soared to the sky while covering his mouth to block the scattered sand in the air.

High temperature shining down from the scorching sun after passing through the thin atmosphere caused the skin exposed to have a kind of scorching burning feeling.

Lydia wanted to take a deep breath but he choked from the burning air, rapidly coughing.

Xiaya, Xiling, and others also soared to the sky looked at the sparse vegetation in the surroundings and discovered that it resembled the environment of wastelands of Planet Vegeta.

“Planet Delia is an ashen colored rocky planet whose majority of the land is barren from the lack of water supply for long period of time and is a less-than-comfortable place.”

A girls soft voice sounded.

Doing sufficient homework before coming here, Anastasia had a feeling of dissatisfaction with the environmental conditions.

Scorching heat, high pressure and also lack of moisture here was greatly harmful to girls skin.

“En En!” Xiling and Angeline responded immediately.

Looking around and without noticing any signs of life, Shaque said with a serious expression, “The environment here is so poor, it is hard to imagine that this planet is approaching intermediate level.”

“Nature is particular about the law of the jungle where survival of the fittest is followed.

Often, the more the harsh conditions, the more tenacious lifeforms born are.” Xiayas eyes slightly narrowed, his face showing a wisp of an almost invisible smile, and then went on to press down the button of energy detector button.

An electronic sound “beep beep” appeared, and soon afterward Planet Dalias information appeared.

“Southeast, 170 km, Battle Power 920!”

“South, 56 km, Battle Power 568!”

“South, 167 km, Battle Power 869!”

Everyone opened their respective energy detectors too, but soon they were frightened by the series of dazzling data.

Unexpectedly, a huge amount of green numbers appeared on the glass monocle, dominating the screen!

“Damn it, there are actually so many!” Startled, Shaque couldnt help but curse.

It was their first time meeting such a situation.

Hence, they had no choice but to manually set the lower limit of energy readings, so that they could exclude the vast amount of data, which would make it a little bit clear to see.

This was the only way around.

Except for Xiaya and Xiling, others were still stuck.

Because they found that even after the exclusion, a lot of data were still displayed on the glass monocle.

Moreover, often clusters of three or four were grouped together, having at least dozens of energy sources in the small group of bright spots!

“Ah, these … are packs!”

Angeline lost her usual calm, voice somewhat trembling.

Even if Saiyans are war addicts, facing an absolute disadvantageous situation they will also feel terrified.

“All the races of Planet Dalia are primitive tribes living in packs.

If we provoke one of them, then we will have to face the frenzied retaliation of the entire tribe.”

Shaques face was similarly ugly.

Although there were not many that could truly pose threat to them among the handful of data, they were, however, no match for large numbers! Just imagine, when fighting against an evenly matched opponent and similarly had to face the attacks of dozens of opponents who were somewhat weaker than them, that feeling is simply terrifying.

“Since they are divided into tribes, they should also be hostile relations to each other, which at least gives us a chance!” Analyzing the current situation, Anastasia frowned.

As they have too little information, a lot of things couldnt be analyzed yet.

“Hehe, saying anything now is unnecessary.

So, we will divide into groups and eliminate the lone aboriginals first and then talk.”

Xiaya pondered for a moment and then divided the team into groups.

“I, Xiling and Shaque are the strongest, so can separately move.

Bailey and Lydias Battle Power is lowest and will form a group with Anastasia and Angeline respectively.

When everyone is taking action you have to absolutely take care not to anger those powerful aboriginals packs.

After we have eliminated all the lone aboriginals then we will once again re-assemble here.”


“Got it! Captain!”

“So set out …”

Several members of the Xiaya Squad responded loudly.

Bailey with the lowest Battle Power and Anastasia formed a group, followed by Lydia with the second lowest and Angeline.

Then Xiaya, Xiling, and Shaque moved out individually as they were ample strong.

The five groups chose five different directions to take their respective targets, swiftly moving.

After everyone set out, Xiaya quietly closed his eyes and felt for the auras on Planet Delia before flying to the area where the aura was most concentrated.

The scorching sun hung in the sky.

Blazing sun roasted the ground.

On a desolate and still plateau, there were few signs of life, leaving only a few dry bushes to grow on the dried soil, gently swaying.

Xiaya was swiftly flying while emitting a yellow light from his body.

“Xiu!” a beam of light flitted by, leaving a faint ray of light like precious stones gleaming…

He slowly arrived near the target.

The perceived Aura also became more and more clear and distinguished, suddenly –

“Ah Its an expert, no, not just one!”

Feeling the powerful Aura coming from the front, Xiaya slightly adjusted and directly flew towards the direction of several Aura.

Closing onto the target, he found that he had already flown out of the edge of the desert, where quite a few vegetation could be clearly seen and there were already signs of water in the distance.

Xiaya sensed dozens of powerful Auras in front of him, each near 1000 Battle Power.

“978, 945, 984 …”

Slightly curling up the corners of his mouth, Xiaya was laughing calmly.

Although this little Battle Power couldnt even be considered an appetizer for him, it is, in fact, was the apex power on Planet Dalia.

“Then lets first start with you!”

After a cursory glance, Xiayas body had already appeared above those energy sources.

It was a small primitive tribe.

The aboriginals appeared to be half-evolved apeman, with sharp protruding teeth flickering with a dazzling light, covered fully in a layer of blue-green fur, and the lower body covered with an animal hide, clearly already had a certain awareness of civilization.

When the Aboriginals saw the sudden appearance of a human figure in the sky, their mouths issued both “gulu gulu” sound as if speaking and low roars of beasts.


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