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“Yes, we are Saiyans.

I didnt expect to meet a comrade here.”

Xiaya looked at the young man with deep interest as he mused,He is about 16 or 17 years old, but possess a Battle Power of only 720.

Amongst Saiyans of the same age, he is not very strong.

It looks like he didnt have much fighting talent during Planet Vegetas times.

“What is your name, and why are you on this planet” Xiaya stepped forward and curiously asked.

The boy replied, “My name is Tarble.

It has been 16 years since I came to this planet.”

“Tarble” Xiaya muttered the name and felt it somewhat familiar.

“Are you aware that Planet Vegeta has been destroyed”

Tarble nodded depressingly and said in a sad tone, “My older brother has already informed me.

I didnt expect that the powerful and prosperous Planet Vegeta would be destroyed by a meteorite!”

“Destroyed by a meteorite” Xiaya sneered and asked without any change in expression, “You just said that you also have an older brother, right”

“Yes, my brothers name is Vegeta,” Tarble said honestly.

He didnt seem to know what it meant to be on guard against someone; perhaps, as they were all Saiyans, he didnt see a need to be even a little bit on guard against them.

“What Vegeta is your brother”

Xiling and Myers, both of whom were right beside Xiaya, suddenly shouted.

Myers eyes turned a few times, and then she moved closed to Tarble and inspected him.

She totally couldnt tell that he was Vegetas younger brother.

“You… Why are you looking at me like this” Tarble stepped back and asked.

“So, you are the youngest son of King Vegeta…” Xiayas expression changed.

He seemed to have deduced Tarbles identity.

‘Tarble, the younger brother who was not very good at fighting; King Vegeta sent him to a remote planet when he was young… Is this him

Tarble said, “Yes, I was sent away by my father shortly after I was born because I couldnt adapt to a Saiyans fighting style.

My brother comes to see me once every few years.”

“Indeed, it is very rare that someone among Low-level Warriors would possess a Battle Power like yours.

King Vegeta was also ashamed of it!” An ordinary Low-level Warrior could possess almost 1000 Battle Power at adulthood.

With 720 Battle Power, Tarble had only a slightly higher talent than Kakarrot.

As the son of King Vegeta, this was a humiliation!

Tarble was ashamed, his face blushing with embarrassment.

He couldnt refute, so he could only lower his head.

As a Saiyan, his fighting talent was very bad.

Next, Xiaya discussed with Tarble about some other things.

Xiaya learned that they were currently on a planet called “Planet Degsa”, and that it was one of the three life planets in North Areas Dalier Galaxy.

Tarble had lived here for sixteen years, and Vegeta usually comes over to visit him once in two to three years.

“Right, my brother will come over in a few days.

If he sees you and your companions, he will definitely be very happy.” Tarble suddenly informed them about Vegetas news.

Xiaya shook his head.

He felt that Tarble was too young.

How would Vegeta be happy to see them Maybe, he would receive a big shock on seeing them.

“Xiaya, lets stay and have a look at him.

Im very interested in this Vegeta,” At this time, Myers jumped out and said with great enthusiasm.

Myers was very interested in the Saiyan Prince, whose talent was once higher than hers.

I feel that you just want to fight him! Xiaya, who had a thorough understanding of Myers thoughts, shook his head helplessly; however, Xiaya was also interested in the Vegeta of the original work, so he nodded in agreement.

“OK, it may not be a bad idea to meet Vegeta.

Lets see if this prince is as arrogant as in the legends.”

Next, Xiaya subtly controlled the Energy wave in his hand and swept clean an open space at the foot of a mountain not far away, and then, he threw a Hoi-Poi Capsule.


A luxurious villa appeared in the open space.

On the side, Tarble watched all this with a dumbfounded expression.

Although Planet Degsas technology was very amazing, Tarble had never witnessed such a magical technology.

A few days later, the sky was clear, and white clouds were floating about.

The bright and beautiful rays of sunshine were cascading down, but the foot of the mountains was still slightly cold.

“Um” Xiaya, who was sunbathing, suddenly turned his gaze to the sky.

“What happened” Upon seeing this, Xiling also looked at the sky.

“Vegeta has arrived.

Well, his Ki is very strong, and he has already exceeded 10,000 Battle Power,” Xiaya smiled and said.

At this time, Vegeta was at the same age as Myers; both were twenty years old, and their Battle Power was also not weak.

At this time, in the distant sky, Xiaya saw a small light dot that was streaking through the sky, dragging along a long wake.

This light dot was actually outside the atmosphere of the planet.

After a while, a spaceship descended.

It was not the spherical spaceship used during Planet Vegetas period.

“Oh ho, he changed the spacecraft.”

It seemed that Vegeta also knew how to guard against others.

Thats why, when he comes over to see Tarble, he doesnt use the spherical spacecraft that he usually uses for missions.

“Snore!” The spaceship landed.

The cabin door opened, and the pointed hair Vegeta alighted from the spaceship.

Raising his head, Vegeta spotted Xiaya and the others next to Tarble, and his expression couldnt help but change.

He asked in a voice full of indifference: “Who are you, and why are you on this planet”

“Oh, you are Prince Vegeta Your Battle Power is only 10,000.

It is nothing remarkable,” Myers curled her lips and said.

As expected, knowing people by repute was not as good as meeting them face-to-face.

Myers held Vegetas current minuscule Battle Power in contempt.

She mused,Sure enough, I am the awesome one!

However, Vegeta wasnt convinced.

After hearing someone who dared to spout nonsense in front of him, Vegetas face turned gloomy, and his whole body emitted a cold aura that could make people tremble.

Suddenly, Vegeta spotted the tail behind Myers, and his countenance changed; he exclaimed, “You are also a Saiyan!”

Myers nodded proudly and replied, “Of course, but I am much more powerful than you.”

“I didnt expect that there were other Saiyans in the universe besides me, Nappa and a few others.

Although you are a rare female Saiyan, you still have to pay for what you just said.” Vegetas face was cold, his eyes revealing an eerie cold glint.

Vegeta stepped forward, swayed his neck, stuck his tongue out and licked his lips; suddenly, an afterimage flashed as Vegeta attacked Myers.

“Whoa, you want to resort to force against me” Myers yelled, her pair of dark eyes looking around, and suddenly, a soft and fair fist stretched out.


The fist landed square on Vegetas face.

A huge force was transmitted from the centre of the fist, causing Vegeta to feel an unbearable pain coming from it.

His body flew out uncontrollably and crashed on the ground, creating a deep gully.

“What” Vegeta was startled.

Then, he suddenly felt a blur in front of his eyes, and an enlarged smiling face appeared in front of him again.


Vegeta was once again sent flying.

“She is too fast.

I cant even clearly see her attack.

What the hell is she” Vegeta had a grave expression.

There is such an expert among Saiyans! Vegeta didnt believe it at all.

With his current strength, Vegeta was already not much inferior to his father, King Vegeta, so how could he be defeated so easily

“I am completely powerless to retaliate.”

Vegetas face was gloomy.

The cold Ki from his entire body seemed to have condensed an extremely thin layer of frost Ki on his Battle Armor.

At this time, even if he was conceited about his talent, he had no choice but to admit that he couldnt see through these three people at all.


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