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God of Destruction’s Planet…

The surroundings were enveloped by bright-white thunderbolts, and a rhombus-shaped Planet, unchanging since time immemorial, stood towering like a giant at the center of the divine world, with more than a dozen stars orbiting along a fixed trajectory.

Underneath a towering ancient tree, the coiled and curved roots were deeply entrenched at the bottom of the planet, and each root was as wide as a hill.

At the moment, on a vast and lush grassland, three golden lights were flashing about, and Whis was lightly floating in mid-air.

Facing the attacks launched by three people, Whis calmly received the attacks one by one, and then threw out punches that were as light as a feather.

The fist wind caused fierce vibrations.

Suddenly, Xiaya and the others felt the pressure on their body sharply increase, and then they were sent flying backward uncontrollably.


The three of them fell to the ground, and their Super Saiyan state was canceled.

Whis leisurely walked over while holding a scepter, his violet eyes revealing a smiling expression as he said, “Very good, now you have basically grasped the importance of realm.

You know, a real high-level god must be able to fully restrain the aura inside one’s body.”

“The martial art of sensing aura on Earth is very exquisite, but it won’t be good if you end up being too dependent on it.

In Universe 7, the aura-sensing ability may be successful, but there are people more talented than you in the universe.

There are many magical races in the universe who are not born with an aura.”

“If you rely too much on sensing aura during a battle, then you will be at a disadvantage if you encountered such people.”

Xiaya nodded seriously and pondered over Whis’ words.

Indeed, all the high-level gods in the universe could restrain their aura, just like the God of Destruction.

If he was going to attack, others wouldn’t sense his aura, let alone fight him.

Divinity is restrained; this was a kind of realm.

After comprehending these realms, the energy and consciousness within the body could more perfectly combine.

Just like the state Gohan achieved when Gohan’s potential was unlocked by the old Supreme Kai, that mysterious state was a realm.

Although this was not the dimension of a god, he had just stepped into the realm of God.

Compared with God’s realm, a Super Saiyan’s transformation was like endlessly releasing energy.

Of course, the Super Saiyan mode also had its own benefits.

It could enable Saiyans, with a weak Battle Power, to obtain fifty times, or even one hundred times the strength of their Normal State via transformation.

However, this strength was temporary and didn’t really belong to the Saiyan.

A Super Saiyan’s eruption was brief.

Also, the berserk aura was like a searchlight in the middle of the night, openly broadcasting one’s position to the enemy.

However, Xiaya also understood that the best way to his improve strength at the present stage was through his Super Saiyan transformation.

If one only attained the realm with no fighting force, then although such a god would be mysterious, the god would ultimately only be able to make preparations for fleeing! If Xiaya could develop the Super Saiyan level to the limit and then integrate this strength into his own Normal State Battle Power, then that would be similar to Gohan’s mysterious state.

At that time, Xiaya would try to break through the legendary “God” realm and become a real, powerful God, and not only attain just the realm!

God of Destruction and Whis, precisely this kind of “God”!

“Master Whis, how many races in the universe do not have an aura” Xiling asked curiously.

Whis chuckled and said, “Not many, such people are very few in Universe 7, but it is not necessarily so in other universes.

You must know that each universe is developing in a different direction.

The evolution of martial arts is also exceedingly strange.

Just like Frost Demons, they increase their strength by covering themselves in ice during childhood, and you Saiyan’s Great Ape transformation at the initial-level stage.

They are all different methods for various races.”

“In other universes, some races are born without any aura; therefore, you might encounter them in the future.

You must not recklessly use aura-sensing directly.

Of course, except for very few gods of Universe 7, all have auras.”

Whis warned Xiaya, and then he ran away to prepare a meal.

After a while, a wisp of gray smoke rose, and Whis prepared materials and began to learn how to make exquisite dishes.

Ever since tasting the wonderful food of Planet Hongshan, Whis also began to learn how to cook after returning from Planet Hongshan.

He brought utensils and ingredients from Planet Hongshan.

Moreover, as an angel, Whis practically had almost unlimited time on his hands, so when he was free, he could cook delicious meals on God of Destruction’s Planet.

As soon as the fragrance of the meal scattered with the wind, he sprinkled seasonings, and a simple dish was completed.

Whis looked at his masterpiece with pride and began to eat.

“Ohh, fortunately, Beerus-sama is still asleep, otherwise, this meal would definitely be snatched away by him.”

Xiaya, Xiling, and Myers lightly laughed.

They had already seen this type of scene many times and weren’t surprised anymore.

After he finished his meal, Whis burped and elegantly said, “Xiaya, let’s stop your training here.

The road of martial arts is sometimes fast and sometimes leisurely.

If you blindly seek breakthroughs, you could face karmic hindrance.

It is also important to relax at the right time.”

After Xiaya listened, he thought deeply and nodded, agreeing with Whis’ point of view.

After all, one’s strength grew like the body.

If one wasn’t careful, excessive training not only wouldn’t be beneficial, but it would also cause the body to collapse under the pressure.

Xiaya also felt that he would need to relax at times.

Moreover, he, Xiling, and Myers were now powerful enough to destroy heaven and earth.

Although Xiaya’s desire towards the pursuit of strength was still strong, he didn’t have the same feeling of urgency like when he had first entered the Dragon Ball World.

‘The Great Tao is intangible, so I don’t have to be too rigid.

Next, I should make progress step by step and gradually comprehend my current strength,’ Xiaya pondered.

Seeing that Xiaya had listened to his words, Whis nodded with satisfaction and couldn’t help but reminisce of the time when he trained Beerus back in ancient times.

At that time, if Beerus-sama had listened to him, he wouldn’t have taken 10,000 years to become a God of Destruction.

Suddenly, Whis laughed and said, “But the duties of a God of Destruction is to be in charge of destruction.

If one was a good-natured person, how would said person have the heart to destroy planets

It could only be said that each person had their own responsibilities and differing personality.

The duties of the various Gods of Destruction were almost always cruel, so candidate had to have a cold and ruthless character.

“Then we are leaving, Whis.” Xiaya waved his hand to say goodbye to Whis.

“I don’t need to send you away”

Xiaya pointed to his head and said, “My brain has the map of all the planets in Universe 7, so I naturally know how to leave the God of Destruction’s Planet.”

As he had come here once, Xiaya naturally knew how to leave.

Whis stared blankly for a while, and then he laughed and said, “I forgot that you are a space-time controller.

All right, you can leave by yourself.

When you want to come later, remember to contact me first.

Sometimes I may not be on God of Destruction’s Planet, and also, come when Beerus-sama is sleeping…”

Whis repeatedly warned him.

If the God of Destruction, Beerus, learned that Whis randomly brought people into his Planet, he would certainly be annoyed.

“OK!” Xiaya nodded lightly, wrapping his arms around Xiling’s and Myers’ slim waists.

With a bright flash, the three of them left the God of Destruction’s Planet.

Whis smiled as he looked at the place where the three of them had disappeared and nodded his head.

Then, he hummed a tune as he started the stove and practiced his culinary skills.


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