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After ending the call with Master Roshi, Goku and Bulma took the aircraft and arrived at West City.

At this time, West City was already in chaos induced by King Piccolo’s declaration.

Vehicles, like a long floating dragon, were crowded on the overpass.

Many cars had bumped into each other resulting in the emission of black smoke.

The drivers were quarreling, while a cacophony of sirens and honking of car horns mixed together.

In the face of a catastrophe, humanities negative emotions fully manifested.

In order to get back home faster, Bulma put the aircraft away and then sat on the Flying Nimbus behind Goku.

Bulma pointed ahead and said, “Goku, fly a little faster.”

“OK.” Goku nodded, and the Flying Nimbus streaked across the sky, leaving behind a blurry trail like a long ribbon.

Bulma’s home…

Bulma, sitting behind Goku, jumped down from the Flying Nimbus.

At this time, Dr.

Brief and Bulma’s mother were watering the flowers in the garden and feeding their pets as usual.

There was no sense of urgency before the approaching disaster.

“Mom, Dad, why aren’t you hiding in the underground bomb shelter King Piccolo will arrive soon,” After entering the garden and seeing her parents still looking so carefree, Bulma couldn’t help but shout, and then she went into the house to pack things up.


Brief was the richest man in the world.

At the bottom of his house, a bomb shelter capable of even resisting nuclear bombs was built.

However, because the shelter was built too deep beneath ground level, it was necessary to make preparations in advance when evacuating.

Otherwise, if they were still in the downward passage when disaster strikes, they will inevitably be affected.


Brief had a cigarette dangling from his mouth as he rubbed his glasses and put them on again.

“Oh, that King Piccolo hasn’t come yet… why so nervous”


Bulma was speechless for a while.

Her parents were extremely strong mentally.

While others were busy fleeing for their lives, they were very carefree.

At this time, Bulma’s mother came over, holding a plate in her hand.

She handed a beverage to Goku and said, “Little Goku, this is for you.”

Goku took the beverage and drank it.

On the side, Bulma angrily stamped her foot.

‘Do my parents not possess even a little bit of awareness for danger’ Bulma felt anxious for them.

“Oh, by the way, where is my sister Hasn’t she come back yet” After failing to find Tights while looking around, Bulma couldn’t help but ask.

Presently, the outside world was very chaotic, and it was very dangerous for Tights to be outside by herself.

“Tights will come back soon.”


Brief picked up a cup of coffee and sipped.

Not long after, there was a sound of hurried brakes coming from outside the garden.

Soon, a beautifully dressed Blonde woman came in.

After spotting Bulma, the beautiful woman’s eyes lit up.

She waved her arms and yelled at her, “Bulma, you’re back… Do you know that King Piccolo is coming to West City Such a good source material can certainly arouse sympathy… Art comes from life; this is definitely a theme that can make everyone sympathetic!”

Tights exhibited a novelist’s bad habit, speaking non-stop.

Since the last time she wrote a novel based on the real setting of the universe and sold it throughout the universe, Tights had profoundly realized the importance of the resonance between authors and their readers.

Theme, it depends on the theme!

Bulma stroked her forehead and speechlessly sighed as she mused, ‘I have no idea why everyone in my family is a weirdo… Their nerves are too strong.’

At this time, Tights spotted Goku and fixedly stared at the tail behind him, her eyes shining.

“What is it” Bulma asked.

Tights shook her head but did not speak.

She asked Bulma for assistance in carrying her luggage from the car to the house.

Tights usually lived alone in a rented house outside for literary creation.

However, now that the outside world was very chaotic, she temporarily returned to her home in West City.

“King Piccolo is approaching,” Goku suddenly put down the bottle of beverage in his hand and said.

Bulma wanted to ask Goku how he knew of King Piccolo’s arrival, but when she thought of the various capabilities of martial artists that seem like magic powers in the eyes of ordinary people, she didn’t ask.

Bulma worriedly asked instead, “Isn’t that King Piccolo very powerful…Will you be able to defeat him” Her underlying meaning was that if Goku couldn’t defeat King Piccolo, then it was better to hide early.

Goku shook his head, and confidently said, “If King Piccolo’s strength is really similar to what I have sensed, then I can defeat him.”

Goku looked very confident, and his determined eyes stared towards the sky.

Tights, who was moving her luggage, poked her head out of the house and heard the conversation between Goku and Bulma.

She knew some of the ins and outs of the galaxy and couldn’t help but ponder, ‘A Saiyan’s innate ability is definitely better than that King Piccolo or whatnot.

Since Goku is here, the danger shouldn’t be too great!’

Soon, King Piccolo’s Ki appeared above the sky of West City.

At this time, Goku grinned and said, “He has come.

This Ki is very strong, but I can sense some feeling of decline.”

“Bulma, you all should go hide underground.

I will go and meet King Piccolo.” After saying that, Goku summoned the Flying Nimbus and jumped on it; then, he flew towards King Piccolo’s position.

“Be careful!” Bulma shouted at Goku’s receding back.

Tights walked over and put her hand over Bulma’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, Little Goku is difficult to deal with.

Maybe, he will turn into a hero that saves the world.

Well, at that time, I will use him as the model for a novel.”

Tights’ profession was inexplicably linked to telling stories.

She was already thinking about new works for a novel.


At the center of West City.

King Piccolo was standing on the spacious deck of an aircraft, staring at the prosperous city below with a fierce visage.

“What a beautiful city.

This should be the most prosperous city on Earth!” As he thought of how the humans below would soon be reduced to piles ashes by his hands, King Piccolo couldn’t help but laugh coldly.

Next to King Piccolo were countless cameras, facing him and the city below.

King Piccolo intended for everyone in the world to know his strength and completely sink into the depths of despair.

At this time, King Piccolo’s expression slightly changed.

He could suddenly feel a powerful aura approaching.

The foreign Ki was strong and vigorous, unlike his decaying aura.

“This feeling… Is there still a strong martial artist on Earth” King Piccolo’s aged face couldn’t help but tremble.

The aura fluctuations approaching from the distance made him anxious and fearful.

Soon, Goku arrived in front of King Piccolo on the Flying Nimbus.

“You are King Piccolo You don’t look that powerful, yet you dared to kill so many humans.” Goku stared at King Piccolo with a solemn expression.

The evil and decaying aura emanating from Great Demon King Piccolo made him somewhat uncomfortable.

This feeling was not at all like the Ki of martial artists that he had encountered before.

It couldn’t arouse his bottommost desire to fight.

“Human martial artist” A low and hoarse voice could be heard as King Piccolo spoke.

He was also sizing up Goku; after which his mouth slightly curled into a smirk.

He inwardly felt that his previous worries were laughable.

‘Tsk tsk, a child who has not grown up yet!’

‘Although the aura emanating from his body is vigorous, he doesn’t know how to restrain it,’ King Piccolo mused.

At this time, the scene of both parties facing each other was transmitted to the rest of the world through the cameras nearby.

People all over the world realized that a young martial artist had appeared to resist King Piccolo.

“Who is this boy”

“I haven’t seen him, but that golden cloud is so powerful; it can hold people…”

“The boy is very familiar.

Ah, he is the runner-up of the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament.

He is a very powerful martial artist.”

Few people knew Goku’s identity, but there were still many people who had gone to watch the World Martial Arts Tournament live and therefore recognized him.

They were deeply impressed by this mystical youngster.

“At this time, this youngster has stepped forth to battle King Piccolo.

What would be the result”

As if the World Martial Arts Tournament was being held once again, countless people glued their eyes to their TV screens, and couldn’t help but be full of expectations.

Soon, the battle between King Piccolo and Goku commenced.

They fought in mid-air, with numerous dark-blue energy waves sweeping out in all directions like lasers.

In the midst of their battle, an overpass and a tall building collapsed and got destroyed.

The aftermath of their battle quickly spread to more than half of West City.

The once prosperous West City seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

Through the cameras, this shocking battle was transmitted to everyone.

The people who knew little about the martial arts, after seeing this fight, exhaled their breath and stared at the battle with deep solemnity, afraid that they would miss a wonderful scene.

“Amazing, is that really not special effects They can send rockets from their hands…”

“That’s not a rocket, it’s the Energy Wave of martial artists.”

“Goku is the disciple of Master Roshi, the god of martial arts.

That powerful move is called Energy Wave.”

“It is said that the martial artists who can use Energy Wave are one of the best!”

Everyone looked at the battle seriously, while occasionally discussing spiritedly.

Some viewers were knowledgeable.

They were aware that the move used by Goku was called Energy wave, and some people who had not come in contact with martial arts learned about it now.

“It turns out that we humans can become so powerful after learning martial arts!”


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