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At this time, Goku naturally wasn’t aware of King Piccolo’s response.

He was currently sitting on a luxury jet heading towards West City.

“Bulma, why did you put my dragon balls in the box” Goku, who was sitting in the passenger seat, thought it strange that Bulma had carefully placed the four dragon balls into a box.

Bulma squinted her eyes and pointed at a box beside her leg which looked like a small freezer, and said, with laughter, “This is my latest invention, the Storage Box, and it can isolate all signals.

Isn’t that Great Demon King named Piccolo trying to rob your Dragon balls Now he won’t be able to find you at all!”

After saying that, Bulma had a smug look on her face.

Seeing Goku’s dumbfounded look, before revealing an expression of sudden realization, she smiled and said, “Let us get to my home in West City first, and then I will bring you out to play.

Don’t worry about some King Piccolo… he definitely can’t find us.”

“Oh!” Goku nodded and felt a little hungry.

He took a hamburger from a backpack portable lunch box and ate it.

“Bulma, do you want one” Goku asked and handed over another burger.

“I am flying the plane right now, so I can’t eat,” Bulma shook her head and refused.

Listening to her, Goku thought for a moment and sent the burger directly to Bulma’s mouth.

Bulma was also hungry.

While staring at the hamburger close to her mouth, Bulma’s big violet-blue eyes blinked, and not caring about anything else, she gently opened her mouth and took a bite, as she mused, ‘In the future, I must invent a machine that can automatically feed me, so that I can eat while flying a plane.

Of course, it is more reasonable to invent an auto-pilot system, but it won’t be fun if I’m not personally flying the plane.’

Glancing at Goku who had taken out a chicken leg and continuously nibbled it, she couldn’t help but smile.

The plane pierced through the clouds and headed for West City.


Earth, Lookout.

Old Kami and Mr.

Popo were standing at the edge of Lookout.

Old Kami leaned on a cane, staring down at the mortal world with a worried frown.

The re-emergence of King Piccolo made him very uneasy.

He felt that he owed Earth.


Popo looked at Old Kami with concern and said, “If King Piccolo really summons Shenron to regain his youth, he will surely become even more powerful, and it will not be easy to defeat him!”

Old Kami shook his head regretfully and said, “Because of Piccolo’s special identity, we can’t directly take action.

We can only hope that the experts of the human world will be able to defeat him!”

“Fortunately, there are several powerful martial artists in the mortal world, so Earth still has hope.”


Popo nodded.

He turned around and glanced at Old Kami, and then his gaze passed through the clouds as he stared at the mortal world.

The Kami cannot interfere with the affairs of Earth unless absolutely necessary.

This rigid rule aimed to inspire individuals on Earth to grow after experiencing disasters.

That’s why King Piccolo was allowed to grow before, and the Kami didn’t directly stop him.

Now, on one hand, King Piccolo’s strength almost touched the limits of Kami’s skills, while on the other hand, King Piccolo split from a god, so the old Kami couldn’t directly kill King Piccolo.


Popo was sent from Other World as an attendant to assist Kami, so naturally, he couldn’t do something that would endanger the old Kami’s life.

This created a contradiction which in turn made the old Kami long for the emergence of a strong expert in the mortal world that could defeat King Piccolo!

Although this may lead to his change of position, the old Kami had long prepared to sacrifice his own life.

Besides, his lifespan was coming to an end, and this was also why he was so eager to find a successor!

“Oh, by the way, pay special attention to that Saiyan called Goku, and Launch also.

We may need their strength in defeating King Piccolo.”

“Umm.” Mr.

Popo had a few words to say, but his attitude was very clear.

“That Chi-Chi, Krillin, and Yamcha are also pretty good martial artists.

Moreover, they are headed towards Korin Tower’s direction.

Let Korin pay attention to them, and train them as much as possible,” Old Kami said while watching the mortal world.

In fact, in his heart, Tien Shinhan was also worth training, but he had no idea where Tien Shinhan was taken to by Xiaya.

A few days later, the Sacred Land of Korin…

Krillin and Yamcha stood at the bottom of the Korin Tower and stared at the ivory-colored Korin Tower soaring in the sky like a giant pillar supporting the heavens, causing both of them to gape in surprise.

“Yamcha, we can’t even see the end of the Korin Tower!”

“Yeah!” Yamcha swallowed his saliva as an intense fighting spirit manifested in his heart.

At this time, the guardians of Sacred Land, Bora and his son, Upa, walked over and saw a stranger in a martial arts uniform, and asked: “Did you two martial artists have come to challenge Korin Tower”

“Yes, we are here to challenge the Korin Tower, but I did not think that Korin Tower will be so grand; it is really superb craftsmanship,” Krillin nodded and said.

“Hehe, this is God’s masterpiece.

It is said that the mighty Immortal Korin lives on Korin Tower.

As long as a martial artist can ascend the Korin Tower, he/she can get pointers from Immortal Korin.” Brah slowly told them about the legend.

The pair of eyes looking towards the peak of Korin Tower were filled with awe.

Suddenly, Upa pointed at Krillin and Yamcha’s orange-red martial arts uniform, and said in surprise, “Hey, you two are wearing the same clothes as brother Goku… Are you from the same school as brother Goku ”

“Umh, yes, we and Goku are disciples of the Turtle School.

It turns out you know Goku!” Krillin was somewhat surprised.

“We heard that Goku has climbed Korin Tower before, so we have come over to challenge it.”

Listening to them, Bra and Upa’s attitude became warmer.

‘Since they are Goku’s fellow disciples, then they are also our friends!’ Three years ago, if Goku and Bulma hadn’t defeated the world’s number one assassin, Mercenary Tao, when they were passing by Korin Tower, then the father and son duo might have already died in his hands.

Bora and Upa warmly welcomed Krillin and Yamcha and told them about the matter of Goku defeating Mercenary Tao.

Krillin and Yamcha were naturally shocked.

They looked at each other and could not help but be inwardly surprised and mused, ‘Goku defeated the world’s number one assassin, Mercenary Tao; moreover, it was three years ago.’ Unexpectedly, Goku didn’t mention it to them.

However, when Krillin and Yamcha thought of Goku’s modest personality, they felt relieved.”

Mercenary Tao, the number one assassin, was one of the few experts on Earth, yet he was unexpectedly defeated by Goku three years ago.

Krillin and Yamcha realized that the gap between Goku and them was enormous.

But very quickly, their eyes emitted a strong fighting intent, and as they stared upwards Korin Tower, their hearts were full of expectations.

“Goku could defeat Mercenary Tao three years ago.

If we can pass the training of Korin Tower, we will surely surmount the gap between us.” The two men looked determined.

After saying goodbye to Bora and Upa, they bent over, stamped their feet and shot upwards like a bullet, instantly disappearing into the dense clouds.

Upa raised his head and placed his palm in front of his forehead to shield his eyes from the sun.

As Upa stared at the dark blue sky, he said, “They are worthy of being the fellow disciples of brother Goku; they are similarly very powerful.”

Just when Krillin and Yamcha were ascending the Korin Tower.

Earth’s capital, Central City.

Amid White clouds floating in the sky, a large half-open spaceship gradually approached the palace where the king lived.

A huge shadow was cast on the palace, gradually creating an immense feeling of oppression.

King Piccolo indifferently looked below, scaled the guard rail and plummeted from the spaceship.

“Who are you This is his Majesty’s property, please leave immediately!” Seeing the unfamiliar King Piccolo, the guard stepped forward and impolitely berated.

King Piccolo’s face was cold as he glanced disdainfully at the guard; his indifferent expression was like one looking at an inferior lifeform that was about to perish.

After a brief moment of heavy silence, just when everyone thought that the intruder would retreat, words that made everyone shudder was heard, spoken by King Piccolo with a hoarse voice.

“Cymbal, kill all these people.

Anyone who disobeys me, King Piccolo, has no value.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The demon race’s Cymbal, having a massive physique like a dinosaur, responded loudly and then stepped forward, sneering at the ants in front of him.

The pterosaur-mouth demon hadn’t moved from the start, standing beside King Piccolo and similarly laughing coldly.

Seeing that the situation was not right, all the guards surrounded them, while the Captain of the guards took out a walkie-talkie to report the situation.

“Everyone pay attention, an unknown person is forcing his way in!”

“Everyone pay attention, an unknown person is forcing his way in!”

The captain of the guards didn’t even say a few words when Cymbal licked his lips, and with a flash, he rushed towards the Captain of the guards, opened his huge paw and bit down.

The surrounding guards were shocked, and they hurriedly took out guns and indiscriminately sprayed bullets at Cymbal.

Clank! Clank!

However, when the bullets struck Cymbal, it sounded like the bullets were striking metal, and all the bullets unexpectedly ricochet off his body.

“Ah! Monster!”

“Don’t panic everyone, concentrate firepower… one, two, three!”

The several hundred guards of the guardian palace quickly encircled the King Piccolo, forming a battle formation, and opened fire.

However, the strength of the intruders was immense, so ordinary hot weapons were basically useless.


Armored vehicles were orderly lined up in a row, besieging the thick iron wall.


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