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As he listened to Whis, Xiaya understood.

Because of the fully developed systems⁠—Zeno, God of Destruction, and Supreme Kai system⁠—the universe itself was stable in the whole multiverse.

Any internal crisis couldn’t escape a Supreme Kai’s control.

Even if one stumbled upon Majin Buu⁠—or people alike⁠—whom even Supreme Kais are inferior to, the Gods of Destruction were capable of dealing with them easily; however, even if the Gods of Destruction were not capable of dealing with their adversaries, one shouldn’t forget that there was still a higher-level administrator of the multiverse, Zeno.

Any crisis within the multiverse could be snuffed out by Zeno, even erasing a world was nothing at all.

However, it would not work on incomplete fragmented worlds.

The various fragmented worlds were very different in size; some were as big as a galaxy, while some were as small as dust.

The worlds inside evolved similarly or completely different to the multiverse.

Since the strength system was not perfect, it was susceptible to an internal collapse, or even affect the external multiverse.

An example was the demon that the Supreme Kai of Time mentioned, one sealed at the end of time and space.

The Demon Realm’s two space-time controllers continued to open up new fragmented worlds to enhance their power, eventually leading to a major disaster.

So at time level, some powerful Time Enforcers similar to the Gods of Destruction or the Great Priest were needed.

“How many Time Enforcers are there now”

There were already twelve Gods of Destruction in a multiverse, and if multiverses in different time and space were included, then the number of Gods of Destruction would be even more numerous.

Xiaya was curious to know how many Time Enforcers there were currently.

Whis shook his head⁠—indicating that he didn’t know⁠—and said, “A Time Enforcer has a higher level of control over the time domain.

These things are not something I can know.

After all, I am just an angel of Universe 7.”

“In any case, you will be the first Time Enforcer of our Universe 7 in the future.”

Next, instead of entangling with these issues, Whis informed Xiaya about all the Gods of Destruction, Supreme Kais, and Angels of the twelve universes.

Xiaya listened seriously.

Maybe, the information would come in handy for him someday!



The World Martial Arts Tournament, which took place three years ago, had again begun one again.

Compared to its predecessor, the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament made a huge breakthrough both in terms of the number of people and its scale.

Perhaps it was because of Goku and Tien Shinhan’s excellent performance in the previous tournament that the popularity of the World Martial Arts Tournament had risen a lot, and many hidden schools had sent their outstanding disciples to participant; even some of the older generation, like King Chappa and other warrior monks, participated in the competition.

However, in the preliminaries, they, unfortunately, encountered Goku, Krillin, and others of similar caliber.

They weren’t even able to enter the quarterfinals.

The only regretful thing was that this present tournament was lacking the previous champion, Tien Shinhan, and his junior fellow disciple, Chiaotzu.

Just when everyone thought that Goku would win the championship, a girl named Launch joined the tournament, and after going through several battles, she became the champion of the World Martial Arts Tournament.

A big dark horse had really appeared unexpectedly.

After the tournament ended, Goku and some other contestants celebrated in a restaurant.

The disciples of the Turtle School hadn’t seen each other for years, so they all joked and laughed.

“Launch, you are still so powerful, but next time, I will definitely surpass you,” Goku said, brimming with fighting spirit.

Blonde Launch waved her hand and burst into laughter, listlessly saying, “I don’t know if I’ll have the chance to participate in the next martial arts tournament!”

This time, she took advantage of the absence of  Xiaya and others to show off her power, which may be her only chance to be mighty; this was because she knew that once a Saiyan like Goku becomes an adult, she would not be able to defeat him.

“Ugh, Saiyans! Can’t you let me show off for a while” Launch grumbled under her breath.

“Unfortunately, Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu did not participate in the competition this time.

I really wanted to fight them!” Goku’s mouth was stuffed full of food, making his words indistinct.

Bulma knocked on his head and reprimanded, “Speak after you have swallowed the food down.”

Goku choked because of Bulma’s knock.

He quickly picked up the water bottle next to him and took a big gulp of water.

“Bulma, be careful next time.”


Blonde Launch picked up a dish and ate, before saying, “Tien Shinhan is training in a very powerful place, so it’s possible that he is already more powerful than me.”

“Really” Goku’s eyes lit up.

As long as it was related to training, Goku took it very seriously.

He pressed Launch to tell him where Tien Shinhan was training.

However, Launch had promised Xiaya that she would not reveal it, so she said nothing.

On the side, Bulma stared at both of them with amusement, and then she turned to Chi-Chi and asked, ” Now that the martial arts tournament has ended, where do you plan to go Do you want to come to my house to play”

Chi-Chi shook her head and declined Bulma’s good intentions.

“No, I will go back to Kame House with Hasky in a while, and then go home.

I haven’t been back for a long time…”

Chi-Chi had been away from home for many years ever since she became Master Roshi’s disciple.

This time, she also planned on going out alone to train just like her senior apprentice brother, Goku.

Bulma nodded her head and did not insist.

Then, she stared at Goku with shiny eyes and said, “Goku, you have to go back with me.

My dad has been continuously talking about you these past two days, and if he learns that you have grown so tall, he will definitely be shocked.”

Bulma said while gesturing.

Right now, Goku was already as tall as her chin, and she had only grown a little in the past few years.

“Okay! But you have to be prepared to entertain me with delicious food.”

“No problem! Whatever you want to eat, I can get people to prepare it for you.”

Bulma laughed like a peach blossom.

At this time, Hasky asked Krillin and Yamcha,  “Then, are you two also not going back to Kame House”

Krillin scratched his bald head and said, “Master Roshi said that reading thousands of books is not as useful as traveling thousands of miles.

He suggested that we go out to gain experience and incorporate the strong points of different schools.”

“I’m also going out to train,” Yamcha said with a determined look.

In the past few years, Yamcha similarly hadn’t slackened in his training.

He also faintly started liking the feeling of continuously growing in strength.

Master Roshi adjusted his sunglasses and said, “To tell you the truth, your current strength has already exceeded mine.

You can only comprehend more powerful martial arts when you go out to look around and gain experience.

Right, Goku, you haven’t been to Korin Tower before, right You can also go there to train.”

Krillin and Yamcha stored the name Korin Tower in their mind, while Chi-Chi also silently memorized it.


At this time, a violent force appeared, and the entrance of the restaurant was blasted open;  after which, a green monster with scales growing over its whole body swaggered in.

The fleshy wings on its back flapped, and a strong airflow blew in, destroying the entire restaurant.

The people in the restaurant were frightened by this sudden misfortune; following the sounds of screams and rushing footsteps, they ran around in a panic, intent on fleeing the place.

“According to His Majesty’s instructions, there are four dragon balls gathered here.”

The green monster, Tambourine, ignored the fleeing people; instead, he stared at the remaining people.

He had a list of the contestants of the martial arts tournament in his hand.

Suddenly, his gaze fell on Goku and the others.

Checking with the photos on the name list, Tambourine knew that he had found his target.

“A source informed His Majesty that there was a person called Goku in possession of four dragon balls.

If I can get these dragon balls, it would be a great achievement.”

Tambourine arrogantly yelled, “Goku, obediently hand over the dragon balls in your possession.”

“Who are you” Goku frowned; he was in a bad mood.

He was previously enjoying his meal, but he was unexpectedly disturbed by someone.

Moreover, the guy was disrespectfully barking his name, not at all polite.

How could Goku be in a good mood

“Hmph, I am King Piccolo’s son, Tambourine.

Obediently hand over the dragon balls,” Tambourine commanded, haughtily.

Goku was even more displeased.

He and Bulma had found these dragon balls, and there was also a four-star ball left behind by his grandpa amongst them.

It was so outrageous to Goku that this person would come over to demand for them, causing him to also hate the Great Demon King Piccolo who he had not even met.

“I’m not giving!” He didn’t even think twice before flatly refusing.


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