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Swish! Swish! 

Two golden rays streaked across the air, moving forward in a straight line.

The fierce winds on the god planet whistled, raising up great waves.

Xiling and Myers nimbly moved around, continuously forming bewildering afterimages.

For a moment, the afterimages overlapped, and fist shadows and palm shadows covered everywhere.

Seeing this, Whis yawned and casually struck the void.


Myers was sent flying, and with another punch, Xiling was also sent flying backward.

“Your movements are too showy… This is not a good habit! It is likely to create opportunities for your enemies to attack.

Remember, the more movements you make, the more flaws you will create.”

“Stay calm and maintain the initial realm.”

“Wrong, the strength of your punch is not correct.

You basically can’t control it.

It’s fine if it is a normal opponent, but when dealing with an expert, it won’t do.

A tiny lapse can lead to a huge mistake… This flaw must be rectified!”

Whis casually said, but Xiling and Myers kept it in mind.

Gradually, his words turned into lessons for their actions, and under Whis’ guidance, their strength continuously improved.

Creating God Star, on the 210th floor…


Several pale-gold lights flashed on the surface of his skin, and Xiaya retracted his energy.

A violent whirlwind immediately appeared on the 210th floor of the Creating God Star, and at the peak of the Divine Platform, an enormous black hole flashed a few times then disappeared.

Putting on a new coat, Xiaya took out some food from the Dimensional Space and ate it.

‘The 210th floor is already my limit.

Maybe, when I break through to Super Saiyan 3, I will be able to rush to the 300th floor in one go with supreme strength!’ After finishing his meal, Xiaya slightly narrowed his eyes as he mused.

When the body and the spirit reaches a certain degree of unity and complement each other, it would be conducive to the advancement of one’s life level.

How many years had the various Kais and Supreme Kais lived for Their level of dimension was very high, but their strength was not necessarily greater than that of ordinary Super Saiyans; this was because they only enhanced their soul and physical strength.

Of course, it won’t do anyone good to seek a breakthrough in physical strength alone.

The Super Saiyan 3 mode was powerful enough, but it still represented mortality, with a lifespan not as long as that of gods.

The Frost Demons, a race regarded as a long-lived race in the universe, had a lifespan of thousands of years.

Mortals could be arrogant in front of gods, but the gods could still do as they intended.

Due to Xiaya being entrusted by Supreme Kai of Time, he had become a candidate for the status of a Time Enforcer, and hen gained the opportunity to enter the Creating God Star, which was a treatment that even Goku didn’t have in the original work.

After he finished eating, Xiaya took a short break on the 210th floor as he looked at the surroundings which covered by a range of mountains and forests, and then, he turned and walked down.

His speed of descent was very fast, and because the pressure was decreasing slowly, Xiaya’s speed was getting faster as he descended.

Several afterimages flashed, and he had already arrived at the exit of the Creating God Star.

He then leisurely floated down below the rhombus-shaped divine star.

The enormous divine tree was towering high into the sky, like a brave and strong warrior, guarding the entire God of Destruction’s Planet.

On the Divine Planet, Xiling and Myers were getting guidance from Whis.

Whis’s slender figure was fleeting around like a feather, causing all of Xiling and Myers’ attacks to fail.

Suddenly, a golden electric ray flashed past, as dozens of images superimposed.

Whis was slightly surprised, showing a faint smile, and the hand behind his back easily countered every move.

Suddenly, a golden figure landed on the ground.


Two ten-meter long fissures were drawn on the fragile grass.

“Xiaya, you are back!” Seeing the golden person, Xiling shouted in surprise.


Xiaya softly smiled and nodded.

Whis calmly walked over and said to Xiaya, “Not bad, the level of your current dimension is already a little higher than Underworld’s King of Hell, but there is still a big gap when compared to the Kais.”

Xiaya softly smiled and said, “I am already very satisfied with my current level; It is too difficult to improve further.

If I spend time above, it may take hundreds of years.”

“So you’re going to increase your physical strength first, and then use it to break through the life level dimension” Whis nodded and inquired.

“Why not We, Saiyans, are still very confident in this regard.”

The corners of Xiaya’s mouth curled into a smile.

When he pushes his physical strength to a very high-level, and with the help of the magical Creating God Star, he will inevitably be able to reach a higher dimension faster.

After all, the Creating God Star was used to nurture the God of Destruction, and each floor was very important for the improvement of strength.

Xiaya was only taking advantage of a Super Saiyan’s innate characteristics.

Whis smiled and said, “That is a clever way.

When Beerus-sama was preparing to reach the ‘God of Destruction’ stage, he didn’t do it like this.

In the end, it took him 10,000 years to reach the God of Destruction level.

Ah, you can’t let Beerus-sama hear this; otherwise, there would be trouble…”

After a pause, he continued, “Beerus-sama’s race cannot be considered to be exceptional, but two Gods of Destruction has appeared among it, Beerus-sama and Champa-sama.

I feel that Saiyans will rise to prominence in the future because of you three!”

Xiaya felt very good after listening to Whis, but he knew that even if he wasn’t here, experts like Goku and Vegeta would still appear among Saiyans.

However, by that time, there would have been no such thing as a Saiyan Race.

“By the way, what kind of existence is the Supreme Kai of Time” After thinking of something, Xiaya asked.

His current understanding of an existence like the Supreme Kai of Time was still vague and unclear.

Whis muttered to himself and explained, “Since you are already a trainee Time Enforcer, I can tell you some secrets.”

“I’d like to hear the details,” Xiaya said seriously.

Whis nodded and said, “Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time, exists in a completely different system from the multiverse we live in.”

“I don’t know if my sister, Vados, has informed you that there are currently twelve universes in our multiverse.

These universes coexist in the multiverse space.

Every universe has its own God of Destruction and Supreme Kai, whose duties are to maintain the universe’ inner workings.

Of course, there are more than one Supreme Kai in some universes.

Above the Gods of Destruction and Supreme Kais, there is also the mighty Sir Zeno and the Great Priest…”

Whis explained tirelessly

Xiaya knew a little about the secrets which Whis shared with him, but since it was coming from Whis, it held more weight.

However, Xiling and Myers didn’t know these secrets, so their small lovely mouths were open as they listened with widened eyes.

“And we angels are sent to supervise and teach the various Gods of Destruction, and because the Gods of Destruction are too powerful, we also have the job of moderating them.”

“The aforementioned systems are all at Space level.”

“If there is space, then it is inevitable that there is time.

The Supreme Kai of Time, Chronoa, is the Supreme Kai of time level.

Although she is not very strong, she has the authority to monitor and record all time and space.

Those fragmented worlds are the focus of the Supreme Kai of Time.”


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