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Xiaya smiled; he was in a good mood as he muttered, “This Creating God Star is really worthy of being a training ground previously used by the God of Destruction.

Also, there is some kind of magical power in the surroundings.

If someone trains here, they will be capable of maximizing their upper limits as much as possible! Maybe, this is key to becoming a god!”

All gods—whether it was the lowest level planet’s Kami, or King of Hell, Kai, and Grand Kai—were entrusted with the duty of operating the rules of the universe. ‘This Creating God Star seems to be specially used for grooming gods.’

With a little leap in life level, Xiaya gradually realized the magical aspect of the Creating God Star.

It not only had a unique climate and gravity on each floor but also an extremely mysterious and abstruse power to boost one’s potential; compared to the former, the latter was obviously more valuable.

It could optimize and improve the efficiency of energy utilization without anyone noticing.

Even Xiling and Myers, whose potential had been exhausted, had recovered under its effect.

Time was like water, gradually passing, and in the blink of an eye, more than four months had passed.

The Creating God Star’s first several hundred floors had quite a low Dimension and were quite easy to pass through.

On the 64th floor…

A small blade of grass was dangling from Myers’ mouth, and her legs and feet were fully spread out as she lay on a grassland, assuming a large character’s shape; she couldn’t help but be in a daze as she stared at the 65th floor in the sky.

At this time, Xiling came up from the 63rd floor.

When she saw Myers, Xiling asked, “Have you been here all along for the past few months”

“It’s boring to go up by myself, and I can’t catch up with Xiaya; so, I am here waiting for you… ”

“Although I did not continue to make my way upwards in these few months, I have spent all my time training,” Myers continued.

Xiling glanced at her in doubt and asked, “Did you have a breakthrough”

“Of course! My potential is back,” Myers was immensely proud as she answered.

Immediately after saying that, Myers transformed into a Super Saiyan, her golden aura raging.

She was much more powerful than before!

“Ascended Super Saiyan realm!”

Xiling understood a lot by now.

As their life level rose, their potential, longevity, and strength would also improve.

“After I fully adapt to the 64th floor, I will continue to move upwards.

With our current strength, our limit should be around one hundred floors,” Xiling said.

“Alright, let’s work harder!” Myers said seriously.

In fact, to Xiling and Myers whose strength was slightly higher than an Ordinary Super Saiyan, the level of difficulty for the first hundred floors of the Creating God Platform was nothing at all; however, they realized that the key to their training was not to just rush through the various floors but to use the Creating God Star’s power to optimize their own source.

After all, there wouldn’t be many opportunities to improve their life level like this.

If they didn’t have a special relationship with Xiaya, they would not even have this opportunity.

Xiling nodded hard and began to comprehend.

After more than ten days, they flew to the next floor, and after that, they blazed through the following floors, all the way to the 100th floor.

After entering the 100th floor, Xiling realized that it was different from the previous floors.

There was a clear divide between every 100th floor of the Creating God Star.

If the floors below the 100th floor were for gods on the level of Kami level, then the floors after the 100th floor were for gods on the level of the King of Hell.

The pressure at the 100th floor of the Creating God Platform was no longer a geometric multiple of Earth’s gravity; also, because gravity manifested in every inch and every foot, space here was completely different, and even the direction in which gravity was pointing to was different.

Hence, the way in which the gravitational waves were transmitted was completely chaotic.

For example, the gravity at their chest was 350 times Earth’s gravity, and the direction was upwards; however, when it reached the eye position, gravity suddenly increased to 420 times, and the direction became downward.

Also, every joint in their body was under different pressures.

Such strange distortions made it very difficult for people to adapt, and the circulatory system in their entire body also faced huge challenges.

“I am not feeling good!” Myers swallowed saliva as she said.

Her body was currently feeling as light as a feather, but in fact, every part of her body was subjected to hundreds of times of gravity.

“This is the training of willpower.

If the previous ninety-nine floors were the training grounds of planet-level gods, then the following floors were for the synchronization of the spirit and body as well as the refining to a higher-level spirit…”

Xiling was sitting cross-legged, her pretty face concentrating as she tried to adapt to the discomfort caused by the chaotic gravitational waves.

If they forcibly charge through, they would still be able to pass through several floors with their strength, but what meaning would it have They would only overlook the key points of their training.

The training in the Creating God Star’s floors after the 100th floor was what they needed, which couldn’t be experienced in the other parts of the universe.

At this stage, the surplus training was no longer effective, but in here, with the help of the magical aspect of the Creating God Star, they can optimize the source little by little and move towards a new level.

Time gradually passed.

After Xiling and Myers gradually adapted to the weird gravity of the first hundred floors, the cells in their bodies were optimized further.

Overall, the total amount of energy within them did not significantly improve, but there was a qualitative leap in quality.

They had the same energy, but the efficiency was completely different.

After that, a few more months passed, and Xiling and Myers continued to climb up until they finally stopped at the 140th floor.

This was already their current limit, and every time they climbed to a new floor, the time they spent on that floor increased by several times.

After a few tries, Xiling felt that the losses somehow outweighed the gains, so she planned to leave this opportunity for a later time in the future.

By now, they had been in the Creating God Star for about a year.

At this time, compared with before, both their disposition and strength had totally changed.

If their strength was only comparable to or even slightly greater than Cooler’s strength previously, then now, it was far better than Cooler’s strength or even better than Zangya’s strength.

After coming out of the Creating God Star, they saw Whis from far away, barbecuing meat on a charcoal fire.

Seeing Xiling and Myers coming over, Whis asked, “Are you done training”

A pair of violet eyes glanced at Xiling and Myers, and then Whis nodded slightly.

“Master Whis, I think our level can only be raised until here at the present stage.

Next, I want to ask you for guidance about martial arts training…” Xiling said seriously.

Whis nodded and said, “A person knows themselves the best… your mentality is very good.

Hey, there are some delicious barbecues here, so I will give you some tips after you finish eating.”

“OK!” Xiling nodded and looked at the piping hot delicacies.

Her stomach had long been rumbling with hunger, so she took the barbecue and dug into it.

After eating the barbecue, Whis waved his hand and the barbecue grills disappeared like a magic trick.

“Now, you attack me and let me see what progress you have made during this year,” Whis said with both hands behind his back as he floated thirty centimeters off the ground.


“Be careful.”

Xiling and Myers nodded one after another, and then, with a rumble, they transformed into Super Saiyans.

At this time, their Super Saiyan aura was converged inside, showing hints of Full Power Super Saiyan.

Of course, this was not Full Power Super Saiyan, but a more profound realm.


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