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Xiaya listened in silence; however, he couldn’t help but feel surprised in his heart as he mused, ‘Anyways, these levels mentioned by Whis are still too far for me to dwell on right now; I should focus on the present…’

At this time, the dark planet was getting closer and closer; It was like an enormous beast.

As it drew closer, a primitive and vast aura assaulted their faces.

The vast aura almost caused them to feel intoxicated.

Xiaya shook his head hard and made himself wake up as he inwardly thought,’This Creating God Star’s power is really different… just watching from nearby caused my spirit to become dizzy.’

Xiaya raised his guard even more.

He stared at the Creating God Star which was different from Universe 6’s Tempering Altar.

There was a huge pillar at the main axis, raising the whole Creating God Star into the sky, and with the huge pillar as the center, altars were evenly arranged in layers; also, from bottom to top, there were exactly 1,000 floors.

“There is the entrance to the Creating God Star!”

Whis pointed at the altars in the distance and said, his eyes revealing hints of reverence.

Getting a closer look revealed that on the side of every altar was engraved various kinds of distorted characters and bizarre patterns, like the language of ancient gods.

If one used their heart to sense it, he/she would be able to even read the three large gold-plated characters among them, which read “Creating God Star”.

Whis waved his scepter and brought along Xiaya, Xiling, and Myers to fly towards the Altar.

As they kept nearing it, a feeling of vastness was reflected in their souls.

“This is the first floor of the Creating God Star!”

Stepping onto the first floor of the Creating God Star, an attractive force which was higher than the gravity of Earth sucked in the surrounding matter, and the temperature and pressure also changed at the same time; however, all these forces had no effect on Xiaya’s group.

“Xiaya, this is the first step in your training.

Don’t underestimate the training of the first floor.

The environment here is not as stressful as you said, but each floor of the Creating God Star has a unique charm.

When you have comprehended the meaning inside, you can enter the second floor.

If you try to break through by force, even if you can pass through thousand floors, you will not be able to accumulate any status.”

Whis solemnly pointed out the training significance of the Creating God Star, advising Xiaya not to blindly rush through.

“Yes!” Xiaya agreed in a loud voice.

Then, he began to prudently train on the first floor, while Whis constantly gave pointers from the side.

Xiaya knew that this opportunity was very rare, so he trained seriously.

Xiling and Myers were also prudently training on the side; due to training more as Meiling, they had lost a lot of their potential, so they urgently needed to raise their dimension to make up for the loss.

Seeing that Xiaya, Xiling and Myers’ training was moving along, Whis smiled and said to Xiaya, “Properly grasp the power of the Creating God Star here!”

“Yes!” Xiaya responded cheerfully, and together with Xiling and Myers, he savored the spiritual stimulation brought about by the upgrade of dimension.

Seeing this, Whis laughed, before his body gradually disappeared from the Creating God Star.

Passing through the Creating God Star required one’s own efforts, so Whis couldn’t help.

Each floor of the Creating God Star was a huge continent, with rows of mountains, but there were no other living beings besides Xiaya, Xiling, and Myers here.

After all, ordinary living beings were not qualified to stay on the mighty God of Destruction’s Planet.


Seven days later, Xiaya understood the charm of the first floor, and his spiritual dimension level was immediately raised by a large extent.

His life level was no longer on the level of ordinary people.

A few days later, Xiling and Myers also raised theirs one after another.

Once one steps into the door of upgrading their dimensions, the next step will be relatively easier, like a ticket to the scenic spot; however, the scenery inside will be explored by them.

In fact, with Xiaya, Xiling and Myers’ strength, if they decided to not steadily upgrade their dimension, they would surely be capable of reaching more than a hundred floors at once.

After leaving the first floor of the Creating God Star, Xiaya, Xiling and Myers quickly rushed toward the upper levels, and because the difficulty level of the following several floors of the Creating God Star was not a problem for them, they easily passed through.

However, from the 30th floor, the level of difficulty increased abruptly.

Xiling, who had the lowest potential among them, began to get tired, and her speed of advancement began to decline; finally, at the 41st floor, even Myers began to slow down.

However, the Creating God Star had its own uniqueness, so under the influence of the magical power that existed in the midst of its darkness, the potential within Xiling and Myers’ body miraculously appeared once again.

Thus, If they decide to leave the Creating God Star and focus on training, their Super Saiyan level would definitely improve.

According to Xiaya’s estimates, Xiling and Myers’ dimension, at this time, was already equivalent to Earth’s Kami.

“You can continue to advance to the next floor… I plan to stay here for a while,” On the 53rd floor, Xiling said calmly to everyone.

Xiaya nodded and agreed, “OK… Then, you pay attention to your progress.”

Xiling waved her hand and watched as Xiaya and Myers entered the next floor; then, she set up camp on the 53rd floor, planning to work hard for a long time.

After separating from Xiling, Xiaya also sped up his advancement, rushing all the way to the sixty-fourth floor.

At this time, the sound of Myers dispirited sigh came from behind, “I’m dying… I can’t keep going!”

Looking back, Xiaya found that Myers looked pale and tired as she lay on her stomach.

If she rashly charged ahead, it would cause great harm to her spirit.

Xiaya glanced at her and knew that Myers had reached her current limit.

Xiaya took a step and quickly appeared by Myers’ side, and then, he carried her back to the 63rd floor.

When leaving, Xiaya said to Myers, “Myers, you stay here first and rest; when your spirit recovers, you can either go to the sixty-fourth floor, or you can go back and accompany Xiling.

If you progress step by step, you should be able to reach the 100th floor!”

Myers patted her chest with difficulty and said with arrogantly, “Of course; a hundred floors is no big deal.

I only need a little time…” As she spoke, Myers’ was getting less and less confident.

Xiaya shook his head, and after saying goodbye to Myers, he continued to charge upwards.

When he advanced to the 109th floor, Xiaya also felt pressure on his spirit.

The feeling of tiredness lingered in his mind, followed by his body also feeling exhausted.

He knew that the following floors would become increasingly difficult.

“The Creating God Star’s power is already affecting my spirit!” Xiaya’s mood didn’t turn sour; instead, he felt delighted about challenging his limits.

Every time he coped with the pressure and charged through a floor, he felt like his body was going through earth-shattering changes from every blood vessel to every cell, and even every molecule within his body.

Xiaya returned to the 108th floor and took a short break.

Suddenly, a loud “crackling” sound appeared at the bottom of his heart, and then, every cell within his body seemed to come alive in an instant.

Xiaya felt the vitality of his body gradually becoming extraordinary.

He knew that as his dimension improved, the ability to control time and space would also improve.

Unfortunately, Xiaya’s strength had not changed, and it was still at the level of Super Saiyan 2.


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