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“There are a lot of delicious meals like this here, so you can bring some back with you,” Xiaya smiled and said.

He knew that with this, Planet Hongshan could at least depend on Whis, this thick thigh.

Whis repeatedly nodded and was very excited about Xiayas suggestion.

Over the next few days, Xiaya accompanied Whis in tasting delicious meals, while watching the competition below, and soon, the curtain fell on the exciting and passionate Planet Hongshans Martial Arts Tournament, with the winners each going to the stage to receive their rewards.

When the top three contestants of the tournament, in front of Xiaya, drank the three bottles of mysterious spring water, they didnt know the actual magnitude of the rewards they had received; probably, only after a few years later would they come to know how lucky they were, drinking a portion of the Fountain of Youth.

Because he was accompanying Whis on looking around during the tournament, Xiaya only briefly watched the matches, but how high was Xiayas current level As soon as he gave the matches a cursory glance, he saw through everything, and he was very satisfied with the contestants performances.

“Hehe, Xiaya, if Im not wrong, those small bottles should contain the Fountain of Youth, right” After the tournament, Whis said with a smile.

Xiaya nodded and said honestly, “Yes, this is what I got from Universe 6s North Kai, and I still have a few portions left with me.”

“Oh, well, this Fountain of Youth is really attractive to ordinary people, but you will become a Time Enforcer in the future; these little things are insignificant to you.”


Whis, how can I become a real Time Enforcer” Xiaya asked Whis.

As one worthy of being called the number one expert in Universe 7, Whis was able to train a person like Beerus.

If there were any questions that needed answers, it would be better to ask him directly.

“What do you think is the biggest difference between a mortal and a god” Whis asked a question in reply.

Xiaya was slightly dumbfounded.

He didnt know how to answer.

If it was in his past life, then he would not hesitate to say that gods are omnipotent.

Of course, this referred to immortals in the myths.

But here, in the Dragon Ball World, the ability of a god was not proportional to Battle Power.

Citing an example, Kami is a god, Kai is a god, Supreme Kai is also a god, but their abilities are not the same; also, even in the aspect of Battle Power, they were inferior to ordinary humans.

So what was the difference between gods and mortals

“Its their status!” Whis already gave the answer.

“In this universe, a god has a status beyond mortals.

Of course, some gods call thisdimension.

The gods of different dimensions have a natural suppression on gods of lower dimensions even if the other side had a higher Battle Power; moreover, they also wouldnt be able to withstand the oppression coming from the spirit.”

Xiaya suddenly realized that there was a difference between the gods.

The low-dimension gods naturally feared the high-dimension gods.

This was why Kami-Piccolo had no courage to fight when encountering Supreme Kai.

This was the suppression of dimensions.

“So, when saying that I must become a Time Enforcer, it means that I have to promote my own dimension” Xiaya pondered and asked seriously.

A Time Enforcer was a Time sides god; their status was comparable to the God of Destruction and Supreme Kai of a universe, but the nature of their existence was the combination of a God of Destruction and an angel.

Whis tapped the ground with his scepter, smiled and said, “Thats right… That is the theory.

However, its not easy for a mortal to promote their dimension.

In the past, Beerus-sama took a long time to improve his own dimension, such that his strength became stagnant for a long time.”

Compared with mortals, gods have a longer lifespan.

It could even be said that beings at the level of the God of Destruction were immortals, so it was very difficult to achieve such a level.

Look at Goku and Vegeta, they were able to achieve “Half-god” state by relying on Saiyan transformation, but they couldnt really become gods, which was the difference in dimensions.

Xiaya also understood this truth.

After all, It wasnt easy to become a god.

“Forget it; its a bit early to tell you all these things.

After you enter the God of Destructions Planet to train, you will understand it.” Whis shut his mouth and laughed softly; then, he swaggered ahead and arrived at a shop which had streets on both sides, just like someone visiting a town for the first time, and continuously asked questions.

Xiaya shook his head and set aside the doubts in his heart, and then, he caught up with Whis and introduced him to the surroundings of Planet Hongshan.

Time was like water as it flowed on…

Three days later, the weather was bright and clear, and the sun was shining brightly.

Xiaya entrusted Planet Hongshan to Adri and others, as he prepared to leave with Xiling and Myers.

They knew that Xiaya, Xiling, and Myers had come across a big opportunity, and were all happy for them.

“Ready” Whis stood in the open space of the small courtyard, with piles of packed food placed in front of him.

Xiaya pulled Xiling and Myers hands, nodded and said, “We can leave now.”

“Umm, put your hand on my back, and we can arrive on the God of Destructions Planet in about ten minutes!”

Whis sounded indifferent; then, he waved the scepter in his hand, tapping twice in a row in the void.


A colorful glow suddenly spread out, drowning Xiaya, Xiling, and Myers in an instant.

“Lets go!” An indifferent voice sounded.

Then, Whis easily leaped, with Xiaya, Xiling, and Myers in tow, across the barriers of outer space and entered a colorful space tunnel.

This kind of tunnel was a bit similar to a wormhole.

There were glittering and shining flashes of light scattered inside.

Like stardust, there was no concept of space in the colorful tunnel.

One wouldnt be able to distinguish between their top and bottom, their left and right.

Flashes of aurora flickered; sometimes, the light rays moved forward, and they sometimes they moved backward, which was especially interesting.

Except for Xiaya, who had once traversed across the universes with Vados, neither Xiling nor Myers had such an experience.

Their eyes curiously flashed as they looked around.

“Dont randomly move around… we are currently in the space tunnel, and you can accidentally fall into the sub-layer of space dimension,” Whis lightly issued a warning.

Listening to him, Xiling and Myers hurriedly firmly grasped Xiayas arm and did not move.

Whis smiled indifferently, and after a while, he calmly said, “Okay, we are here.”

The colorful lights suddenly disappeared, and as if they had teleported, Xiaya and others suddenly appeared amidst a blue-green colored sky, landing on a rhombus-shaped planet.

An extremely huge ancient tree, like the mythical “world tree” entered their eyes, as a calm—of primitive simplicity and chaotically charming feeling—arose in their hearts.

Xiaya observed the surrounding scenery, and saw dozens of cyan-colored stars in the blue sky, orbiting according to different rules.

Gentle ripples appeared on the green lakes everywhere on the rhombus-shaped planet, with green grasses vigorously growing like a green ocean.

Similar to the Sacred World of the Kai, Xiaya felt a very powerful space constraint here, and which was in a sense, stronger than Sacred World of the Kai.

“You will settle down here first.

I will begin to guide you in your training from tomorrow.

Right, there is a temple above the trunk of the divine tree.

It is the place where Beerus-sama is sleeping, so you should not approach it; or else, you will wake up Beerus-sama, and it will not be easy for me to explain to him.”

Whis pointed his fingers and especially warned.

Xiaya and others nodded.

The God of Destruction of Universe 7, Beerus, had a mighty reputation, so Xiaya didnt want to offend him.

At least for now, he was not yet qualified to stand on the same level as the Gods of Destruction.


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