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When Xiaya, Xiling, and Myers returned to Planet Hongshan, only about half a day had passed; however, the events that took place in this short time frame were of great significance to Xiaya and others.

At night, Xiaya called Adri, Brook, and others over, and told them about Whis matter.

After listening to Xiaya, they were all amazed.

Then, they congratulated Xiaya for obtaining the designation of “Time Enforcer”; however, they clearly didnt understand the true significance of this designation.


Whis is the God of Destructions teacher, so you have to seize this opportunity to properly train.”

Although Adri didnt know the significance of being a Time Enforcer, he clearly understood that someone who could train Beerus, the God of Destruction, was certainly not ordinary.

Everyone nodded, and the sounds of congratulations were constantly heard.

“There are still a few days left until the martial arts tournament will be held on Planet Hongshan, so I think we should invite Mr.

Whis to come over and take look around.


Whis has a liking to delicious food, so we should make preparations,” Xiaya stated his thoughts.

Whis was very amiable and approachable, and on top of that, if Planet Hongshan could learn about his likes and prepare more delicious food, perhaps, it might make Whis view Planet Hongshan in a more favorable light.

It was very important for Planet Hongshan to develop a relationship with a deity like Whis.

Adris eyes couldnt help but shine, and he nodded with approval and said, “Then, we have to handle it well.”

“The specific arrangements of the martial arts tournament will be handed over to the Feidaya people to carry out, and also, the members of the Guardian Corps will maintain order in the tournament,” After saying this, Brook revealed a smile.

The martial arts tournament that occurred once every 10 years could be said to be an assessment of a Saiyans comprehensive strength, and also an important competition to test the Saiyans growth in recent years.

“Then, I will contact Mr.

Whis later on.

You should also properly organize the tournament.

Oh, thats right, these are the three portions of Fountain of Youth, which will be the top three prizes of the competition,” Xiaya said and took out three delicate small bottles, and also some Senzu Beans and Tree of Mights fruits.

The rewards for the martial arts tournament were very generous, and as long one could clinch a spot in the top 100, theyll have the opportunity to get rewards.

Adri carefully took the three portions of the Fountain of Youth, and said, full of smiles, “The tournament will surely be lively this time.”

“Thats for sure,” the others eagerly said.

After that, Xiaya conversed with Adri and others about other matters.

After everything was explained, everyone slowly dispersed.

The date of the tournament was approaching day by day.

Every training area on Planet Hongshan was filled to the brim with people.

Saiyans with good financial conditions simply bought large-scale training equipment and trained in their own homes.

Of course, this number was in the minority after all, and most Saiyans still crowded the training areas.

The bustling noises were endless.

Before the competition started, Xiaya sent a message to Whis using the Time Ring on his finger

Soon, the purple ring emitted a dark light, and Whis voice was transmitted over; saying, “Xiaya, are you ready to come to the God of Destructions Planet for training”

Xiaya responded, “No… Mr.

Whis, we are holding a large-scale martial arts competition on Planet Hongshan, so I would like to invite you to look around.”

The other side was silent for a while before a reply was given, “Martial arts competition… ah, but I have to maintain the operations of the God of Destructions Planet.

Beerus-sama is sleeping at the moment, and If I leave, unexpected events may happen!”

“Nothing should happen for a few days.

We have prepared delicious meals for you, Mr.

Whis… You will be very satisfied.

Moreover, after the martial arts competition comes to a close, Xiling and I intend to head to the God of Destructions Planet to train; please, be sure to come over.” “Xiaya sincerely invited.”

Hearing that there was bound to be delicious food on Planet Hongshan, Whis voice improved a lot, and he asked, “Ah! You have prepared meals… are they delicious”

Xiaya smiled and said, “Of course, the food here will certainly not disappoint you.”

When it came to food, Saiyans were also very picky, and after adopting the cooking methods of Earths delicious foods, Planet Hongshan formed a specialized team to research more delicious foods.

To a Fighting Race like the Saiyans, one had only two hobbies in life; one was to enjoy fighting, and the other was to taste delicious food.

From these two points, Saiyans were very similar to the God of Destruction; however, the God of Destruction has another hobby, that is to sleep.

“Well, fine then… I will come!” After saying that, Whis cut off the communication.

Xiaya smiled with satisfaction and said to Xiling, “Mr.

Whis will soon arrive on Planet Hongshan, so tell the logistics department to prepare delicious food.”

“Okay, I will instruct them.” Xiling smiled as she glanced at Xiaya and passed down the instructions.

Ten minutes later, with a colorful glow, Whis—wearing a maroon divine gown and holding a sceptre—appeared on the outdoor plaza of Planet Hongshan.

As soon as he appeared, Whis sharply sensed the aura of Saiyans on Planet Hongshan and said, “Oh, these Saiyans are incredible, completely different from their ancestors… ”

Whis chuckled, searched for Xiayas aura and teleported to his location.


Whis, you arrived so quickly… We have already made arrangements here,” Xiaya warmly greeted Whis and brought him to the venue of the martial arts tournament.

There were a total of 64 large-scale tournament arenas in the venue.

At this time, it was already very lively on the arenas.

All the Saiyans were assigned to various arenas according to the lots drawn before the matches.

The competition was proceeding in an orderly manner.

This martial arts tournament drew from the experience of the World Martial Arts Tournament; it was divided into preliminary matches and advanced matches, as well as the later sixty competition semifinalists.

The quarter-finals would be conducted in front of the high level of Planet Hongshan such as Xiaya.

The venue for the semi-finals was a huge hall with a length and width of 500 meters.

In the middle was a martial arts platform paved with special stones, each with a length of two hundred meters.

Whis gave a fleeting glance to the competition on the arenas, nodded and said, “You have a small number of Saiyans here; however, the high-level warriors amongst them are quite a lot.”

Xiaya smiled and said, “This is the result of our many years of hard work.

Now, Planet Hongshan can be said to have a great number of capable people.

As the population on Planet Hongshan increases, it will only become stronger and stronger…”

Regarding the current strength of Planet Hongshan, Xiaya was quite confident.

Not to mention him, Xiling, Myers, Bardock— the four Super Saiyans— there were also 22 people at the Super Warrior level, having more than 100,000 Battle Power, and 1100 people at Elite Warrior level, having 10,000 Battle Power on Planet Hongshan.

If they were put on any planet, it could cause the inhabitants to be scared out of their wits.

But Whis horizons were so high that these fighters were only “a little interesting” in his eyes.

After a simple nod, he asked, “Well, where are the delicious meals you mentioned of previously Quickly take them out and show me.”

In Whis heart, the most important thing was delicious food.

Xiaya chuckled and passed down instructions, and soon, plates of exquisite meals were served on the table.

Whis eyes shone as he stared at them and after taking it all in, he quickly picked up a plate of food and started eating.

While eating, he profusely praised, completely intoxicated.

“What is this” Whis raised a piece of brown and crispy meat and asked.

“This is called small roast meat, which is cooked from the meat of an animal called Ox,” Xiaya replied with a smile.


Whis pointed to a strange appliance in front of him.

Water was boiling inside, and next to it was a stack of sliced

pieces of meat.

“This is called instant-boiled mutton… rinse it a few times in the boiling water and dip it in the sauce to eat…”

Whis tasted it according to the instructions, his eyes shining.

“Delicious! Xiaya, I didnt expect you to have such delicious food here; oh… unfortunately, Beerus-sama is asleep right now, and he cannot eat it!”

Whis covered his face and pondered.


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