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“Weird, what was that feeling just now”

Bojack slightly frowned and stared at Xiaya and Meiling in the distance as a peculiar look flashed on his sinister face.

Just now, for a short time, he felt that his time seemed to have frozen.

‘Could it be that this Super Saiyan has the ability to stop time

“I cannot allow these two people to leave!”

Suddenly, Bojacks killing intent soared, and suddenly, he turned over his hand and a vast force scattered out.

Xiayas body trembled, and he couldnt help but spew out another mouthful of blood.

However, Meiling—who was in his arms—couldnt withstand the heavy burden; both her eyes turned over and she immediately fainted.

“Time Suspension!”

Just when Bojack wanted to root out the future troubles, Xiaya roared, and a blue luster again shrouded the entire sky.

Xiaya had once again stopped time.

But soon after, space-time once again broke; however, it also earned Xiaya some time to send Meiling far away.

Xiaya screamed.

He was hit by a punch, and his blood, mixed with the sweat, made for very miserable appearance.

Xiaya turned around and moved, while suddenly withstanding several successive hits.

The violent vibrations caused his internal organs to shift a little, and Xiayas face couldnt help but distort in pain.

Suddenly, he felt a huge force transmitting through his legs.

“Not good!” Xiayas expression abruptly changed and he was violently thrown outwards, turning into a beam of light as he disappeared.


On Grand Kais Planet, the experts of Heaven were gathered in front of Grand Kais crystal ball, watching the wonderful fights continuously appearing in the screen.

All the experts were silent.

“Is Bojack really undefeatable” They asked themselves

In such a battle, they didnt even have a chance to intervene.


On East Kais Planet, East Kai looked at the battle with a pale face, her body trembling.



Space trembled and Bojack suddenly appeared.

Xiaya quickly retreated to a certain distance, but suddenly, a brutal and devastating energy wave erupted behind him, causing space to become very unstable.

Xiaya slammed into a rock, and he spat out a mouthful of blood; his whole body got buried in a pile of gravel.

“Am I really not his match” Xiaya despondently lay on his back, feeling frustrated in his heart.


A block of stone that was ten centimeters fell, and happened to smash Xiayas, buried deep in the yellow sand, head.

He suddenly became clear minded as he muttered, “No, I still have a chance.

If I can break through to Super Saiyan 2…”

Xiaya shouted unwillingly deep in his heart, his handsome face slightly distorted.

Before, his complexion was pale, and soon it turned livid.

The blood in his whole body seemed to be racing through his veins.

At this time…

Thump! Thump!

Like the beating of a heart, a sound echoed in his eardrums, which was the sound of blood flowing.

Xiaya looked at Bojack in the distance, who was flying towards him from high in the sky while attacking; his pale face sometimes revealed pain and sometimes revealed savageness.


Suddenly, the yellow sand covering the whole sky rose upward, and a golden brilliance suddenly burst into dazzling light.

Xiaya lowered his head, and his body seemed to have subconsciously rose upward.

As golden and silver beams of light constantly switched, his aura was also rising.


Soon, Xiaya was on the verge of attaining the Super Saiyan 2 level, but his aura was still rising.

An invisible ripple quickly transmitted out with East Area as the center, its speed reaching hundreds of thousands of times the speed of light.

Soon, the tiny ripples covered the entire Galaxy and continued to spread; even Underworld, Hell, and Sacred World of the Kai were disturbed by him.

“This… whats going on”

Bojacks eyes widened as he looked at the Super Saiyan in front of him.

The strange phenomenon that had happened to Xiayas body made him stare with eyes wide open, and he couldnt help but reveal a shocked expression.

At this time, Meiling, who had flown back from a distant place, ate a Tree of Mights fruit and again regained her vitality.

When she tremblingly returned, he saw the scene of Xiaya erupting out.

“What is happening to Xiaya Did he break through Super Saiyan 2”

Meiling looked up, her eyes flickering, but she discovered that Xiayas breakthrough didnt seem to be that simple.

Sparkling light flickered, golden radiance suddenly exploded, strange and violent airflows rose upward.

His green eyes were like a bottomless abyss; there was no luster in them.

The hair in front of his forehead soared upward, and silvery-white electric arcs kept flashing.

His aura suddenly erupted, and a brutal whirlwind quickly spread out from the center.

Super Saiyan 2!

“This is Xiayas Super Saiyan 2 state His aura is so strong” Meiling grinned and curiously thought, and moistened by the sweat on her cheeks, a few strands of golden hair stuck to her pretty face.


In the depths of Universe 7, Beerus Planet.

At the center, a rhombus-shaped planet floated in the illusory and hazy mysterious planets.

Surrounding it, several large planets slowly rotated in the thick clouds and mist.

There was a huge and withered giant tree growing on the rhombus-shaped star.

The giant tree was extremely enormous, and the lakes and mountains underneath were like small leaves.

There were several temple-like buildings on the upper layer of the tree trunk.

Inside a building, above a deep winding corridor, more than ten irregular meteorites were hovering.

A silver-haired young man in a red and black divine robe walked forward step by step with a scepter, and a blue necklace magically floated around his neck.

This person was the attendant of the God of Destruction, Whis!

Suddenly, Whis stopped and the crystal ball on the scepter in his hand flashed.

Whis curiously raised the scepter and a surprised expression appeared on his calm face as he looked at the scene displayed on the crystal ball.

“This person is a Super Saiyan… umm, he seems a little different” Whis frowned and thought for a moment.

He clenched the scepter and tapped it several times in the void.

Du du du!

Strange ripples spread out, and the ripples happened to collide with Xiaya while he broke through.

“Yi, this space-time ability… It seems I must personally make a trip.”

Whis suddenly thought of something, turned around and walked down the flagstone path, and then, a colorful radiance flashed; the gorgeous colors were dazzling like fireworks, which instantly brought Whis down to the mortal world in the universe…


The space outside a double-layered dimension, inside a brilliant and unique library.

Hundreds of thousands of books were squeezed together like a hill.

However, what made people sigh was that amidst the ocean of books, there were no bookshelves in this library; all the books were naturally floating according to certain laws.

Before a writing desk, a little girl with orange hair was engrossed in the ocean of


Suddenly, a book lit up, and the orange-haired little girl curiously raised her hand as a dense light shone.

The little girls eyes lit up, and she smilingly picked up a purple-red book with gold-rim and ran out…


A breeze swayed, and yellow sand shrouded the whole sky.

The chaotic green planet looked like a world of purgatory, and Xiaya, who had transformed into Super Saiyan 2, stood proudly in front of Bojack.

His cold eyes slightly swept past Bojack, and it seemed like he had thoroughly seen through Bojack, causing Bojack to feel fear in his heart!

This caused Bojack to feel a chill and also be somewhat angry.

Originally, Xiayas Super Saiyan state was much more powerful than the ordinary Super Saiyan transformation.

The most obvious breakthrough here was the increase in energy.

Xiaya didnt know how powerful he was right now, but the surging power flowing within his body was much more solid and powerful than before!

He had a feeling that with his current strength, he could kill his previous self in an instant.

This was a completely different level of transformation.

Chapter 336 Super Saiyan 2


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