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Experts of such caliber can only be apprentices here.

It is a simple comparison to know how weak Earth is, Tien Shinhan mused as he witnessed the brilliant and varied exchanges between the apprentices as he walked.

For a moment, his footsteps paused.

He really wanted to stop and take a good look.

The shock in his heart was like a turbulent river.

“Ha ha ha, Mr.

Xiaya, you havent come here for years!” Mr.

Rades hearty voice was heard.

Xiaya smiled and greeted him, “Mr.

Rade, your martial arts has made great progress.”


Rade embarrassedly waved his hand as his eyes fell on Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu, and then he asked, “These two are your new disciples”

“They come from a small planet called Earth.

I think they are hardworking, so I brought them here to broaden their horizons,” Xiaya replied.

“Ehh, theres even someone with the bloodline of the Three-Eyed People!” Although the Three-Eyed People was a race from low-level planets, they were very rarely seen, so when Mr.

Rade saw Tien Shinhans third eye, he was somewhat surprised.

The Three-Eyed People already became extinct a long time ago, so It had been many years since he last saw someone from this race.

“Then, the two of them will be bothering you for a while,” Xiaya continued.


Rade laughed and said, “Not a problem, not a problem! Oh, by the way, I have recently developed some new theories.

Lets have an exchange.”


Xiaya could see that Mr.

Rade was in a very good mood, so he also straightforwardly agreed.

One cannot be complacent on the road of martial arts.

For a civilization to develop, exchanges are paramount; they also help to break through various limitations.

“Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, go and chat with Mr.

Rades disciples first and learn their martial arts theories; it will be advantageous for you,” Xiaya instructed, and then, he started discussing martial arts with Mr.



Tien Shinhan responded and walked out of the door with Chiaotzu.

Then, Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu stayed on Planet Metamor to train, while Xiaya returned to Planet Hongshan after exchanging pointers with Mr.



Two months later, in a chaotic galaxy near Planet Hongshan, a dreadful aura suddenly rose.

The dark and frightening aura spread out in all directions, disturbing the surrounding galaxies.

Xiaya and Xiling were the first to sense this aura.

“Its Bojacks aura; isnt he already dead” Xiaya asked and looked at Xiling and Myers puzzledly.

Myers blinked her big eyes and said with pursed lips, “I really pushed him into a star and killed him; also, if you carefully use your senses, you will notice that this Ki does not only have Bojacks aura.”

“There is also Coolers Ki!” Xiaya nodded solemnly.

The dark and tyrannical Ki was full of evil obsessiveness, and Xiaya had a feeling that this Ki was rushing towards Planet Hongshan.

An idea came to Xiaya and he immediately thought of Android Cell.

The complexity of this Ki was just like that of Cell, which was a fusion of several different kinds of Ki.

“Did someone remold Bojack and Coolers cells” Xiayas expression suddenly became ugly.

He thought of a possibility and mused,Was Big Gete Star not completely destroyed

“Lets go! Since he is not powerful yet, let us finish him off now!”

Both Bojack and Cooler had a blood enmity with Planet Hongshan, so Xiaya didnt have any reason to let him grow powerful.

Moreover, what worried Xiaya, in particular, was if this lifeform, which was a mix of Bojack and Coolers aura, could rely on swallowing other lifeforms to evolve like Cell


“When I fight him this time, I must not let even 1 cell remain,” Myers said as she clenched her fist with resolution.

After they finished speaking, they rushed directly towards the Galaxy from which the aura was surging out.

They had to eliminate such a troublesome opponent as soon as possible.

At the same time, on East Kais Planet…

The surging dark aura also quickly spread to East Kais Planet.

Lying on a hammock and sleeping, East Kai was caught off guard with the sudden and unexpected aura.

She trembled and fell to the ground from the hammock.

“Oh my god, is this dark energy Bojacks No, even Bojack would not be so strong.

Bojack has obviously been annihilated.” East Kais lips quivered, and the antennas on her head immediately tried to sense the situation in the mortal world.

But the information that came back from her senses made her very worried.

East Kai was shocked, and her fat body fell to the ground.

“Its really Bojack… how is he still alive And how did he become so powerful!”

East Kai was scared.

She promptly contacted Grand Kai.

“The great Grand Kai, Bojack has come back to life, and he has become more powerful than before,” East Kais urgent voice was transmitted to Grand Kais Planet.

Grand Kai straightened his sunglasses and asked with puzzlement, “Is Bojack, not dead yet”

“No, his soul didnt go to Underworld, and now, Bojack has come back to life!” East Kais voice had a sobbing tone.

Now, she was in desperate need of powerful warriors to come and save her East Area.

“What!” Grand Kai was also greatly shocked, and he quickly took out a crystal ball to observe the situation in the mortal world.

Amidst the chaotic Galaxy, an emerald-white planet was stuck to a life planet, absorbing the life essence of the planet like a parasite.

“Oh my God, this is the core star of Big Gete Star.

So, Bojack used the technology of Big Gete Star to survive!” Grand Kais wise mind immediately fully analyzed the whole process of the situation.

“East Kai, didnt you say that Bojack and Big Gete Star had been wiped out What should we do now!”

Initially, it was because he was worried that if he didnt beat the snake to death, it would cause endless calamity, so Xiaya especially told Pikkon to stay and search for the people that may have slipped through the net.

At that time, East Kai vowed that Bojack was dead.

Having trust in East Kai, Pikkon took her word and didnt conduct the search.

(TL:* nip the problem at the bud)

Now, not only was Bojack living well, but he even fused with Big Gete Stars Saibamen!

It must be understood that Bojack himself was a Bio-warrior made by Feidaya people.

Moreover, his potential had already been exhausted, so to become stronger, he could only use more advanced technology.

Big Gete Stars metal-Saibamen technology just made up for this shortcoming.

East Kai scowled miserably and said, “Great Grand Kai, I really didnt sense Bojacks aura at that time, and I had confirmed that he was dead.”

“Then, why didnt you investigate with the King of Hell of your East Area!” Grand Kai fumed with anger, feeling powerless.

Each of the four Areas had its own Underworld trial place, connected by a snaking road and leading to each Kais Planet.

If East Kai had confirmed it at the time, then the current situation wouldnt have appeared.

“Can Great Grand Kai send some experts again” East Kai carefully asked the fuming Grand Kai.

Grand Kai waved his hand powerlessly.

“How can there still be experts like that here.

The most powerful ones I have here are Pikkon and others, but they have already used up their one-day revival time; thus, I really cant send any more people.”

“Oh, by the way, dont you have Super Saiyans in East Area.

Quickly go and request for them to take action!”

East Kai embarrassedly said, “Those Super Saiyan will not listen to my orders.”

“Who asked you to order them.

I want you to go and enlist their help!” Grand Kai was fuming as he mused,This East Kai really thinks she is so high and mighty Also, ordering them Those Super Saiyans can kill her anytime…

“Yes, yes, I will immediately contact them…”

At this time, Grand Kai has seen the Super Saiyans through the crystal ball.

“No need, those Super Saiyan has already taken action.

Look, how understanding they are.

For the peace of the universe, they have bravely stepped forward.

Learn a little from them in the future.”

“Uh…” East Kai found it hard to speak for a while, speechless.

If Xiaya knew that Grand Kai was so appreciative of him, he would surely feel embarrassed.

He, Xiling and Myers were taking action not just for something like the peace of the universe.

It was because they were worried that after Bojack became strong, he would attack their home, Planet Hongshan.


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