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The calm days were like tea in a glass, carefree and fully poetic.

At the periphery of Planet Hongshans city, a white mist merged, and as if it were from a fantasy, the mist transformed into various shapes from time to time.

Xiaya was floating above a misty peak, and the thin, moist water vapor soaked his hair.

However, in the turbulent Ki waves, his golden hair was still carefreely fluttering in the wind.

Xiaya had been in this state for a long time.

In a place not far away from him, a girl, who was similarly surrounded with golden light but with silvery-white electric arcs around her body, was looking at him with a cocked head.

Her shiny white Battle Armor swayed with the wind, and because it was made of special materials, it was like a layer of gauze on her body, which was more convenient so as to exert her full strength in battle.

“Hah!” Xiaya opened his eyes to reveal a green color and softly sighed in relief.

“How are you feeling” The girl arrived before him and asked.

Xiaya smiled calmly and said, “Almost… Im just short of the final barrier.” According to his own feeling and reference to Meilings Super Saiyan 2 form, Xiaya knew that he was getting closer and closer to the breakthrough, and now, he was only lacking a little opportunity.

Maybe in one or ten days, the last layer of the membrane would be opened, revealing a new scenery outside the window.

Meiling smiled, her beautiful face blooming like a flower as she said, “I can only fight you to a draw after transforming into Super Saiyan 2.

If you also break through, I wouldnt be able to beat you anymore.”

Mailing seemed to be very unwilling, but her face was full of smiles from beginning to end.

If Xiaya breakthrough, she would still be very happy.

“How can someone breakthrough just by saying so Who knows how long it will take to cross that one step” Xiaya rolled his eyes and said as he glanced at Meiling.

Opportunity, this thing was a very hard concept to explain.

Sometimes, a word, a gaze, seeing a landscape, or even an act like drinking a glass of water may cause a breakthrough; it was an elusive and very difficult concept to fathom.

Of course, such cases were very few.

To Saiyans, the breakthrough opportunity was often contained in a battle, and the breakthrough in the midst of a battle was the most consistent with the characteristics of Saiyans.

“Oh, by the way, will the Planet Hongshans Martial Arts Tournament be held in a few months” Xiaya suddenly changed the subject and asked.

“Umm, Dad and the others are already preparing.” Mailing answered and then said spiritedly, “I heard from Dad that this martial arts tournament will be held a little more grandly, and most of the Saiyans on Planet Hongshan will participate.”

This Martial Arts Tournament was decided by Xiaya ten years ago.

At that time, he had just returned from Universe 6 and brought back 28 portions of Fountain of Youth from Universe 6.

Besides Adri and the others who used 12 portions, sixteen remained.

Back then, Xiaya decided to award six portions of them to the top three winners of the Planet Hongshan Martial Arts Tournament which was planned to be held ten to twenty years later.

Of course, the matter about the Fountain of Youth was not publicly stated.

However, Xiaya still underestimated the Saiyans thirst for reputation.

Even if there was no reward, those Saiyans coveted the rankings of the Martial Arts Tournament.

In just a few days, the number of Saiyans who signed up for the competition had already broken past 10,000.

Almost all adult Saiyans had signed up, which made the staff very busy.

As a rare event of Planet Hongshan for the past many years, the Martial Arts Tournament was not only busy for the organizers, but even the Feidaya people living on Planet Meishan were very busy because they were responsible for the construction of the Martial Arts Arena.

At this time, a large Martial Arts arena was being built, and the small and large arenas added together were 64.

Because there were too many Saiyans competing, the number of rewards was naturally not only limited to the top three.

As long as they entered the top 100, they would win generous rewards.

Senzu Beans, the Tree of Mights fruits, Universe spaceships, everything was available and placed on a platform for prize awarding.

For the tournament, Planet Hongshans logistics department had also purchased very crazily!

“Hee hee, so many people are going to participate in the competition, so the working group of the tournament would be very busy,” Meiling said with a broad smile; her silver bell-like laughter matched her attractive face, looking gorgeous.

“This is understandable.

After all, its only held once in ten years, and if they miss this chance, they will have to wait another ten years for the tournament.”

Xiaya laughed, understanding clearly.

From the roots, a Saiyans desire for battle was far more than that of Earthlings.

Just like the World Martial Arts Tournament on Earth, there were no more than one or two hundred participants in the tournament held every three years.

Although they increased, they still did not exceed 300 people.

Compared with Planet Hongshans martial arts tournament, it seemed to be insignificant.

The term “World” was also not especially added to Planet Hongshans Martial Arts Tournament.

If it was named “Planet Hongshans World Martial Arts Tournament”, the entire Planet Hongshan would be overturned.

“Not to mention the Saiyans who havent signed up yet, Im afraid that even the experts in the universe would fight for the title of Number one in the world,” Xiaya sighed as he said.

With Planet Hongshans current influence, if a martial arts tournament was held, it would naturally attract a lot of contestants in the universe and spectators who were fond of such tournaments.

If they ran it properly, it could also be a way to get rich.

However, Xiaya also knew that the experts in the universe were like clouds, and if they do this, it will inevitably lead to too much fame.

A tall tree attracts the wind.

Although Planet Hongshan had confidence in this aspect, Xiaya also knew that the larger the fame was, the more it would be worrisome.

So, it was better to make a big fortune behind the doors!

After that, Xiaya and Meiling didnt continue to talk, and instead, they streaked through the void.

Two blurry figures traversed through the sky and returned to their home.

“Xiaya, quickly wash your hands and come eat.”

Rebeccas voice came from the kitchen.

Because Launch was still on Earth while Xiaya and Xiling were busy training, they had been eating food these past few days at Adris home.

“OK.” Xiaya slightly nodded, and then he turned on the faucet and washed his hands.

At this moment, Meiling split into Xiling and Myers.

The two women entered the kitchen while grinning and helped Rebecca carry the meals out.

In the dining hall, a short-haired teenager was already sitting at the dining table.

He was Xilings younger brother, Laret.

He was already 11 years old.

He had recently been carrying out a mission with several of his companions, so he hadnt returned home for a long time till now.

Xiaya also hadnt see Laret for a while.

As his brother-in-law, he stepped forward, greeted him and asked him with concern, “How has your training been going on”

Laret grinned, patted his chest and confidently said, “There is no problem.

I can feel that I am becoming stronger every day.”

Xiaya nodded.

Larets latent talent was very high.

Plus, his body was currently at the stage of growth, and the cells in his body were the most active.

It was the prime time when his strength could break through, so Xiaya didnt think that Larets so-called “becoming strong every day” was him boasting.

Sensing Larets aura, Xiaya confirmed this point even more.

Xilings younger brothers Battle Power had already reached 2100.

It seemed that Laret treated training very seriously.

After all, for Saiyans, strength represented everything, and no Saiyan would be careless in enhancing their strength.

Talents like Laret who could reach 2100 Battle Power at the age of eleven, although not many on Planet Hongshan, they were also not few.

Their strength would quickly double after entering adolescence.

Reaching five or six thousand Battle Power was the norm in these few years.

This was a lot faster than Planet Vegetas times.

Soon the piping hot meal was served.

Looking at the delicious and fragrant dishes.

Xiaya felt his stomach rumble with hunger.

He picked up a small plate and started gulping down food.

Planet Hongshans dishes had absorbed the essence of Earths food, and the culinary arts had improved a lot.

The clattering sound of bowls and chopsticks soon stopped, and Xiaya leisurely lay down on the sofa after eating to take a nap.

At this time, the door opened, and a black-haired girl came in.

After seeing Xiaya, her eyes lit up as she asked, “Brother Xiaya, where is Laret”

“Oh, its you, Elise! You are looking for Laret He is training in the training room.” Xiaya glanced at the girl in front of him.

She had a long hair hanging down to her waist and had finely chiseled features.

This girl was the youngest daughter of Bardock and Gine; she was two years younger than Goku.

Elise nodded towards Xiaya with her big eyes shining and then walked straight to the training room of Adris home.

Xiaya gave her a profound look and then went to sleep.

Elise had formed a squad with Laret to carry out missions, and also, she was the captain of the squad.


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