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Meiling sneered before opening her palms as a glittering and translucent flash appeared.

Gorgeous and sorrowful azure flashes instantly covered the starry sky.

The naked eyes could not distinguish the specific number of crescent-shaped blades forming a big ball with a terrifying and chilling aura emanating from it.

“Whole Sky Star Map Myth!”

Compared to the Star Map Cannon, it was even more swift, violent, and powerful.

This move, after Meiling broke through to Super Saiyan 2, was almost an improvement of the Whole Sky Star Map Cannon.

Amidst many mysteries, the power of Stars Rampage increased.

It belonged to the same wide-area attack method but had an even more destructive power.

In an instant, the dark divine dragon attacked; however, it disappeared silently shortly after.

The Star Map Myth’s powerfully unfolded, and under Bojack’s incredulous astonishment, it hit him.

Bojack unwillingly spread out his defense, but it was a futile attempt.

Like sea waves hitting a sand castle on the beach, the water flowed, and all the sturdy defenses got smashed apart.

The boiling energy burnt Bojack’s body and pushed him directly into the depth of a star, causing the star to explode.

The red dwarf star belched from satiation, and Bojack was swallowed up in an instant.

Looking at the star in the distant galaxy that had calmed down, Meiling coldly snorted.

She took out a Senzu Bean and a Tree of Might’s fruit from the Hoi-Poi Capsule and ate it, and then she reverted from the Super Saiyan 2 Form and returned to the fourth planet of the galaxy.

“Killed Bojack” Xiaya came forward with a smile on his face and asked…

Meiling lifted her chin and said smugly, “Of course! I pushed him directly into a star with my strongest attack, so he must definitely be dead!”

“But you are really unreliable… you didn’t completely finish off the enemy, which lead to Meta-Cooler’s appearance!”

Xiaya muttered to himself and didn’t take it seriously.

He turned towards Pikkon and said, “Since Bojack and his companions have been eliminated, we will leave first.

Just to be sure, you should check if someone amongst them had escaped.”

“Umm, leave the wrap-up work to us,” Pikkon nodded and promised, and then he said earnestly, “Thank you for your help.”

Pikkon was very ashamed.

Originally, the Great Grand Kai had sent them down to kill Bojack and his companions, but in the end, they did not help at all in the fight; moreover, several of his companions who had come together with him were also sacrificed.

“You don’t have to check it… I can’t feel Bojack’s aura anymore, so he must have died,” East Kai’s voice rang in their ears.

Xiaya glanced at Meiling and didn’t show any reaction towards East Kai’s words.

He immediately used Instant Transmission and went back.

East Kai coldly snorted.

She was very upset with Xiaya’s attitude towards her.

However, East Kai knew that she couldn’t deal with him, so she said to Pikkon and Attlee, “I’ll have to trouble you again to go to a few planets in East Area where there are still thousands of Big Gete Star’s Meta-Saibamen remaining and destroy all them.”

“Yes, East Kai!”

“It’s our duty!”

Pikkon and Attlee promised, and then they looked at the vast land which seemed to have been bombarded flat by artillery shells.

They were silent for a moment, and after a while, the professional responsible for teleportation sent by East Kai arrived; with the professional’s help, Pikkon and Attlee rushed to other planets in East Area.

On the other side, Xiaya and Meiling successfully returned to Planet Hongshan.

Meiling was very excited as she had broken through to Super Saiyan’s 2.

She held Xiaya’s arm throughout the journey, chattering continuously.

Her whole body was glued to him, but she didn’t notice at all.

“Hey, Xiaya, when are you going to fight with me This time, I will definitely win against you,” Meiling excitedly said.

She had been waiting to win against Xiaya for a long time.

Her strength had now finally drawn level with Xiaya.

If she didn’t beat him now, she will have no hope when he also achieves his breakthrough.

However, It was hard to pinpoint when Xiaya would breakthrough.

Maybe within a few days, Xiaya would also break through to Super Saiyan 2 and by then, she will no longer be his match.

Thus, It was better to fight him as soon as possible!

Xiaya let Meiling hold his arm as he listened to her request for a good fight and helplessly gave her a white eye.

“We can talk about the matter of fighting later.

I see that your Fusion time is ending soon, so let’s go home first.” After that, Xiaya dragged her little white hand.

Meiling giggled.

They hadn’t walked a short distance when her body shone brightly and she again changed back to Xiling and Myers.

Both women seemed to be very happy as soon as they appeared.

They walked on both sides of Xiaya who glanced at them and consciously put his hands on their shoulders, half-hugging them.

“Xiling, what do you feel when you fuse together What’s Meiling’s existence like” Xiaya asked suddenly.

Meiling said, “I don’t know.

It seems to me that I have a lot of memories after Fusion, but from my point of view, I know that I am Meiling.”

“Me too, me too.

I also have a lot of Xiling’s emotions, and everything else is the same,” Myers jumped and said.

“You both think that you are Meiling, but why do I feel that Meiling is like a third personality which is hidden beneath the surface.”

Xiaya didn’t understand the Metamoran’s Fusion Technique.

The existence of Meiling greatly absorbed Xiling and Myers’ potential.

After Meiling broke through to Super Saiyan 2, the Super Saiyan state of Xiling and Myers could basically only stay in the normal state.

It would be difficult to have another breakthrough.

“What does it matter We are Meiling.

Is Meiling’s strength not our strength  Though, Meiling’s time is only 30 minutes.”

“Still, 30 minutes is enough for an ordinary battle.

Moreover, aren’t you also here, Xiaya You will definitely protect us… isn’t that right” Xiling said happily, her bright eyes trustingly looked at Xiaya as she spoke.

Xiaya earnestly promised, “Yes, I will protect you.”


In the next few hours, thousands of Meta-Saibamen on the other three places far in the East Area were all destroyed in the hands of Pikkon and others.

Dealing with Bojack was beyond Pikkon’s power, but with the trifling Meta- Saibamen, he could do it single-handedly as It was a very easy task for him.

“Pikkon, thank you very much for your help.

Now, you can go back to heaven; also, I will have Great Grand Kai reward you,” East Kai was delighted as she said in a bright voice.

Feeling ashamed, Pikkon said, “I do not deserve your praise.

These credits should actually be given to the two Super Saiyans.”

“Humph, just speaking of those two people makes me angry.

Forget it, I can’t control them…” East Kai coldly snorted.

She was very angry in her heart because such arrogant and unyielding people had appeared in the territory under her jurisdiction.

‘Fortunately, Planet Hongshan’s Saiyans are not as evil as when they were in North Area, so the one who should really be having a headache must be North Kai! I have heard that up until now, North Area has been subjected to oppression by the former Frieza Forces’ East Kai mused.

There was no disparity without comparison, but how can happiness be compared Compared with North Kai’s side, East Kai’s heart was much more at ease.

Now East Area could be considered to be a peaceful paradise!

“East Kai, we are now going back to heaven.”

Pikkon softly said, and the golden halo above his head suddenly burst into a gorgeous radiance.

The laws of the world of the dead and the world of living operated, and Pikkon and Attlee returned to Grand Kai’s Planet.

Looking at the place where Pikkon had disappeared, East Kai resolutely muttered to herself, “The next step is to rebuild the Galactic Patrol organization.

Hah, this will be another big project,” East Kai sighed as she muttered.

‘However, no matter how big the project is, it is still necessary to do it,’ East Kai thought for a bit and started contacting the other Kai’s.

However, East Kai didn’t know that just when she let her guard down for a moment, nearby the red dwarf star that the fighting had occurred, a head which had orange hair travelled through the vast starry sky like a comet and collided with an uneven greenish white planet…


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