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Super Saiyan 2 was a completely new level that could be regarded as a continuation of the Super Saiyan realm.

It was a kind of leap to a higher level, condensing, and pushing the power of a Super Saiyan to even greater heights.

But the disadvantages of this boost in power were also evident.

After the Full Power Super Saiyan level had been perfectly controlled, the burden of Super Saiyan 2 transformation would once again push down on the physical body.

Moreover, the energy that overflows wouldn’t be so easy to control, and the concept of Full Power will no more exist in the Super Saiyan 2 stage.

And at the same time, a Saiyan’s arrogant and cruel side would once again stand out.

In midair, Bojack was like a madman; his eyes were about to split open, and his face became extremely distorted as he cursed, “Damned Super Sayan… Why are they always destroying my plans”

After venting his anger, Bojack was like a spent force.


He waved out an attack in the sky, and without even sparing a glance at his subordinates, he flew away towards outer space.

‘Escape!’ This was the only thought in Bojack’s mind because only by getting away from the Meiling’s attack range as soon as possible would he have the slightest hope of survival.

As for his companions, he didn’t have time to care about them.

When faced with disaster, everyone flees in different directions for safety.

Meiling narrowed her eyes and stared at Bojack, who was gradually flying away from the planet, but she did not immediately give chase; rather, she swept her ice-cold gaze towards the other Galaxy Soldiers.

A cold and suffocating pressure suddenly descended on bodies of Bujin and the others.

It was as if they had fallen into an ice cave.

They suddenly felt that their whole body had turned stiff as Meiling’s aura locked onto them, making their bodies unable to move even a single step.

“Gulp!” Bujin gulped, his face turning deathly pale.

Pikkon asked doubtfully, “Bojack has already fled into outer space, but why isn’t she chasing after him” After saying that, Pikkon couldn’t help but fly towards outer space.

Xiaya stopped him and said, “No need to worry… Bojack can’t escape under Instant Transmission, and also, these three Galaxy Soldiers need to be eliminated first.”

Pikkon was skeptical, but he again thought about it.

Since even Xiaya had said so, then Bojack would certainly not be able to escape.

Such being the case, it was better to enjoy the battle in front of him.

Pikkon was also a person who was obsessed with martial arts, so he wasn’t willing to miss such a wonderful battle.

After a while, he calmed down and watched Meiling’s next move.

As the saying goes, a dog would even jump over a wall when it gets anxious, not to mention Bujin and the others who were currently facing Meiling’s oppressive aura; although they clearly knew that their odds of success were minuscule, they had no choice but to struggle hard.

“Don’t be afraid guys; Now, we can only stake everything and fight!”

Bujin gritted his teeth and roared at his companions.

At the critical moment of life and death, they used all their energy and produced three beams of light which dispersed out and gathered together within a very short period of time.

They had no intention of attacking Meiling, rather, they wanted to escape, so they tried to cover up with feints.

“Hehehe!” Mailing giggled as she watched their futile struggle, and then, her eyes flickered with a cold light.

She stepped on the ground, and her body rapidly flew with the help of the vigorous force.


Golden light rays flashed past, continuously changing direction in the sky.

Meiling was very fast as she caught up with Bujin and the others in a millisecond.

After that, under their aghast and stunned eyes, she punched three times, and drops of blood spattered out.

Their bodies bent to the side and fell directly to the ground like three warheads hitting the ground, raising grey dust after their descent.

The rugged ground instantly cracked as if being cut by a sword, causing cracks to intersect.

Three hemispherical impact craters appeared, and in the center of the three craters, the blue-skinned Galaxy Soldiers were half buried under the ground, wretchedly crawling.

“Ehurh! Ehurh!” Bujin coughed as he felt as if his chest was about to explode; however, his coughs caused a few mouthfuls of blood to spurt out.

Meiling’s heavy blows had a powerful destructiveness which they couldn’t endure.

A glimmer of light flashed…

Suddenly, an energy ball emitting a sparkling blue light appeared.

The energy ball quivered like a heart.

Its color getting deeper and deeper with each beat, but its size, however, was getting smaller and smaller; finally, it became a dazzling bright-white dot.

“What is she doing” Pikkon was full of doubt.

He saw Meiling wave her hand, and the bright-white energy dot shot out.

It was like a raindrop, only the size of a soybean.

This soybean-sized energy ball didn’t look anything special from just its outward appearance.

The bright-white energy ball gathered enormous amounts of energy as it approached the ground.

The majestic energy pressed down on the surface layer of the atmosphere, and then, it separated towards two sides.

Under the powerful pressure, the ground began to collapse.

A stifling atmosphere descended.

With a sound of explosions, the balance of the energy raindrops which were compressed to the max was destroyed, and the raindrops suddenly expanded and turned into a sparse and uneven mist which spread out to a widespread area.

With successive rumbling sounds, the raindrops finally collapsed and disappeared with the most simple and rough explosion.

Thick smoke rose, and the planets trembled.

Amidst the scorching and chaotic streams of air, Bujin and the others roared with unwillingness, but under the frightening and unstoppable energy, they turned to ash.

Meiling’s control of the energy ball was very good, and there was no extra energy leakage within the spherical range of 10,000 meters.

The bright-white energy’s temperature was very high, and it was extremely destructive; like a large spoon slicing tofu, it directly dug out a large chunk from the planet’s crust.

Looking at the bottomless pit with a diameter of tens of thousands of meters, Pikkon and Attlee felt their hearts turn cold, while their backs were dripping with cold sweat.

The smooth section of the earth seemed to have been meticulously polished.

It was extremely smooth and glossy as the large chunk of rock suddenly evaporated.

This destructive force left them reeling in fear.

“Hahaha, good, good!” After she finished with the precise control, Meiling wiped the imaginary sweat on her head and stretched her arms happily.

The formidable strength of Super Saiyan 2 left her deeply intoxicated.

“Meiling, you don’t have much time… Can you still go and kill Bojack” Seeing that she was lost in her thoughts, Xiaya couldn’t help but shout at Meiling loudly.

“Well, after such a long time, it’s time to look for Bojack! Xiaya, I want to properly fight with you next time; now, I am not weaker than you!” Meiling’s golden figure stood high in the sky, with her hands folded across her chest looking extremely arrogant.

Xiaya held his forehead as he mused, ‘This girl needs to be taught a lesson again.

She is starting to get arrogant with just this little bit of success.’

Just as Xiaya was going to berate her, Meiling leisurely rolled her beautiful eyes and mischievously laughed as she teleported directly to where Bojack was at.

In the darkness of the vast starry sky, Bojack was fearlessly spurring his full strength to break away from the restrictions of the galaxy.

A blurry light ray rapidly flashed as Bojack rushed past a solid planet; the planet gradually receded away from his field of vision.

“Just you wait for me, Super Saiyan, I will come back to take revenge for this humiliation sooner or later!” Bojack was like a madman, his blue eyes bloodshot.

He had already fallen into the obsession of revenge.

Suddenly, as if he saw something terrifying, Bojack’s complexion drastically changed, and panic was evident on his savage face.

Not far away from Bojack, a golden figure, surrounded by electric arcs, was barring his path.

‘It’s that Super Saiyan!’

Bojack’s pupils shrunk.

His throat squirmed as his body trembled, and for no reason, his entire body exuded coldness.

At this point, Bojack knew that he couldn’t escape, so he stopped fleeing.

He gave a loud cry and his body suddenly expanded.

His coiled muscles were hard and bulging, and his palms condensed frightening dark energy.

Then, he attacked using both hands.

It seemed as if he was burning his life, not caring about the cost of extracting the dark energy from within his body.

“Death Nether Wave!”

“Dark Cannon!”

His left hand extracted the darkness energy from hell and gathered it to form a large dark ball of astonishing energy, while his right hand was not left idle.

The dark energy turned into a dark dragon which was making threatening gestures.

He threw them out together in Meiling’s direction using both hands.


The dark energy floated into the nothingness of the starry sky like a drop of ink flowing into a clear lake, slowly diluting, roaming, and permeating.

The two heaven destroying and earth annihilating energies whistled out in an unstoppable manner like the falling stars among the vast sky full of stars, shining brightly and charmingly like colorful poppies.

The gorgeous scenery was beyond comparison, but under the beautiful scenery, was a hidden and despairing lament.


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