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At this time, Bojack also rushed over.

Meiling glanced at him with a mocking expression and ignored him; she intended to first send Bido flying.

However, this undisguised contempt caused Bojack to burst into rage.

He clenched his fists and kept shaking.


As he roared like a mad man, inexhaustible darkness energy suddenly gathered together, forming a small black hole on Bojack’s chest.

This was a black ball of light.

It throbbed energetically like a beating heart, and on top of that, it’s suction force was very strong as it sucked in pebbles and sand.

Suddenly, the black ball of light exploded into a shining radiance.

The dark color seemingly caused people to feel as if they were in a polar region, feeling a bone-penetrating cold that would make their soul tremble, and following that was the emergence of vast and mighty energy.

This energy increasingly grew in intensity, from virtual to real.

In the next moment, as if a giant reservoir’s sluice gate had opened, clearly visible ripples spread out with a thunderous sound.

The dark and gloomy sphere suddenly expanded, and within a millisecond turned into a frighteningly enormous sphere with a diameter of 1 km.

With an explosion, an extremely dark power—having a spectacular form—suddenly appeared.

“Haa!” Meiling suddenly felt a shudder in her heart and her countenance slightly changed.

“Death Nether Wave!”

Bojack loudly shouted and then pushed hard.

The endless dark energy suddenly eroded everything along the way.

Stones, soil, air, it eroded everything as long as it were a form of matter; when they came into contact with this dark energy, it was as if sunlight had come into contact with frost, instantly turning into a wisp of smoke.

In front of Bojack, a gully appeared that had swallowed everything!

Meiling’s countenance finally changed.

She realized the might of this attack and clenched her teeth as she hurriedly mustered the power within her body to defend.

However, Bojack’s Death Nether Wave was too fast, and in the blink of an eye, it had already reached her.

In the distance, Xiaya’s eyebrows furrowed as he watched the battle from the side.

Just as he was preparing to stop time, Meiling suddenly shouted, and with a loud and rumbling sound, golden flames soared into the sky.

“Whole Sky Star Map Cannon!”

Her chilly voice was full of coldness, and she could only hurriedly switch to offense from defense.

In an instant, innumerable spiral shock waves flew around like petals in the sky, forming an enormous toroidal.

The velocity of the spiral shock waves in the toroidal was very slow, but each and every spiral had a strong penetrating and offensive power.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The frightening and terrifying light rays formed a disc.

The Whole Sky Star Map Cannon strikingly resembled a rotating Galaxy.

It had countless sparkling bright dots, and the center was where the light rays were concentrated.

At this time, this spiral-shaped “Galaxy” was experiencing the frontal impacts of the big black ball.

The Ki waves all around surged, and with a loud sound like a thunderbolt, azure-colored sparkling light dots covered the sky…

At this point, Meiling’s body—which was completely surrounded by a golden halo—was almost within the reach of the spiral-shaped “Galaxy”.

She stretched out her arms and used her full strength to maintain the output of the Whole Sky Star Map Cannon.

As the two forces continued to collide and erode each other, a violent fire exploded out from time to time, with several completely distorted depressions around them which occurred as a result of the constriction of the forces towards space.

As she had responded hastily, Meiling’s defensive attack wasn’t perfect.

Under the attack of Bojack whose strength completely did not lose to hers—one had come prepared and the other had responded in exhaustion—Meiling quickly fell to a disadvantage.

The Death Nether Wave gradually pushed down her Whole-Sky Star Map Cannon, causing the spiral-shaped “Galaxy” to get smaller and smaller, and also, the distance from Meiling was also decreasing; vaguely, she already felt her palm burning…

Suddenly, Meiling became furious.

‘Xiaya created such a good opportunity for me!’

‘How can I lose!’

At this time, Xiling and Myers’ consciousness merged together.

They were both prideful girls, and their arrogance did not allow them to lose!

Suddenly, the dazzling golden light intensified, and the raging aura violently churned like boiling oil.

Meiling’s blonde hair towered into the sky as if they had become longer, and sparkling-silver electric arcs appeared out of thin air.

Meiling’s appearance changed, and her aura also strengthened by a lot.

“What’s going on” Bojack turned pale with fright.

He suddenly felt that the pressure on him seemed to have suddenly increased by several times.

‘This woman… What the hell has happened to her!’

“Super Saiyan 2!!”

Xiaya, who was just about to take action, felt delighted and dispersed the space-time ability that he had gathered.

As expected, Meiling did not let him down; she broke through to Super Saiyan 2.

The current Meiling had become so powerful, no weaker than him.


Silver electric arcs entwined around Meiling as she majestically stood there.

Although her small black-lined jacket was somewhat in tatters, it added a bit of valiant and heroic charm to her.

“Super Saiyan 2!” Meiling smacked her lips.

She was feeling good about herself, her eyes full of joy.

Then, she felt the abundant power within her body and revealed a charming smile as she muttered, “My strength has finally caught up with Xiaya.”

“What the hell is happening”

All the people watching the battle, except Xiaya, were dumbfounded and hadn’t recovered their wits.

“I don’t understand, I don’t understand.

She was obviously on her last breath… Why did she suddenly become so strong Even in Heaven, there is no such expert!” Pikkon muttered to himself.

If he was still comparable to or even better than Meiling previously, then now he could completely give up on the idea of

comparing himself with her.

Her revealed strength made Pikkon understand the gap between them.

“…” East Kai stared blankly.

In Heaven, under the huge crystal ball, the dense crowd became completely mute, the atmosphere falling into a dead silence.

After a long time, Grand Kai reacted and inwardly thought, ’This Super Saiyan form is simply too powerful!’

“Bojack, if it hadn’t been for the pressure you put on me, I would not have reached Super Saiyan 2 so soon.

I’m very grateful to you, so to show my thanks, let me personally send you to hell!”

Meiling indifferently smiled, her face full of confidence.

Meiling’s voice had just fallen when, with a muffled sound of air breaking, she turned into a beam of light and appeared in front of Bojack.

She lowered her body, retracted her elbow, and pushed it horizontally.

She did all this in one go! A vigorous punch shot out, sending the panic-stricken Bojack flying.

“Pfff!” Blood spurted out, and the bones of Bojack’s chest were broken into several pieces; causing him to twitch; his expression was one of pain.

“It’s not possible! How can she suddenly become so powerful!” Bojack screamed maniacally, his excited state close to madness.

Meiling smiled coldly and once again disappeared.

She relentlessly launched successive attacks.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A beam of light flashed in the air, and because the speed was too fast, only the loud and rapid sounds of fighting were heard, accompanied by the distortion of space here and there.

Whistling fierce winds whirled around, and whenever a conical distortion appeared in the sky, it was followed by the explosive sounds of sonic booms and a gust of fierce winds.

Meiling was extremely fast, and once she attacked, it would often be accompanied by a heaven destroying and earth exterminating energy.

Pikkon was stunned as he exclaimed, “Bojack is totally not able to fight back!”

Then he smiled bitterly.

If he had known earlier that there was such an expert in the world of the living, then he and his team wouldn’t have to come over at all.

Now, he could only stand on the side and stare at them, which only added to his embarrassment!

“The battle is over!”

Xiaya chuckled, and although he couldn’t take part in the battle, he was extremely happy because Meiling was able to break through, which was more enjoyable than him happily fighting personally.

Sure enough, Meiling glanced at Bojack with a murderous look, and suddenly stopped in the air.

Then, her original boiling aura rose, and her fluttering blond hair, which was surrounded by silvery electric snakes, shockingly formed white ki flames outside.

The corners of Meiling’s mouth slightly curled, revealing a sneer.

She bent her thumb like a hook, pulled back her hand to gather strength, clenched her fists and cutely shouted at Bojack.

A white fist fell from the sky.

It was as if a Ki wall had smashed down, violently knocking Bojack down! The ground trembled and a huge hole appeared.

In the hole, Bojack’s life was hanging by a thread.

The sweat on his body had mixed together with blood, but he was still breathing heavily.

After thinking about his impending doom, Bojack leaped into the sky with anger and unwillingness.

‘Bojack is finished.’

This was the common thought of many people.

The victor was decided.

Meiling’s eyes were cold, as silver electric arcs flashed in front of her.

There was pride and also arrogance written on her exquisite face.


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