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“How can a Super Saiyan be so powerful… Boss is being suppressed by her.” The heart of the Galaxy Soldiers trembled, and then, they glanced at Xiaya who had been paying attention to the battle not far away and their hearts trembled even more.

“The situation is bad! Moreover, that male Super Saiyan is a really powerful person, and so far, he hasn’t even directly participated in the battle!”

Bujin’s expression was constantly changing as he seriously pondered in his heart; he felt that the situation was not good for them.

However, now that his mobility had been restricted, he could only wait for the arrival of a trial.

Not so long ago, weaklings could only crawl in front of them, but in a flash, he himself had gotten into their position.

Unlike Bujin’s confusion, Attlee’s eyes became brighter and brighter; he was overjoyed.

“Wow, this young lady can actually fight Bojack to such an extent… ” At this time, Attlee suddenly heard a gentle voice.

It turned out to be Pikkon with a halo on his head.

He was teleported here with the help of a professional.

“Mr Pikkon!” Attlee excitedly stepped forward and greeted Pikkon, but shortly after, he remembered the loss of their companions and said sadly, “Barnes and Luke… they… they all sacrificed themselves… ”

Pikkon’s countenance changed, and he sighed in sadness, “So, I was late… ”

Once a being of the Underworld dies, it signifies a real death, and they wouldn’t even have the opportunity of reincarnation.

Pikkon’s body swayed a few times, and then he rushed forward, intending to join the battle between Meiling and Bojack; however, a sudden force fettered his body in place.


Xiaya, what are you doing” asked Pikkon in confusion.

“This is Meiling’s battle, so please wait for a short while!”

“Bojack is an evil and unpardonable person, so please release me and let me annihilate Bojack as soon as possible,” Pikkon said through gritted teeth.

Xiaya shook his head and refused, “No, this relates to whether my wife can break through her realm or not, so I can’t let you go.”

“Oh… ”

Pikkon saw that Xiaya was determined and didn’t seem to be fooling around, so he had no choice but to retreat.

However, his body was tensed and ready to attack whenever necessary.

He had stayed in the world of the living for a long time, but he was not in a hurry to go back immediately.

So like everyone else, his eyes were focused on Meiling and Bojack’s battle.

In front, the battle had been going on for a while, and Meiling’s Ki was consumed by more than half.

In order to injure Bojack, she did not hesitate to waste a lot of energy as bait and split into another doppelganger.

At this moment, Her Ki was less than 50% of her peak.

Meiling’s Ki consumption was severe, but Bojack was not much better.

Although he was a Bio-warrior made by the Feidaya people, he was not as good as Dr.

Gero’s Androids.

It must be known that Android 17 and 18 were not only powerful enough to never get exhausted, but they could also improve to a certain extent through training; In contrast, although Bojack was born with great power, his endurance and potential was inferior by a margin when compared to the Androids.

Sometimes he couldn’t help but sigh as Earth’s black technology was indeed powerful!

On the intense battlefield, another bout of battle came to an end.

Meiling stood on the ground, and her chest was heaving up and down, slightly panting for breath.

Her face was covered in sweat as she stared at Bojack not far away.

Wiping the sweat, she immediately launched a fierce attack without any regards for her exhaustion.

‘I can’t go on like this anymore… It seems that I’ll have to use a unique skill.’ Meiling attacked while inwardly making a decision.

She knew that this battle with Bojack was an opportunity that Xiaya had provided for her because she wouldn’t be able to encounter such an expert in ordinary times; thus, Meiling cherished this opportunity very much and planned to use the immense pressure to force herself to break through her current realm.

Although Meiling was not able to inflict even a little bit of fatal injuries to Bojack during their battle, it was not without any gain; At least she was able to understand Bojack’s capabilities.

Bojack was definitely a strong existence, and it was unlikely that Meiling would be able to completely annihilate him even with her Full Power Super Saiyan realm; however, it doesn’t imply that Bojack was too strong.

Bojack’s strength originated from the activities of the cells within his body.

Every time he sustained injuries, the cells within his body would get agitated and pump out a great deal of powerful energy just like a water pump.

However, there is always an upper limit on cell activity for any lifeform before it reaches the life-level.

Meiling determined that Bojack’s level was still under Super Saiyan 2.

After figuring out Bojack’s strength, Meiling’s delicate face finally revealed a smile.

She swiftly retreated, and no longer showing any reservations, she roused her Ki and her strength fully erupted out.

“This is… ” Pikkon, who was watching the battle from far away, revealed a shocked expression.

He did not expect that the woman who was with Xiaya would be so powerful!

‘The world of the living was still hiding such an expert!’ Pikkon was astounded.

As he was at the center of the storm bearing the brunt of it, Bojack was undoubtedly the one who felt it the deepest.

When he directly faced Meiling’s eruption, his heart somewhat trembled.

“How is it possible!” Bojack’s countenance drastically changed, and then, he gritted his teeth and attacked Meiling without hesitation.

Bojack knew that he had to prevent Meiling from taking the initiative this time, thereby hindering her from controlling the rhythm of the battle!

“Come on, it’s the right time!” Meiling opened her bright and calm green eyes, which were faintly flashing with a glimmer of light.

Instantly, the atmosphere heated up.

Cyclones rose, and countless small lights suddenly appeared in their dim line of sight.

These lights were arranged neatly like shiny stars in the Milky Way.

The bright rays of light were very beautiful, inadvertently making people to deeply immerse themselves in its wonderful illusions.

“Star Rampage!” Meiling issued a sharp scream as she launched a wide-area attack.

Suddenly, countless rays of light brightly shining like small knives—as if they possessed life—rapidly rotated.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! 

As the half-inch rays of light streaked through the void, darkness suddenly appeared, and rain-like beams of light fell from the sky.

“Bastard, bastard!” Bojack cursed as he realized that he had already lost the chance to disrupt Meiling.

Bojack could only raise a huge energy barrier to defend the attacks; however, Meiling’s attacks were too concentrated, and he didn’t know what laws the blades were operating on.

The blades had extremely strong penetrating power, so Bojack could only wearily respond by roaring angrily to vent the hatred in his heart.

In a short while, the small blades made thin and deep wounds on Bojack’s bluish skin, and blood continuously sprayed out.


Bojack was seriously injured.

Meiling’s eyes shone as she saw the opportunity that presented itself, and then, she teleported and appeared above Bojack, before lifting her leg and stomping down hard.


As Bojack barrelled into the ground, a deep hole cracked open on and spread out like the fragmented traces of a spiderweb.

Soon, Bojack was lying leaned on his back in the depths of the pit, spitting out blood.

His black headscarf had burned down, and his orange hair was messy; he cut a sorry figure.

“The pressure on Meiling doesn’t seem to be enough!” Xiaya muttered as he frowned.

He discovered something unexpected.

Meiling had the upper hand in the battle with Bojack, and this didn’t conform to his original intention!

Had he always underestimated Meiling’s strength Or, when she was fighting with him in the past, didn’t Meiling go all out

If Meiling were to break through to Super Saiyan 2, she would need greater pressure.

When Gohan battled against Cell Perfect Form, Cell Perfect Form was stronger than Full Power Super Saiyan.

Under the tremendous pressure, Gohan’s potential was stimulated and he finally broke through to Super Saiyan 2.

Xiaya frowned and thought, ‘Meiling is a Saiyan with good latent talent, so she should also have such capability!’ He glanced at Bujin and the rest of the Galaxy soldiers who were imprisoned on the side, their bodies twisting uneasily, and waved his hands to lift the Space Shackle on them.


Xiaya, what are you doing” Pikkon turned pale with fright.

He naturally guessed Xiaya’s intentions as he thought, ’But is she not his wife At this time, why isn’t he helping her Instead, he is boosting the enemy’s power!’

On the distant Kai’s Planet, East Kai gnashed her teeth in anger.

Xiaya glanced at Pikkon coldly and said, “I naturally have my reason to do this, so you should just quietly watch.”

After saying that, Xiaya stared at Meiling with a serious expression.

The reason why he did this was to put pressure on Meiling, but as her husband, Xiaya was also very concerned about Meiling’s life and safety.

Without a hundred percent certainty, he wouldn’t joke around with Meiling’s life.

If Meiling’s life was in danger, he would certainly use his space-time ability to save her.

‘I hope she can endure this pressure,’ Xiaya mused.

“Well, come on!” Seeing that Bujin, Kogu, and Bido had also joined the battle, Meiling eyes shone as she shouted in excitement, her Saiyan’s warlike genes imbuing her with fighting spirit.

Huo! Huo! Huo!

Golden flames raged, and then, there was a brief moment of silence.

Meiling’s long blonde hair fluttered in the air under the brush of the Ki waves, and then, she spread her arms wide, her green pupils without any undulations.

“Everyone go up together and kill the female Saiyan first!”

After enduring a series of attacks from Meiling, Bojack understood the current situation.

In front of life, individual heroism was nothing.

He directly beckoned his companions to come up and attack Meiling from all sides.

“Okay, boss!”

“Go up together, and kill her!”

Kogu and the others all understood that the situation was not good for them, so they all nodded and energetically operated their most powerful moves to attack Meiling.

Seeing this, Meiling’s delicate body swayed, and then, she stamped her foot hard.

A majestic and surging force passed through the bottom of her foot, and the ground suddenly exploded like a flour; then, the immense counter force pushed her body, causing it to rise quickly at the same time.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The rapid sounds of battle could be heard.

Suddenly, Bujin was sent flying with a punch, while Kogu was also struck flying.


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