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“It seems that we have uninvited guests!” Bojack vaguely felt that someone had intervened in the battle even from far away.

His eyes slightly narrowed as he was very angry because someone dared to disturb his fun time.

His originally cold and stern expression quickly became gloomy.

“Well, since someone is so eager to court death, then I will help them with it!” Bojack stood upright, as an indifferent sneer hung on the corners of his mouth, looking as if he was sure of victory.

However, when he got a clear look at the people who had come, his expression suddenly froze; after a while, a cold and gloomy smile was on his face, and then he gnashed his teeth in anger as he roared out the identity of the people who had come, “Super Saiyans!!”

“Good, good, good, I haven’t come looking for you lot yet, but you Super Saiyans have come to my door instead.

It’s really a pleasant surprise!”

Bojack laughed out loud and recovered from the earlier surprise.

He suddenly felt that his luck was unexpectedly so good.

It hadn’t been long that he escaped from his seal and he had already found the Super Saiyans that he had been dreaming about for a long time; this would save him a lot of trouble.

Bojack was emitting a cold Ki, and his devilish grin was like a bloodthirsty demon, frightening to behold.

At this time, Xiaya was also attentively looking at Bojack and his companions who were not far away, and the corners of his mouth curled into what looked like a smile yet not a smile.

He activated the Spirit Eye secret skill, and details on Bojack and his companions was projected in his eyes.

‘As expected, Bojack is the strongest among these people, with 4 billion Battle Power, which is close to Cell Perfect Form’s power level,’ Xiaya mused.

The rest of the companions were a little weaker.

Among them, Kogu was the most powerful, and the remaining two were only a little bit more powerful than Zangya.

Their Battle Power was between 2.5 billion and 3 billion.

“Meiling, I’ll hand over this Bojack to you to play,” All of a sudden, Xiaya turned to Meiling who was by his side and said.

Meiling was currently in Full Power state, and she was not much weaker than Bojack.

It was quite rare to meet an opponent like Bojack who was evenly matched to her, so Xiaya hoped that she could make a breakthrough with this opportunity.

Of course, he would be watching from the side, so he believed that Meiling’s life would not be in danger.

“Leave him to me!”

Not afraid, Meiling stepped forward, brimming with fighting spirit.

Actually, after encountering an opponent like Bojack, Meiling’s blood was boiling.

She understood Xiaya’s intentions.

In fact, she also intended to make a breakthrough with this opportunity!

Turning around and deeply looking at Xiaya, Meiling’s lips split into a smile, and then her body flashed, appearing in front of Bojack.

Seeing this, Kogu and the others frowned; they naturally would not let Meiling do as she wished, so they stepped forward together, intending to block Meiling.

“This is not a battle you can intervene in… Get lost!”

A voice suddenly thundered in the ears of Kogu and the others, shaking their scalp until it felt numb.

Looking over, they found out that the male Super Saiyan, who was standing next to the girl, was looking at them with an icy expression in his eyes which, without any reason, caused them to shudder.

Xiaya certainly wouldn’t look on from the sidelines as the others wrecked Meiling’s fight.

He softly shouted, and struck the void a few times.

Suddenly, an extraordinary and inexplicable force suddenly pierced through space and acted on Kogu and the others, and then, as if they were being fiercely struck by a hammer, the three companions were uncontrollably sent flying to the side.

This skill was the same as when Zangya was easily captured.

“What is going on” A bad omen flitted across Kogu and Bujin’s hearts and they shouted uneasily.

At this time, their bodies seemed to be trapped with a layer of shackles.

No matter how they struggled, they could not get rid of the shackles.

They couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with shock as they stared at the Saiyan in the distance with fear evident in their eyes.

“Just be quiet,” Xiaya said indifferently.

Then, regardless of whether Senzu Beans had any effect on the Underworld’s living beings, Xiaya took out a Senzu Bean and fed it to Attlee.

Fortunately, because he had a physical body, the Senzu Bean was effective on Attlee, causing him to quickly recover.

“Who are you” Attlee had already realized something, but it was because of this realisation that he asked in astonishment.

Xiaya shook his head and said, “It doesn’t matter who we are, just stand on the side and watch.”

As he spoke, an aura of someone in authority spread out from him, causing Attlee to feel heavy pressure.

Attlee nodded in a daze and then turned his sight to the battlefield not far away.

‘Does this golden-haired girl really intend to fight with Bojack alone But… her opponent is Bojack!’ Attlee felt confused.

At this time, Bojack felt that these pair of Super Saiyans were different from the ones he had encountered before.

They seemed to be even more powerful.

This feeling was the same when he had encountered the red-haired Saiyan; hence Bojack’s sinister face changed continuously, and slowly, fear crept into his heart.

At this moment, he somewhat lost his confidence, such that he didn’t dare to act recklessly.

“It doesn’t matter why are you both different… You will die today! Hell Explosion Wave!” Bojack roared.

Bojack decisively chose to strike first and gain the upper hand.

He burst into a loud shout and fiercely stamped his foot on the ground, and like a lightning ray, he rushed over with a large amount of energy spread out at the same time, entangling Meiling.

He went all out with his first attack.

“Break!” The pretty face of Meiling was contorted with anger.

She spread out her arms and dispelled the power, which was encircling her, with great effort.

Boom! Boom!

The sky shook and the earth quaked.

The imposing aura was like a rainbow, as the majestic energy instantly turned into a ring of bright fog; It shot out like ocean spray, with peculiar ripples immediately appearing in the silent and suffocative sky.

In an instant, it spread out to the far distance.

At this time, in the distant East Kai’s Planet…

East Kai had already sensed the frightening battle that was taking place in the mortal world via her Planet.

It seemed that even her Planet could feel the frightening nature of the battle, sending out a burst of violent high-frequency vibrations.

East Kai was stunned.

She looked at the mortal world with a flustered look and said incredulously, “How can these mortals be so powerful This Bojack, the demon that disrupts the galaxy is one thing, but I didn’t expect that even the Super Saiyan will be so powerful.”

The situation in the mortal world really made her very worried.

It seemed like the fragile planet could collapse at any time.

But at the same time, she was also exhilarated as she mused, ’Hmm… It seems that the female Saiyan can contend against Bojack.’


Under the heavy pressure, tiny cracks appeared on the surface of the planet, and then, they rapidly expanded.

It didn’t take long for the small cracks to become a wide chasm, and under the pull of the powerful energy, some small pebbles started floating without the influence of gravity, with dense black clouds gathering together.

The black clouds pushed down on a city with a kind of suppression that made it difficult for people to breath.

Between the sky and ground, Meiling’s figure entangled with Bojack as they violently clashed.

As the two fought, a cyclone spread out along the surface of impact.

They were in touch for only a short time; their speed could no longer be measured by time.

They quickly exchanged blows and quickly separated right after.

“Hell Punch!”

Bojack didn’t feel good at being suppressed.

How could he, one who considered himself the best in the world, be suppressed so much.

He loudly roared in anger, and then his power—defence, speed, attack power, and destructive power—sharply increased by several times, as the revolting black energy transformed into a vicious Hell Dragon.

He threw out a punch which was like tigers and dragons roaring, very powerful.

When Meiling saw this, her heart couldn’t help but palpitate.

Her pupils shrank as she gazed at Bojack; however, she couldn’t dodge and could only face the attack head-on.

“Energy Blade!”


Suddenly, light dots converged into a sparkling and shiny crescent-shaped blade which was thin like a cicada’s wing; no, it was even thinner than a cicada’s wing.

In that instant, countless splendors flashed through the smooth air and entangled with Bojack’s Hell Dragon.


A golden ball suddenly expanded, and at this time, Meiling’s eyes lit up and she rushed up.

Bang! Bang! Bang! 

As they clashed, intense collisions and afterimages were everywhere.

Bojack was not easy to deal with.

He constantly changed his body’s shape, so Meiling was never able to gain an advantage.

Soon, they had fought hundreds of times in quick succession!


A huge force rushed straight down, and the tiny gravels suddenly accelerated within a thousandth of a second, with tiny cold lights flickering.

Xiaya calmly looked at the fight below as a hint of a smile flashed on his face.

‘As long as she can put on more effort, Meiling may be able to break through the limit of Super Saiyan Full Power,’ Xiaya was full of expectations as he mused.

Perhaps, because of her fusion, Meiling’s physical strength was greater than the average Super Saiyan, just like Gotenks; after Goten and Trunks fused together, they had the ability to break through Super Saiyan 3 at a young age, which was a little bit exaggerated.

Although it was not as unreasonable as Gotenks’, Meiling’s physical strength was still strong enough.

However, this advantage also brought about a little misfortune which was that the individual Super-Saiyan form of both Xiling and Myers had met with obstructions as if their potential had been sucked away by Meiling.

Their individual Super Saiyan form had not made any breakthrough and was still at the Ordinary Super Saiyan stage.

This was the bad aspect of the Fusion Technique.

Fortunately, Xiling and Myers had been by Xiaya’s side for a long time, and in a sense, both of them were one person.


At this time, whether it was Attlee, the Underworld warrior, or the several Galaxy Soldiers, they all looked on sluggishly.

Their eyes protruded out as if they did not dare to believe the scene in front of them.


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