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“Is that it Hmph! That wasn’t even enough for a warm-up!”

Bojack disdainfully looked at Attlee, Barnes, and the others, who were already tired, and shook his head, as he thought, ‘They are really too weak.’

At this time, he noticed the halo above the heads of the Underworld warriors.

He stared blankly before he suddenly laughed and said, “Hehehe… interesting, interesting.

Who would have thought that even people from Underworld would show up; I wonder what would happen if they were killed again”

Bojack laughed happily.

He had a sudden urge to carry it out.

As he had just broken out of the darkness that sealed him for so many years, his mental state was a bit unstable compared to normal people.

However, after a period of recovery, his energy reached its peak.

Bujin disdainfully said, “Does it mean that this Galaxy has no expert They even had to use the power of Underworld.”

“After killing them, let’s go find those Kais and settle our debt!”

“I heard that Underworld has something called Fountain of Youth… Would it have any effect on us…”

“Even if there is no effect, it should have other functions”

“Those Kais must have a lot of treasures back in their place; I’m excited just thinking about it!”

“Damn it!!”

Attlee, the purple-skinned demi-human, had a grave expression on his face; his cheeks, which were covered with decorative patterns, were drenched with sparkling and translucent beads of sweat.

Soul bodies had no way to replenish energy in the world of the living, so If too much energy was expended, it would reduce the length of time they had to stay in the world of the Living.

However, there was nothing to could do about that; they had to give their best shot.

“Barnes, Luke, Ambrose… continue to attack!” Attlee shouted, full of fighting spirit.

“OK!” The rest of the Underworld warriors responded.

Their tired bodies once again erupted with a brilliance; however, the light they were exuding was a lot stronger now.

They had been forced to use their full strength which exceeded what their soul body could bear in the world of the living; but, such a state couldn’t last long.

Following a tremor, the several Underworld warriors crazily erupted with vigorous energy.

Bojack’s strength was indeed beyond their imagination, and the most powerful person amongst them, Pikkon, wasn’t here.

If they continued like this, they would sooner or later get defeated, so they had to stall until Pikkon arrives.

Bojack disdainfully said, “Being weak and of lower status is a crime.

You shouldn’t have come from Underworld… Bujin, kill them as quickly as possible.”

“Hehe, Understood boss.”

Bujin and the others standing right next to Bojack laughed.

Bujin, Kogu and Bido’s energy joined together, and like a strong wall, it barred the path of the Underworld warriors and directly pushed horizontally.

The Ki wall swept them away like a fierce wind sweeping through dead leaves, impossible to resist.

A storm then erupted out of the Underworld warriors and collided with the Ki wall, but just like an ice cube that had fallen into an oil pan, the storm turned to thin streams of air amidst ear-piercing sounds and quickly dissipated.

“Damn!!” Attlee had a terrified expression on his face.

His purple cheeks were covered with sparkling and translucent beads of sweat, and the Ki flames wrapped around them dissipated.

They had no choice but to use their bodies to contend against the opponent.

With a loud sound, the attacks by Attlee and others were all dispelled.

“How can there be such monsters in the world of the living” After a few bouts with Bojack’s companions, the Underworld warriors failed to get an advantage.

They had used their full strength, but their attacks which were always successful in the past did not seem to have any effect at all in front of Bojack and his companions.

“Change direction… Barnes, Luke, both of you should attack from the other side; Ambrose, Crof, we will continue to attack!”

“Okay!” They responded, changed their attack strategy and continued to untiringly fight Bojack.

From their slightly trembling bodies, a brilliance once again erupted, but it was much weaker than before.

Whether it was Barnes or Luke, their attack speed had slowed down by a considerable amount.

They were all very clear that if the battle continued like this, the hope of victory will become nothing but wishful thinking.

However, they could only hope that Pikkon would arrive early.

Pikkon was the strongest of amongst them, so only he had a chance of defeating Bojack.

Grand Kai’s Planet.

In a flat outdoor plaza, a huge crystal ball was shining, displaying the battle in the mortal world.

On the side, a dense crowd of Heaven’s heroes surrounded it, watching the battle.

When they saw that Attlee and the others were no match for Bojack, a sigh immediately broke out in Heaven.

Grand Kai frowned and inwardly thought, ‘Not good! Who would have thought that this Bojack would be so powerful… even Attlee and the rest are not a match for him!’

“Pikkon, if you don’t quickly rush over there, they will be in danger.”

Even though there were many people with a physical body on Grand Kai’s Planet, those who could really be counted as super-experts include only Pikkon and a few other people.

At present, Grand Kai had already sent down the most powerful heroes in Heaven, and if even such a line-up could lose, then he was out of options.


Huo! Huo!

Bojack, who had been leisurely watching for a long time, suddenly attacked.

He quickly flew over as the scenery quickly flashed by, and when he appeared once again, he had already arrived beside Barnes and Luke.

He attacked, resulting in a berserk fist power which shot out from his hands.

“Oh no!”

Barnes’ face drastically changed, but it was already too late.


The sounds of bone breaking could be heard, and Barnes’ shoulder was completely deformed as an explosive power poured out from one side of his body.

The violent and destructive power destroyed half of his body and sent him flying.

“Barnes!” Luke’s heart trembled, and the fury in his chest burned fiercely.

However, at this time, Bojack had already arrived in front of Luke.

Bojack’s deep and cold gaze was branded in his eyes.

The icy-cold and dark aura, full of killing intent, made people shudder.

Luke dully stared at him, and he seemed to have lost control over his body.

“Die!” Bojack said with indifference as if time had frozen.

Bojack waved his fist at Luke’s stomach.

The blow pierced straight through his body, causing the muscles of his stomach to protrude out from behind.

His body pierced through the air like a kite with its string cut, drawing a beautiful arc midair.

Bojack smiled coldly, and once again attacked the others.

With a few muffled sounds, Ambrose and others suddenly screamed and flew out, before falling to the ground.

The halo above their head flashed a few times and then dimmed before disappearing.

Seeing their boss’s invincible might as he took care of the enemy in a few seconds, Kogu and the others couldn’t help but feel greatly encouraged.

Kogu evilly grinned, and his huge sword slid down from the sky, as a poignant light shone with the crescent-shaped afterimages, rushing towards Attlee below.

“Damn it, die!!!”

Atley screamed, and his body suddenly erupted out with strong energy.

A cyclone rotated around him, as the chaotic airflows suddenly condensed together before they immediately exploded.

It seemed to have the upper hand for a while.

However, good times do not last long; Kogu’s eyes flashed with a gloomy light, as an evil aura rippled out, and his whole body unexpectedly swelled.

“Blade flash!”

“Purple Cyclone!”

Instantly, the two raging energies radiated calmness and turmoil.

Kogu’s sword was extremely sharp, as it instantly chopped the space, forming a very thin and smooth tangential line in the dense purple cloud.

The astonishing super attack made contact with the purple energy and immediately swelled like a balloon.

Licking his lips, Kogu coldly retracted the handle of his sword.


The energy erupted out, and an earth-shattering and frightening sound was transmitted over to the distance.

A huge fireball rose in the atmosphere.

Its size was enormous as if countless large-yield nuclear bombs had detonated.

There was not enough time for Attlee to escape, as he was unwillingly drowned in the frightening energy.

“Hehe… these Underworld warriors are just so-so,” Kogu smiled coldly, his blue eyes flashing with contempt as he said.


The crowd on Grand Kai Star lost their voice.

They were all stunned by the power shown by Bojack and his companions.

They thought about it by putting themselves in their shoes, ‘What if I were the one facing them’

‘I will die!’

Everyone simultaneously came to this same conclusion, and they couldn’t help but be terrified; this terror then turned to despair as they thought, ’Is there no one in the universe who can stop them’

It seemed that this was indeed the case.

With the defeat and death of Ambrose, Barnes and the others, their belief in victory also began to wane.

Meanwhile, in the world of the living.

On the unknown planet, the scenery was blurred for a period of time before it finally became clear again only to see that the chain of mountains was completely flattened into a yellow wasteland.

An unpleasant smell drifted along with the slowly rising black smoke.

In the middle, a frightening ring-like enormous pit of unknown depth and a diameter of 10,000 meters appeared in the line of sight.

10,000 meters in the sky, two golden figures were floating above the giant ring-shaped pit.

Xiaya was carrying the purple-skinned Attlee; the purple soul was only faintly discernible, threatening to disappear at any moment.


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