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“So, he is Pikkon.” Xiaya looked at the person in front of him and immediately felt somewhat relieved.

’This Pikkon looks a little like a Namekian, but the difference is that he doesn’t have two antennas like the Namekians do,’ Xiaya mused.

In Xiaya’s understanding, Pikkon was very strong.

He was originally the strongest warrior under West Kai, and because of his contributions before his death, he kept his physical body after death and continued to train in the Underworld.

He was also a very righteous person.

The lifeforms in the universe were generally quite weak, so lifeforms with Battle Power above 10,000 were rare.

In the Heavens, heroes like Pikkon retained their physical body to train even after death, but to reach the level of Cell Perfect Form was not easy; thus, among the very few Underworld experts, Pikkon was extremely outstanding.

So, after hearing that he was Pikkon, Xiaya didn’t find it strange.

It must be known that even the Supreme Kai, who manages the entire universe, or Dabura, the king of the Demon Realm, were also roughly at this level.

Especially Dabura, whose strength was neither too strong nor weak; he had faced difficulty in surviving the harsh and brutal environment of the Demon Realm which was full of dangers.

Pikkon could reach the same level as Dabura, which was unique in Underworld.

“My name is Xiaya, and this is my wife, Meiling.

We were not invited by the Kai to deal with Big Gete Star.

Furthermore, we only attacked Big Gete Star because they provoked us; also, since you were invited by the Kai, then you can handle the rest,” Xiaya said politely.

“Of course!”

To return politeness with politeness, Pikkon also spoke in a polite tone.

As experts of the same level, naturally, there had to be a corresponding treatment; besides,  Pikkon knew that he wasn’t a match for Xiaya, so it was not wrong to be a little polite.

Xiaya smiled and said nothing.

He was preparing to leave with Meiling when East Kai’s voice suddenly sounded beside his ear.

“Wait a moment… I am the Kai of East Area, and you are Saiyan of planet Hongshan, right I want you to do something… ”

East Kai sounded anxious.

However, her tone seemed to be proud and arrogant, and Xiaya couldn’t help but frown at her arrogant and bossy tone.

It must be said that among the four Kais of the Galaxy, Xiaya was most familiar with North Kai, and compared with North Kai, this East Kai gave him a bad mood.

Forget about North Kai, even compared with Pikkon before him who he just met for the first time, East Kai’s personality was really a big let down.

If people respect me, I will respect them in kind; Xiaya had always been open to persuasion, but not to coercion.

He may listen to them if they speak nicely, but he didn’t feel good at East Kai’s attitude, so his tone was naturally not polite.

Xiaya coldly said, “East Kai, you have to know that whenever we—the Saiyan of Planet Hongshan—come out for a mission, we ask for remuneration in return; so, If there is no equal remuneration, then please keep your mouth shut.”

“You… ”

East Kai’s tone was fierce as no one had ever dared to speak to her like that.

She couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

But when she recalled Xiaya’s strength and that she still needed his help, she decided to collect herself and bear it; she said, “Your Excellency, the entire Galaxy is about to face a huge disaster.

Right now, the Galaxy’s living beings need your strength.”

“What danger is the Galaxy facing” Xiaya inquired.

“The Galactic Soldier, Bojack, from 200,000 years ago has already broken out from his seal.

This evil soldier had once caused huge damages to the entire Galaxy.

Now, the situation has deteriorated even more.

Further, It was precisely Bojack and his companions who destroyed the Galactic Patrol organization some time ago,” East Kai replied.

The news from East Kai made Xiaya somewhat fearful.

He originally thought that Big Gete Star had sent someone to destroy the Galactic Patrol organization. ’So, it wasn’t Big Gete Star… Furthermore, Bojack breaking free from the seal is really a disaster for the Galaxy.

No wonder East Kai would even invite Pikkon and others.

It seems that this is not just about simply dealing with Big Gete Star; the real target is Bojack!’

But what does this have to do with Xiaya

“East Kai, I think you have made a mistake.

What does Bojack breaking free from his seal have to do with me It’s not as if I let him out.

As long as Bojack doesn’t provoke me, I won’t intervene,” Xiaya said.

Although the Saiyans were a fighting race, it was impossible to generously go to their doom for the so-called righteousness.

After all, the current strength of the Saiyan race was not worth mentioning in front of the real high-level “Gods”; It was only Xiaya, Xiling and other few Saiyans that were really powerful.

Xiaya himself didn’t care about Bojack.

Ordinary Saiyans couldn’t intervene because of their inadequate strength, so they wouldn’t be able to enjoy the fun of fighting, while Xiaya himself was not willing to intervene; therefore, why should he agree to East Kai’s request

“Hey!” Xiaya’s attitude made East Kai extremely angry.

She felt that Xiaya was completely being lax. ’These Saiyans are really stupid,’ She cursed.

East Kai quelled her anger and said, “As far as I know, there is a companion of Bojack hiding on Planet Hongshan—the one called Zangya; Also, what about the Feidaya people… aren’t Bojack and his companions the evil that they created Ultimately, it’s related to you Saiyans!”

“East Kai, are you berating me” Xiaya raised his eyebrows and his countenance turned cold.

East Kai was shocked and she immediately lowered her attitude and replied, “You misunderstand… it was not my intention to blame you; it’s just… for the numerous living beings of the Galaxy, I am begging you to help!”

’Although this Saiyan’s attitude is repulsive, the time that Pikkon and the others have in the world of the living is, after all, only one day.

Thus, to completely wipe out Bojack, the help of this Saiyan’s strength will be needed.’ At this time, East Kai still had an air of superiority around her, exhibiting arrogance.

This was completely different from North Kai, the short guy.

Xiaya muttered to himself for a moment.

He felt that it won’t be good to fall out with a Kai, so he said, “Let me take action then, but Zangya will not be included in it.”


“I’ll leave the mop-up of the Big Gete Star to you, Pikkon; so, East Kai, tell us where Bojack is.”

Xiaya thought about it for a moment and agreed.

After all, Bojack’s existence was indeed a hidden danger.

He also didn’t want Bojack to wreak havoc in the Galaxy.

If some things had to be done, then they must be done; Xiaya won’t allow Bojack to wreak havoc just because it was irrelevant to his interests.

Although the origins of Bojack and his companions were related to the Feidaya people, they could no longer control Bojack and his companions.

‘If one day they provoke me, it will already be too late.’ Xiaya mused.

What’s more, the way in which an evil guy like Bojack behaved was in conflict with the principles that Xiaya adhered to!

“That’s great!” After reaching an agreement with Xiaya, East Kai became delighted and said, “Bojack and his accomplices are now in a starfield not far from Big Gete Star.

Moreover, several warriors from Underworld are surrounding and suppressing them… ”

Then East Kai informed Xiaya about the location of Bojack.

Xiaya and Pikkon nodded, and then together with Meiling, Xiaya teleported away.


A few hundred light years away, a galaxy formed around a red dwarf star.

More than a dozen planets of varying colors orbited around the red dwarf star at the center.

At this time, on the fourth planet among them, six people from Underworld, such as Attlee and Barnes, were confronting Bojack and his 3 companions.

Among these several people, Bojack was the most powerful, with strength equivalent to Cell Perfect Form, and the remaining few were a little bit weaker and had a clear disparity with Bojack.

Although there was a certain disparity in strength, Attlee and the others from the Underworld dominated in terms of numbers and with guidance gotten from the Grand Kai; as a result, both sides were in a deadlock for a while, with no one able to deal with the other.


Bojack attacks were as light as a feather amidst the battle.

Fireballs rose from the ground towards the sky, and in an instant, dense smoke rose to the height of 10,000 meters, causing a dazzling brilliance to spread out like a huge searchlight shining on the planet.

Immediately, the two sides of the planet lost the dividing line between light and darkness, and the dense light rays brightly illuminated every corner of the planet.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The planet was shaking, with black smoke rising everywhere.

This beautiful planet suffered from the disaster, and as if they were aware that doomsday was arriving, in the mountains, different types of animals were fleeing for their lives.

With a rumbling explosion, boiling heat descended from the sky, instantly turning everything into ashes.

The sparse air seemed to have dispersed a lot by the attacks, and the air pressure suddenly dropped.

The battle between the Underworld Warriors and Bojack lasted for a long time.

After lacking the main force, Pikkon, Underworld’s overall strength was not as good as Bojack and his companions.

Shortly after the battle continued, Attlee, Barnes, and others were not even able to stand, already exhausted.

Whereas, on the Galaxy Soldiers side, except for Bujin and Bido who looked slightly tired, Bojack and the swordsman Kogu were still full of energy.

Under the black headscarf, a sneer hung on Bojack’s bluish face, and his pair of eyes were like a demon staring at weak lambs, exuding a deep chill.

Bojack’s body was still mighty and powerful.

Besides his dark blue jacket being stained with a little dust, it was not damaged at all.


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