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Manuel flew into a rage and smashed his fist on a tempered plate, causing the plate to sink in.

“Important personnel immediately evacuate and raise Big Gete Star’s defense to the highest level.

Furthermore, fully activate all the Meta-Saibamen!” Manuel ordered.


“Activate the highest defense; the defense is activating!”

The top-level personnel of Big Gete Star conversed via computers in their cerebral cortex.

The seemingly cumbersome communication actually took less than a millisecond.

Shortly afterward, Big Gete Star’s defense mechanism fully activated, and the solid defense began to compete with the chaotic and disorderly energy storm.

However, Xiaya’s attack was very strong, and soon after, the protective net was torn apart.

Boom! Boom!

A series of shock waves fell on the surface of the planet, and a loud gong-like sound reverberated everywhere in the Big Gete Star.

Emerald-white metal dust, following the waves of blasts, splashed out, and the planet suddenly fell into disorder.

When the waves of energy subsided, the ball-like Big Gete Star was like a squashed ball; one side of the ball was still spherical, but the other side had sunken by three-quarters area.

It sunk by tens of thousands of kilometers, and bright-red metallic lava was flowing along the terrain in the middle.

“Quick look… what is that”

As Xiaya and Meiling teleported to the surface of Big Gete Star, Manuel—who had already retreated into the center of the planet—saw two blonde figures appearing in the sky from the screen.

He immediately understood that they were the people behind the attack just now.

“What are you waiting for Dispatch all the Meta-Saibamen immediately!” Manuel roared.

“Yes!” The staff members hurriedly operated the computers.

Then, Xiaya and Meiling saw numerous packed containers suddenly rise from below the ground, and the door of the containers suddenly opened, as countless glittering green figures awakened and walked out of them.

This scene resembled countless “worker bees” climbing out of a beehive, with each green dot representing a Meta-Saibamen.

Their numbers were countless times more than they were at Planet Hongshan.

“My Meta-Warriors, completely annihilate these intruders!”

In the control room, Manuel was filled with anger as he looked at the blonde duo floating in midair and immediately passed down the ‘Kill’ command to the brain of all the Meta-Saibamen.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

A Bloodthirsty and murderous intent suddenly pervaded the surroundings, and the scarlet eyes of the numerous Meta-Saibamen lit up as they stared at Xiaya and Meiling.

Then, as if they had discovered their prey, they all screamed and swarmed towards Xiaya and Meiling.

In the blink of an eye, the dense crowd of figures occupied XIaya and Meiling’s entire field of vision.

As they raised their head and looked towards them, XIaya and Meiling could see a boundless green scenery.

Xiaya grinned and twisted his neck, the bones making “snapping” sounds.

“Meiling, we’ll compete on who destroys more Meta-Coolers!”

“All right!”

Responding heartily, Meiling glanced at the metal lifeforms, turned around and smiled.

Then, she forcefully swung her arms, and her slender body immediately erupted with astonishing energy.

Meiling’s blonde hair fluttered, and the blurred figure split into two.

Then, like a giant roller charging over, all the Metal lifeforms that she hit were crushed by the strong impact.


Due to Meiling’s attack, various emerald green limbs scattered like raindrops and littered everywhere.

Meiling glanced excitedly at the results of her attack as a ray of light flashed in her green eyes.

She gave a loud shout, and her body rushed to the sky, blazing and flowing with energy.

Her energy surged, raising a whirlwind.

Afterward, she randomly grabbed a Meta-Saibamen’s broken limb and rapidly moved about like a golden hazy whirlwind.

Suddenly, the ear-piercing sounds of metal scraping a pane of glass could be heard.

The Meta-Saibamen that were barring her path entered the range of the golden energy attack and ended up without any remains like they were thrown into a deep fryer.

“Meiling… This brat used all of her power at once.”

Xiaya looked at her with a stiff expression.

His smirk was gone as he mused, ‘This girl has taken the lead.

If it continues like this, wouldn’t I lose the competition’ Xiaya had to get back the dominating position!

Xiaya smacked his lips and snapped his fingers continuously in the air.

Suddenly, a series of winding cracks—like tiny earthworms—appeared in the space, and then, the crack grew larger and soon became like a zig-zagging snake.

In the blood-red background, these appeared even more frightening as they flicked out their tongues.

The blood-red snake would occasionally come and go; their huge maws opened wide and immediately swallowed the several metal lifeforms.

In the face of the power of space-time cracks, the strength of the Meta-Saibamen seemed meager.

Big Gete Star’s offense and defenses completely lost their balance, becoming hard-pressed.

Seeing this, Meiling turned around and merrily laughed towards Xiaya.

At this time, Big Gete Star seemed to have become a playground for this husband and wife pair.

Inside the core of the planet, Manuel looked stunned as he lifelessly pointed at the scenes on the screen.

“This… what the hell is going on”

Manuel was so angry that he was trembling.

‘These are my strongest Saibamen… how come they are so useless’

He felt as if he was sitting on a roller coaster ride.

From the beginning, he was so worked up and angry that he suddenly felt an icy and chilling feeling in his bones.

He was left speechless.

How could the peerless Meta-Saibamen they were so proud of now turn out so weak The perfect warriors in Manuel’s heart instantly turned into clay chicken and pottery dogs, which was a huge blow to his heart.

“Sir…these two warriors seem to be the leaders of Planet Hongshan…” Mond recognized Xiaya and said.

He swallowed but found that his throat was dry.

Manuel’s eyes were dark; he was close to vomiting blood.


Outside the Big Gete Star, Pikkon entered the nebula where Big Gete Star was situated through the guidance of an expert, but the scene he saw made him surprised.

“What the hell happened here!”

The powerful energy permeating the entire nebula formed a huge cyclone under the constraints of the rules of the universe.

The central position seemed to be the eye of the huge typhoon, attracting the energy from the area around the entire planet to revolve around it.

Even though he had not witnessed the main cause of this phenomenon, Pikkon felt a surging excitement; this was an emotion that he had not felt for many years.

“What a powerful energy.

Who would have thought that there would be such experts in the mortal world!”

Pikkon narrowed his eyes and looked at Big Gete Star in surprise; It looked like it had been battered by seawater, resembling a stone fortress on a beach.

It was a vast and dense fog-like golden light, and the illusory feeling between real and unreal was like a cloud, captivating people’s soul yet containing mysterious unknowns and yearnings at the same time.


Suddenly, the sound of a glass shattering could be heard.

The entire nebula began to shake, and under the powerful air currents, the dense fog outside the nebula dispersed, revealing the half-fragmented Big Gete Star inside.

At this time, the two golden lights were continuously attacking.

Every time they intersect, a part of the emerald green planet would sink in.


The Meta-Saibamen of Big Gete Star were completely destroyed, and next would be the main culprits—Big Gete Star.

Pikkon’s green skin slightly trembled, and his pair of wine-colored pupils shimmered with a strange brilliance.

He seemed to be somewhat excited.

If he could have a round with such a warrior without holding anything back, then, he would be too lucky.

Of course, Pikkon knew that the current him couldn’t do as he pleased since he could only stay for a day in the world of the living, and it was also important to complete the mission that Grand Kai had given him.

Pikkon stopped pondering and ordered the people who brought him here to leave, and then, he flew ahead and arrived in front of Xiaya and Meiling.

“Are you two also warriors that the Great East Kai invited to destroy the Big Gete Star” Pikkon inquired.

“Hm Have you come from the Underworld” Xiaya paid attention to Pikkon, specifically the halo on his head which indicated that the person was from the Underworld.

More importantly, Xiaya sensed that the aura of this person who had come from the Underworld was not much weaker than Meiling in Super Saiyan state.

‘It’s another person at Cell Perfect Form’s level,’ Xiaya mused.

Actually, even a Supreme Kais level was not more than this, or it was even somewhat worse.

Not many people of this level were seen in the Underworld.

They were absolutely as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.

Xiaya and Meiling both stopped what they were doing and sized up the uninvited guest before them.

“I’m Pikkon; I was invited by the Great Kai to come and destroy Big Gete Star, but it seems that you both have already taken action before I did.

Thus, I have a lot of time left,” Pikkon introduced himself and said with a smile.


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