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Grand Kai’s Planet was located in a higher dimension of the Galaxy.

It was connected to Heaven of Underworld.

It was an enormous planet on which the Galaxy’s heroes, who had made great contributions over the many years, were living on it.

At this time, in Grand Kai’s palace, seven people in a row were kneeling on one knee in front of Grand Kai.

“Pikkon, Attlee, and Barnes… I have gathered you here together because of a huge crisis in the world of the living.

Bojack has broken through the seal and returned.

So, I need you seven to go to the mortal world and save the world of the living.”

Grand Kai was wearing a tall Kai’s hat as he explained the situation with a solemn expression.

“The great Grand Kai, is that Bojack the same guy who created chaos in the Galaxy 200,000 years ago” Pikkon raised his head and asked.

“Yes, it was him along with several of his companions.

They are now in a starfield of the East Area,” Grand Kai swept his eyes over everyone and answered with certainty.

Hearing his words, Pikkon and the other’s heart sank.

Although they had personally experienced the strength of Bojack and his companions, It could be said that Bojack’s reputation, even after 200,000 years, was still very resounding! They had seriously combed through the strong experts who had appeared in history during their time in Heaven, and amongst them naturally included Bojack and his companions.

When they heard that their opponent this time was Bojack, Pikkon and the others could feel pressure in their heart.

To be honest, even though they had trained in Heaven for so many years, they didn’t have enough confidence to deal with Bojack and his companions who shook the Galaxy 200,000 years ago and turned it upside down.

After a person in the living world died, their soul could enter Underworld, and once the soul in Underworld dies, it could not be saved at all.

However, now, the world of the living had suffered a great catastrophe, so they couldn’t sit back and ignore them.

“This war is very dangerous, so you have to be careful.

I have contacted East Kai in the mortal world and told her to arrange a psychic to open the passage between the world of the living and world of the dead.”

“Remember, you only have one day.”

“Yes, Great Grand Kai.”

“We will definitely complete the mission,” Pikkon and the other experts of Underworld said in unison with a “not afraid of death expression”.

They were some of the few experts in Heaven, and they made great contributions during their lifetime to retain their physical body after death.

They had a pure sense of justice in their hearts.

But one thing was clear; they were not of an abnormal race like that of the Frost Demons before their death, so their strength was gradually built up over the years.

“Go!” Grand Kai worriedly waved his hand, letting a staff of Heaven lead them out.

The seven people, including Pikkon, got up and left.

The staff walked together with them along a cyan-colored path, which was very long and had no end in sight.

There were springs emitting bubbles on both sides.

These springs were filled with churning golden liquid, and as the bubbles in the golden liquid popped, the resounding cries of a little child could be heard.

At the end of the cyan-colored path, East Kai was waiting; she had been waiting there for a long time.

“Pikkon, hurry up a little.

The psychic in the world of the living is about to open the passage between the world of living and world of death, so I will send you to the East Area now.”

Pikkon politely said, “We have troubled you, East Kai.”

Before his death, he was one of the few experts in the administrative region of West Kai and had met East Kai several times when training on Grand Kai’s Planet.

East Kai nodded and hurriedly contacted the East Area’s psychic.

Soon, she saw several colorful bubbles flash, and Heaven’s warriors were transferred to East Area’s starfield.

“Attlee, Barnes, I will now give you Bojack and his companions position.

I will let some professionals use Instant Transmission to bring you over.”

East Kai knew that Pikkon and the others could only stay in the world of living for one day, so they had to make it brief; as a result, she had arranged for people who could use Instant Transmission to take them there directly in order to shorten the time for the journey.

At this time, East Kai turned to Pikkon and once again explained the situation of Big Gete Star.

“Pikkon, I need you to go directly to the headquarters of Big Gete Star and destroy them together with their Meta-Coolers!” Because the situation was very urgent and Big Gete Star had a large number of Meta-Saibamen, East Kai directly arranged the most powerful warrior amongst the batch, Pikkon, to go!

Pikkon calmly nodded.

He already understood the general situation.

Naturally, he did not have any intention to shirk the responsibility.

He could not help but sigh as he said, “I didn’t expect that besides Bojack, the Galaxy also has these mad guys.

Please rest assured, the Great East Kai and leave Big Gete Star to me.”

“Umm!” East Kai finally breathed a sigh of relief, and immediately began to look for the location of Bojack and his companions, preparing servants to send Pikkon and others.

“Hey, it turns out that Bojack and his companions are near Big Gete Star, so it will save us a lot of trouble,” East Kai was a little surprised as she said.

On the other side, the place where Big Gete Star was located.

The distant and deep outer space was covered by a nebula, and the whole starfield was partly hidden and partly visible.

Gorgeous lights flashed in the outer space, and two sparkling figures appeared outside the nebula.

“So, this is where Big Gete Star has hidden.

My god, there are countless auras from their Meta-Coolers inside the nebula!” Meiling, with her blonde hair fluttering, pointed at the blurry nebula in front and couldn’t help but exclaim.

At the edge of the nebula, it could be faintly seen that a brightly lit spaceship was busy transporting something.

“Let me count… there are over ten thousand Meta-Coolers.

Big Gete Star’s technology is really developed.”

Earlier, after the Meta-Saibamen attacked Planet Hongshan, Xiaya listed Big Gete Star in his “must eradicate” list.

So, he finished the work in his hand, and together with Meiling, he followed the Meta-Saibamen’s auras and went into the outer space.

Xiaya could naturally also sense the number of Meta-Saibamen and couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath as a result.

Although the Meta-Saibamen’s strength was not worth mentioning in his eyes, a lot of ants could also bite an elephant to death, so if he let Big Gete Star manufacture them on such a large-scale, there will be a real possibility of flooding with “locusts”.

“Fortunately, we’ve arrived in time.

If we had let them develop for a while more, this trouble would have become even bigger!”

*‘Existences such as Big Gete Star must be destroyed, and even these Meta-Coolers must be eradicated!’ Xiaya and Meiling glanced at each other, and they understood what the other was thinking.

Then, a cold ray flashed in their pupils, and both of them nodded at each other and rushed forward, launching powerful attacks from both directions.

In an instant, as the gorgeous energy waves concentrated together, the deep, vast and dark starry skies were completely filled with magnificent energies.

Suddenly, a thunderous noise resounded, and the bright and beautiful light rays and rumbling sounds were immediately followed by ripples.

The fierce astral winds wreaked havoc on the stardust along the way.

The plain but enchanting nebula was immediately struck, and as if it were a layer of ice, a big hole appeared.

The substance was too late to fill it and ended up forming a void as a result, as an endless and powerful burning shock waves directly entered into the nebula, heading towards Big Gete Star.

The blurry nebula immediately seethed like boiling water.

Hula! Hula! 

The debris in the starry sky expanded, melted, and then evaporated.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

Inside the nebula, the Big Gete Star issued a non-stop series of urgent alarms.

When it was detected that a tremendous amount of energy exceeding the upper limit had penetrated through the outer protective shell of the nebula, the high-level members inside the Big Gete Star instantly sunk into a panic.

“Mond, what the hell is going on”

“Sir Manuel, there are several unidentified powerful energies rushing towards us, and the outer protective net is being broken.

Not good, the protective shell cannot stop it!”

Mond’s half-mechanical pupils flashed before they abruptly shrank, his countenance turning panicked.

Manuel said in anger and panic, “Can the planet’s outer shell resist the attacks”

Mond hurriedly took a group of scientists with him to calculate and got a conclusion that was not too bad and said, “Our Big Gete Star is made of a special alloy that is extremely resistant to attacks, but the energy rushing over is too strong… ”

“I just want to know if it can stop them or not!”

Mond swallowed saliva and said, “Big Gete Star’s defenses have basically been broken, but it won’t collapse.

If we hide in the core area of the planet, there is a big chance of surviving!”


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