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“This is… Meta-Cooler”

As he got a clear look at the enemy’s appearance, Xiaya’s pupils suddenly contracted and his countenance turned gloomy.

He pointed at the invaders ahead and said, “That’s Meta-Cooler; it seems that Big Gete Star is behind this.”

“But isn’t Cooler already dead” Hearing Cooler’s name, Myers was startled.

“Isn’t that the guy who was trampled to death by me Is he a Bio-warrior like me” Zangya was interested.

“Yes,” Xiaya affirmed.

Xiaya was also sizing up Meta-Cooler who was different from the one in the original work. ‘These Meta-Coolers don’t have any self-awareness.

They are Meta-Saibamen controlled via chips.’

“The real Cooler has long been killed by Zangya.

These Meta-Coolers are killing machines with only Cooler’s outer appearance.” Xiaya’s heart was like a bright mirror, and then he tried to use the secret skill “Spirit Eye” to observe the energy intensity of the Meta-Coolers.

Fortunately, Big Gete Star’s Saibamen were half-bio and half-metal, so Spirit Eye secret skill was still effective.

Meta-Saibamen—Battle Power, 1 billion!

Their strength was not weak; instead, they were actually stronger than Cooler!

“Everyone, be careful… these guys have 1 billion Battle Power.

Tell every Saiyan to withdraw,” Xiaya frowned as he relayed the information.

Bardock and others were all greatly surprised.

1 billion Battle Power! Only Xiaya, Zangya and the Fusion Meiling on Planet Hongshan had the qualifications to fight them, while the Super Saiyan Bardock and the rest didn’t have sufficient strength to participate in the battle.

“Quick, all the Saiyans get back!”

Xiaya, Zangya, Xiling, and Myers stepped forward.

“We have to deal with them as quickly as possible because their numbers are too much.

We are responsible for several people, so we can’t let them damage the planet too much.”


“It’s only 1 billion energy.

They are no more than toys,” Zangya said disdainfully.

Xiaya glanced at her coldly, and Zangya sensibly closed her mouth.

After that, their auras erupted out, raising a spiraling airflow which caused the clouds in the sky to surge like ocean waves.

Surrounded by a golden blaze, Xiaya’s imposing aura became even more powerful; it erupted out based on Full Power Super Saiyan, with his green eyes full of coldness.


Meiling, who was a Fusion of Xiling and Myers, also transformed into Super Saiyan.

“Wow, you both have become so powerful!” Zangya exclaimed.

As a Bio-warrior, she didn’t have the ability to transform.

Her body’s function restricted her such that she couldn’t become stronger.

She was envious of Xiaya and Meiling’s exploding strength.

The Meta-Coolers were expressionless; they had stiff expressions, but their metallic glossy faces revealed an eerie chill.

Besides the combat skills in their brains, all their thoughts were controlled by Big Gete Star’s central computer.

“Roar!” Like a ferocious beast, Meta-Cooler let out piercing roar.

With a wave of his hand, a large expanse of sparkling energy created a huge sphere in the sky, and the next second, the astonishing power rushed towards Xiaya and others.

Facing this, Xiaya and the others sneered and casually waved their arms, sending the energy ball flying.

If they were fighting on an ordinary planet, the energy emitted would have instantly devastated the surrounding terrain, transforming it to ravines, and also cause towering mountain peaks to become oceans.

However, it was Planet Hongshan, and after the strengthening by Shenron, the durability of the planet became extraordinarily strong.

An orange glow appeared, and the enormous expanse of energy, swatted by Xiaya, hit the ground and turned into a large mass of smoke before scattering.

The planet only slightly trembled a few times and soon recovered its tranquillity under the restoration of its core.

“Completely destroy all these scrap metal!” Xiaya vigorously shouted.

His voice had just fallen when a cold light pierced through the air, and Xiaya’s palm suddenly covered a Meta-Cooler’s head.

His arm exerted force and directly twisted Meta-Cooler’s head by 180 degrees, and with a loud sound, an energy bomb hit the top of the emerald-colored machine’s carapace; the extreme heat instantly melted a deep hole in the machine’s carapace, exposing the half-mechanic structure inside.

The nerve-like wires were flashing with electricity…

Although the Meta-Coolers were very powerful, they were no match for Xiaya and co.

Both sides were totally not at the same level.

The fight was rapid, and Xiaya was directly disintegrating the Meta-Coolers, killing each in a second.

After a while, broken arms, heads, tails, and other parts of the body could be seen fluttering in the sky.

Upon seeing this, Zangya and Meiling narrowed their eyes, and as they were not willing to be outdone, they revealed their Battle Power and soon joined the battle.

At this moment, sensing the energy pervading Planet Hongshan, the Saiyans who were watching the battle on the side revealed lifeless expressions on their faces.

They knew that  Super Saiyans were very strong, but they had never really experienced their power.

At this time, the battle prowess of Xiaya and co.

scared them.

Although the Meta-Coolers looked extremely “fragile”, they didn’t naively think that the enemy was really weak.

The reason why they looked “fragile” was because their side was too powerful!

“Our Leader is so powerful! Their metal bodies are like clay chickens in our leader’s hands!”

“Ha ha ha, good, good!”

Some Saiyans shouted excitedly.

The blurry figures flashed everywhere on Planet Hongshan, stirring wind, clouds, and producing deep and muffled sounds.

Every time they collided, space seemed to explode with dazzling flashes.

When Xiaya and others attacked, the Saiyans everywhere also retreated to safe places according to instructions.

The number of Meta-Coolers was decreasing.

At this time, the Meta-Coolers seemed to have received instructions from the core body, and a large number of them acted at the same time and swiftly gathered from different directions towards Xiaya and others.

Suddenly, the sky and the land was filled with the silhouettes of the Meta-Coolers, looking like a vast green area.

The numerous Meta-Coolers that were spread out everywhere in the sky caused a strong visual effect.

‘Perhaps the number of Meta-Coolers that invaded Planet Hongshan is no less than 1,000.

In the end, how many Meta-Coolers did Big Gete Star create’ Xiaya’s calm face could not cover the surprise in his heart.

These Meta-Coolers couldn’t cause any trouble for them, as they were on Planet Hongshan; however, except for Planet Hongshan, there was no planet in the Galaxy that could withstand the Meta-Coolers’ attack.

Big Gete Star’s ambitions were quite clear.

They want to rule the entire galaxy.


Waves of roars swept out.

The Meta-Coolers seemed to have been angered.

Under the instructions of the central chip, the Meta-Cooler Corps launched a full-scale attack.

For a time, rays of light flickered in the sky, and the tyrannical aura was like ten thousand stampeding horses.

Every aura was powerful enough to obliterate the existence of a planet.

Xiaya looked at them in disdain and together with Meiling and Zangya, attacked at the same time.

They jumped and immediately turned into golden and white rays of light, throwing themselves into the vast and mighty army.

Few indistinct figures traveled back and forth amidst the Meta-Coolers orderly formation, as deep and muffled sounds like two fists beating on a war drum sounded, and also, ferocious beast-like roars were mixed with the rumbling.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Du! Du! Du!

Numerous green and shiny metallic bodies shook and fell like a kite whose string had been cut.

Under their full-strength attacks and with just a punch and a kick, the three agile people seemed to have become a heavy roller machine, as whatever dared to block their path would get grinded and broken.

The Meta-Coolers were beaten until they didn’t have any power to fight back.

The thousand Meta-Cooler army was quickly broken apart.

After the metal bodies were destroyed, broken limbs— like a light drizzle—fell from the sky, and soon, a green metal garbage dump formed below.

Chapter 318 Meta-Cooler


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