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Goku curiously watched as Bulma shrunk to the size of a plastic figurine.

He reached out his hand and grabbed her, squeezing her in his palm as he mused, ‘She has really become smaller!’

“Let me go! You will kill me if you squeeze so hard,” Bulma bellowed in anger.

Goku smiled and let go of his hand.

Bulma deactivated the Micro Band and recovered to her original size, and then, she changed to a revealing dress.

“Since you are here, I’ll have to prepare a good feast for you; afterward, I will go with you to find the dragon balls.”

“You want to go too”

“Of course! I’ve been bored to death by staying at home alone.”

After that, Bulma’s mother warmly welcomed Goku with fruit juice in her hands.

“So, this is the Goku that Bulma often mentions! Do you want to be Bulma’s boyfriend”

“Mom, what are you saying” Bulma snapped at her mom.


Brief also came over and said with a smile, “Bulma is so fierce that no one will want her in the future.”

“You don’t have to care about that.

Goku, we are going to look for the dragon balls.” Not able to stand her parents anymore, Bulma pulled Goku out of the house with a backpack.

Goku smiled at Dr.

Brief and summoned the Flying Nimbus, while Bulma shrunk once again and hid in his collar.

“If you collect the dragon ball this time, remember to wish for a beautiful woman and bring her back!” Dr.

Brief shouted with a cigarette dangling from the corners of his mouth.

“Enough, shameless old man!” Bulma scolded in response.

As Goku and Bulma were sitting on the Flying Nimbus, Goku smiled and said, “Your parents are really interesting.”


Now, a year later, Goku and Bulma once again set out on a journey to find the dragon balls.

They charged through underwater mechanisms and entered a place where pirates had hidden some treasures.

A fortune was already accumulated there, and later on, they met the world’s number one assassin, Mercenary Tao, who Goku easily defeated.

Afterward, Goku heard about the legend of Korin Tower from Upa’s father, Bora, and vaguely remembered that Master Roshi had also reminded him of it, so he climbed Korin Tower to receive pointers from Korin.

After destroying the Red Ribbon Army, Goku sent Bulma back to school while he himself proceeded on his training alone.


Planet Hongshan.

After Xiaya passed on several months of martial arts experience to Tien Shinhan, he sent Tien Shinhan to train by himself, while he himself returned to Planet Hongshan with Xiling and Myers.

During his time on Earth, Xiaya faintly felt that he had already touched on the barrier of Super Saiyan 2.

However, he had no idea when he would actually breakthrough; so, he returned to Planet Hongshan, intending to fully concentrate on it.

He planned to use the training environment there to fully concentrate on training and eventually make a breakthrough.

“The Super Saiyan transformation is a process of superimposing strength on the Normal State.

The burden on the body will increase as the strength superposition increases.

Without a strong body, forcefully transforming into Super Saiyan will directly cause the body to collapse at the moment of transformation.” Xiaya understood this clearly.

Theoretically, Saiyans above 100,000 Battle Power already had the qualifications to transform into Super Saiyan, but it often required 3 million Battle Power to really make a breakthrough; this was the minimum condition under which extreme anger acted as a catalyst.

Xiaya understood that if he wanted to break through to Super Saiyan 2, he needed to strengthen his body further.

The reason for this was because, at the root, whether it was Super Saiyan 2 or Super Saiyan 3, they were all only continuations of the Super Saiyan realm.

They could be regarded as the same stage, but they were somewhat different in the amplification of power; to sum it up, it was the enhancement of Ki.

But such a transformation would eventually have a limit, as the physical body can’t bear the burden endlessly.

As a result, the Super Saiyan 3 transformation was the stage with the greatest burden on the body.

In the training room, Xiaya was sitting cross-legged on the floor and was experiencing the movement of Ki within his body under the high-gravity environment, while constantly pondering.

Like spinning silk from cocoons, he was constantly sorting out his own situation.

“Super Saiyan’s most perfect state should be Super Saiyan Full Power i.e.

the first grade of Super Saiyan.

At that time, the whole body’s energy can be perfectly controlled.

Compared to Super Saiyan 1’s preceding stages, it is even more perfect, while Super Saiyan 2 can be regarded as a further expansion of transformation on the basis of Full Power Super Saiyan.

At this time, the power is too strong, the Ki explosion is exaggerated, and the overflowing energy can cause the abnormal phenomenon of lightning, which is not a perfect control.”

“When it comes to Super Saiyan 3, the pressure on the body will increase further; energy is more difficult to control, and the frenzied energy would not only rampage outside the body but also within the body.

In this stage, the transformation has the greatest burden on the body, so the consumption of physical strength is also extreme,” Xiaya muttered to himself, as he pondered.

‘In essence, Full Power Super Saiyan has the most compatible balance between power after “Ki explosion” and self-control, and with an even stronger level of “Ki explosion”, although one can gain a stronger external strength for a short time, it has already broken this balance.

This balance… It can’t last long!’ Xiaya mused.

Based on this estimation, Xiaya felt that it was impossible to attain the so-called Super Saiyan 4 because Super Saiyan 3 was the limit of what the body could bear.

If a more overbearing transformation was activated, the body would directly collapse at the moment of transformation! Unless Super Saiyan 4 was an evolution into another creature, like the gorilla in GT, but whether this could be considered an evolution or moving backward, no one could say.

“In future upgrades, the Super Saiyan’s transformation would eventually have a limit.

By then, Normal State would be the only way to increase strength.”

“But what if the increase in Normal State also reaches a limit” Xiaya sighed.

There were only two ways for a Super Saiyan to become powerful.

One was to upgrade their transformation and develop a new transformation state, but the premise was to be able to withstand the pressure brought by transformation; while the second way was to increase strength in Normal State, and when both reach their limit, it will be impossible to simply enhance the physical body.

But what made Xiaya uneasy was that after becoming Super Saiyan, he found that the improvement of Normal State was getting slower and slower.

Take the transformation of Goku in the original work as an example; whether it was Super Saiyan 1 at the beginning or the later Super Saiyan 2 or 3, he basically improved his strength by breaking through the transformation state, and he continuously exerted strength many times under Normal State until he attained Super Saiyan 3.

Due to the problem of endurance, it was impossible to further develop higher-multiple transformations, while the increase in his Battle Power under Normal State was extremely slow.

Now, Xiaya was facing the same problem.

His Battle Power in Normal State had very little improvement.

“Let’s leave this alone for now.

I should put it off until I have transformed into Super Saiyan 2.” Xiaya put down his worries.

Presently, he still had a lot of room for improvement, so the stages after Super Saiyan 3 could be put off for the time being.

After a serious workout, Xiaya came out with a towel draped over his shoulders and saw that Charlene and several senior officers of the Guardian Corps had arrived at his home.

“Sir Xiaya, this is the data of Planet Hongshan’s Saiyans,” Charlene took out a stack of documents and said respectfully.

Xiaya flipped through the documents and noted down the overall situation of Planet Hongshan’s Saiyans in recent years.

Now, there were 30,240 Saiyans on Planet Hongshan, which included mostly children; this was thanks to the contributions of the female Saiyans over the years.

Of the 30,240 Saiyans, 28,108 of them were Ordinary Warriors, 2,100 were Elite Warriors, 28 were Super Warriors, and 4 were Super Saiyans.

Compared to twelve years ago, Planet Hongshan had grown in strength many times over.

“Oh, by the way, did the people of Big Gete Star come here recently” asked Xiaya.

“Yes, but they were sent away by us.”

“Let the Saiyans outside pay attention as these technological civilizations are very frightening to a certain extent,” Xiaya said in a serious tone.

The Androids developed by Dr.

Gero of Earth, the ancient warriors (Galaxy Soldiers) made by the Feidaya people, and the Meta-Cooler made by Big Gete Star in the original work had strengths greater than the average Super Saiyan, and they were also very difficult to deal with.

At this moment…


Suddenly, Planet Hongshan trembled, and following the tremor was a sharp sound like a kettle boiling; then, a dazzling light spot suddenly rose on the surface of the reddish black-colored planet’s surface.

“What happened”

“Sir, Planet Hongshan has received attacks from external forces, and many lifeforms with unknown energy levels have landed on the planet.

Members of Guardian Corps and special battle squadron have already been dispatched, but they are not a match for them.”

Someone soon reported the news.

Xiaya’s face immediately turned cold, and a cold light flashed in his pitch-black eyes, as he exuded a frightening aura in all directions. ‘After the Luther, the Frost Demon, invaded Planet Hongshan so many years ago, there is still someone who dares to attack Planet Hongshan again They must really be tired of living.’

Charlene and the other officers were also filled with indignation.

“Charlene, tell the warriors to prepare for all-out combat!”


Planet Hongshan’s forces were quickly mobilized.

Xiaya, Xiling, Myers, Zangya, Bardock and others all went to the front lines.

When they saw the intruders from far away, Xiaya’s handsome face showed a surprised expression.

He already had a vague guess about the identities of the intruders.

“Is that…”


Their line of sight became clear.

A green figure stood on a mountain slope, sweeping his eyes ruthlessly at the surrounding Saiyans; he had a bright emerald-green metallic body, with an appearance somewhat similar to Frieza.

Chapter 317 Attacking Planet Hongshan


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