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Center Galaxy.

Near the Galactic Patrol Organizations headquarters, three individuals shrouded in blue lights were gathered together.

They each had orange hair, light blue skin and wore copper-colored earrings.

If Xiaya was here, he wouldve definitely recognized them.

These three were Zangyas companions, the Galaxy Soldier Bujin, Kogu, and Bido.

The short and thin Bujin stared at the distant starry sky and said, “Ahead is the location of the Galactic Patrol Organizations headquarters.

The place where our boss is sealed is likely in this starfield.”

Bido nodded and said, “The center galaxy has the smallest area among the several galaxies, and we can find boss soon if we search it inch by inch.”

“Why bother We can directly charge to the headquarters of the Galactic Patrol organization and ask for the information about the planets that have appeared in the last 200,000 years.

I dont believe they have the courage to not give it.”

The big-bearded Bido laughed and responded, “Yes, we should directly ask the Galactic Patrol organization.”

The three of them talked and laughed, not putting the Galactic Patrol in their eyes.

During the time they were talking and laughing, their figures soon appeared in the range of the radar of the Galactic Patrol.

Suddenly, an intense alarm resounded and the entire spinning-top-shaped headquarters of the Galactic Patrol Organization erupted into chaos.

“Warning, there are intruders breaking in!”

“Warning, there are intruders breaking in!”

The Galactic Patrols Warriors went into action one by one, and immediately intercepted Bujin, Kogu, and Bido.

At the same time, they scanned the strength of the three people.

The information from the scan was then quickly transmitted to the nearby mercenaries.

This was the biggest crisis that the Galactic Patrol organization had encountered in the past few years.

It was more bloody and cruel than the last time when Xiaya had arrived.

Soon, there were countless big fireballs flashing in the starry sky.

Amidst the flames, a spine-shilling and frightening might suddenly rose, as if a beast of the abyss had opened its bloody maw.

Without being able to put up any resistance, the large number of the Galactic Patrols spaceships and the mercenaries who came to provide assistance were buried in the huge and beautiful explosion.

“Ha ha ha! These weak ants are annoying!” Bujin arrogantly shouted while wreaking havoc.

The energy bombs from his hand never stopped, and wherever he saw a living being, he would threw it towards them.

In a short while, the living beings that had died by his hands were countless.

Bido looked indifferently, with a faint smile on his face.

“Bujin, move quickly.

After finishing off these people, you should enter the Galactic Patrol headquarters.”

“All right!”

Bujins attack became even more unbridled.

The huge crimson fireballs rose one by one; they flickered for a moment, turning dim, and then became deathly still, before falling down just like a meteor.

It was very beautiful…

“Lets go! The rest of the Forces here have been annihilated, so we can proceed to the headquarters.”

After saying that, the three of them rushed to the spinning-top-shaped Galactic Patrol organization.

Inside the headquarters, in a beehive-like hexagonal room…

The jellyfish-like Galactic King nervously paced back and forth.

The outcome of the battle outside had been one-sided.

Having learned of the situation, he knew that the Galactic Patrol was facing an unprecedented disaster.

“Is there no one who can stop them” Galactic King sighed helplessly.

The enemies that appeared this time were too strong, and even the most powerful fighters in the Galactic Patrol organization were no match for them.

Moreover, it was now impossible to expect any support from distant starfields, as distant water couldnt put out a fire close at hand!

At this time, Jaco and a commander with long antennas on his head were standing in front of Galactic King.

Jaco said, “Galactic King, now is not the time to hesitate, so please immediately leave using the spaceship.”

The spaceship used by Jaco and others was the most advanced spaceship in the universe.

It took only seven days to traverse the entire universe with it.

It was famed for its the speed, with which it could easily traverse an interstellar journey of half or one year; thats why the communication work of the Galactic Patrol had always been the fastest.

“This… the Galactic Patrol organization cant collapse at this time!”

The Galactic King hesitated; “Once the headquarter is destroyed, the Galactic Patrol organization would exist in name only, and also, how many members would be willing to continue to serve the organization By then, Im afraid that those people at the Commerce Alliance would be elated,” the Galactic king said dejectedly.

“Who the hell are they, and why are they so powerful” Jaco glared; his golden eyes shone like a light bulb.

Galactic King sighed and said, “Those people are the Galaxy Soldiers who had once turned the entire galaxy upside down, and our Galactic Patrol organization was established to guard the planet that has their boss, Bojack, sealed.”

“Bojack” Jaco looked confused.

Galactic King said, “Bojack is a wicked villain who had traveled through the four major galaxies, north, south, east, west and attempted to destroy them.

He had great ambitions; moreover, he committed atrocities that threatened the entire galaxy.

Even the sins committed by the Frost Demon race, later on, cant be compared with his.

Then, 200,000 years ago, the four Great Kais took advantage of him being seriously injured and jointly sealed him on a planet at the end of the Galaxy.”

“200,000 years ago! Thats a really long time.” Jaco exclaimed.

“Yeah, so many years have passed, and how many people know about his existence If we let his companions destroy the seal, then Bojack will come back, which is really a disaster for the entire Galaxy!”

“But we dont have the strength to stop them…”

Jaco and the commander next to him glanced at each other, and suddenly stepped forward and tied up the Galactic King up.

“Sorry, Galactic King, the Galactic Patrol organization may not be able to survive, so we must take you away!”



A few days later, the news of the destruction of the Galactic Patrol was passed among the major forces.

Some people were happy while some were filled with grief.

The Forces that were long looking forward to the destruction of the Galactic Patrol wantonly celebrated and cheered, while the Forces which maintained the peace of Galaxy grieved.

The order of the Galaxy was thrown into chaos.

“Galactic Patrol has been destroyed!”

When Xiaya received this news, it was already ten days after the incident.

He stared at the document in his hand for a while with indifference, and then, he put it aside as if nothing had happened.

Whether the Galactic Patrol was destroyed or not had no direct impact on his Planet Hongshan.

Although the two sides were in a cooperative relationship, it was only making use of each other.

Planet Hongshan didnt necessarily have to stick out for them.

“They can do whatever they want, as long as they dont provoke Planet Hongshan!” The Saiyans were not a kind-hearted race, nor would they carry any big responsibility on their shoulders; they were just a Fighting Race, so only fighting was enough.

Meanwhile, at the Center Galaxy.

There was a dark-red planet here.

Although there was starlight shining here, It was still very dark.

If Bujin and the others hadnt received the real information, they really wouldnt have known that a planet was unexpectedly hidden under this darkness.

“According to the information, our boss is very likely to have been sealed on this planet,” Bujin said in delight as he pointed at the inconspicuous planet ahead, the corner of his mouth slightly raised.

“There is a seal here which was jointly created by the four Kais, so we will need to cooperate in order to break it,” Kogu looked at it with a serious expression and said.

Their surroundings were blurry and space was extremely complex.

Because it was a seal created jointly by four Kais, there were only two ways to open it.

The first way required any of the four Kais to lose their life, causing the seal to automatically collapse with the lapse of time; the second way was to forcefully eradicate the seal.

With the joint effort of Bujin, Kogu, and Bido, any planet could be destroyed.

In a flash, Bujin, Kogu, and Bido separated, scattering around the dark red planet as they exercised their power at the same time.

Immediately, a distant and tranquil but heaven-shattering aura suddenly erupted out, turning the surrounding space extremely unstable.

An attack landed on the seal created by the four Kais, and the powerful energy was like pattering rain, which continuously eroded away the creases in the space.

With the power of the three people, the dark-red planet shrunk to a big circle, and the seal became pale and fragile as the paper on a window.

Before long, the seal was broken.


The dark-red planet became even darker, and then, it suddenly exploded into a blood-red flash; when the weather changed, deep in the starry sky, a gloomy and cold wind rose.

The cold wind brushed past the soul, and the ice-cold and biting chill caused people to tremble…


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