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As the World Martial Arts Tournament ended, the crowd gradually dispersed.

The little blonde girl, who was lucky to watch the whole tournament from the front of the stands because of Myers help, waved her farewell to Xiaya and the others.

Xiling stared at the receding back of the little girl and said with a smile, “The little girl is really cute!”

“Yeah!” Xiaya nodded, not paying much attention.

After the tournament finished, seeing that the sky had become dark, Xiaya found a hotel to stay in together with Master Roshi and others.

“Master Roshi,

where have you been”

“I went to the bathroom.”

“You went to the bathroom for a whole day I didnt see you all this time.”

“Is Goku okay” Bulma was supporting Goku by his arm because he was exhausted from the tournament; right now, he didnt even have the strength to walk.

Xiaya said, “Its okay, I think his body is very strong, so he will be fine if he has enough to eat.”

“Simple-minded!” Bulma snapped in dissatisfaction, causing Xiaya to chuckle, and then he led Xiling and Myers toward his room.

When Xiaya arrived at the door, he found Tien Shinhan waiting for him.

“Teacher!” Tien Shinhan greeted Xiaya.

As he had completed the two tests ordered by Xiaya, he could now officially call Xiayateacher.

“Your skills are not bad, but in some cases, going too far is just as bad as not doing enough.

Like, in todays competition, you couldve had an easier victory, but in the end, both sides suffered.” Xiaya gave pointers to Tien Shinhan, as Tien Shinhan listened seriously.

“After going back, Ill train you again properly; now, go back and rest!”

“Yes!” Tien Shinhan got his wish fulfilled, so he responded with excitement.

After greeting Xiling and Myers, he returned to his room.

The night was silent.

Next day, Xiaya and the others made preparations to return to their villa.

However, Xiaya thought, It has been such a long time since I came out for a walk; I should buy some gifts for Xiling and Myers to bring back. In order to give them a pleasant surprise, Xiaya sent Xiling and Myers back first, and afterward, he went shopping in the nearby city.

The cities that hosted the World Martial Arts Tournament were generally quite developed, with convenient transportation which was easily accessible to contestants.

Xiaya strolled around the city and stared at the shops filled with gorgeous items on both sides of the road; after a while, he then randomly entered a jewelry store.

Under the enthusiastic marketing of the store clerk, Xiaya handed out a large amount of money, packed the most exquisite items in the store and walked out.

The store clerk looked fervent as he sent this big customer to the door.

At this time, they heard the sounds of police sirens, and afterward, they saw a white van madly dashing over, instantly arriving at the north side of the street from the south side; a police car was behind in hot pursuit, firing warning shots at the white van.

“Its a robber! They are really arrogant to do this in broad daylight.”

Xiaya glanced over and then ignored it.

At this time, a police officer hit the tire of the van with a bullet, causing the driver of the van to slam on the steering wheel; however, the van had already lost control as it rushed towards the door of a storefront in the corner.

At this time, a little girl holding a balloon came out from the door and saw the car that was rushing over.

The little girl was dumbfounded, and she stood there frozen.

Just as the little girl was about to die under the wheels of the van, Xiaya—like a lightning bolt—swiftly appeared in front of the van, picked up the little girl and jumped to the side.


The van crashed into the stone wall of the store.

Consequently, the front of the van bent inwards severely due to the collision, and the entire wall collapsed.

The little girl looked on dumbly, and her legs felt weak as she fell to the ground.

Suddenly, she broke into tears after a while.

“Boo hoo… Mama!”

Seeing that something had happened, the crowd in the surroundings gathered over.

The police also got out of the car and arrested the robbers in the van.

Xiaya looked at them and laughed as it wasnt of any concern to him, and then he looked at the little girl with a slight frown.

“Well, dont cry… your family will be here soon,” Unable to endure, Xiaya said.

The little girl however ignored him and continued to cry; her golden hair and tears mixed together and glued to her delicate cheeks.

Xiaya squatted down and picked up the little girl and comforted, “Little girl, dont cry.

Your mother will come back soon.”

“Really Mama will be here soon” The little girl stopped sobbing and asked with a puzzled face.


Xiaya nodded.

He didnt like crying girls, especially little girls.

Xiling used to be obedient when she was young, so he didnt even need to coax her.

Not really understanding, the blond little girl stood on one side as she, with the balloon in her hand, waited for her mama to come.

At this time, Xiaya sized up the little girl, and couldnt help but laugh as he mused, Isnt this the girl from yesterday The balloon in the little girls hand was also the one from yesterday, so Xiaya tried to engage in small talk with her, trying to keep her in good humor.

However, after a long time had passed, her parents still didnt come.

The little girls eyes reddened; she was about to cry again.

Upon seeing this, Xiaya hastily took out an exquisite white necklace from his bag.

It was a crescent moon-shaped necklace.

Just with a glance at its luxurious craftsmanship, it could be discerned that it wasnt cheap.

“Ill give this necklace to you, so dont cry.”

Xiaya knelt down and put the necklace around her neck.

After hanging the necklace, sure enough, the little girl did not cry.

She giggled and grasped the necklace, revealing a lovely smile.

‘This kid must have been pampered and spoiled since childhood, Xiaya looked at the Blonde-haired little girl and thought.

After a little while, a beautifully dressed woman rushed over in a panic, hugged the little girl, and continually thanked Xiaya.

Xiaya waved his hand and was about to leave.

At this time, the little girl said in a crisp and childish voice—which was similar to that of an oriole—pleasant to hear, “Big brother, thank you.

I like your gift very much!”

Xiaya couldnt help but chuckle as it was just a necklace.

He waved his hand and left, leaving this minor matter behind him.

Back at the villa estate, Xiaya saw that Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu had been waiting there for a long time.

He then began training Tien Shinhan.

Generally speaking, Tien Shinhans latent talent is not bad, and his training skills were also remarkable, but in the eyes of a great expert like Xiaya, all his movements were full of loopholes.

“Use your full-strength to attack me!”


Tien Shinhan shouted earnestly, and then, he held his breath and concentrated.

In the next second, he quickly moved, and the spacious courtyard was immediately filled with Tien Shinhans afterimages.

Xiaya nodded slightly and thought,Tien Shinhans basic skills are relatively solid, but his speed is as slow as a snails.

Each of his movements is like a film that has been slowed down by hundreds of times. At this time, Xiaya casually pointed his finger forward and touched Tien Shinhans chest, causing Tien Shinhan to lose the motivation to advance.

Afterward, Xiaya hit Tien Shinhans knee, causing him to lay down on the ground.

Xiaya shook his head and reprimanded, “It wont do… your reaction is not fast enough.

Real martial artists wouldve turned their movements into instincts long ago! Only beginners will make attacking or defensive posture every time before the fight starts!” ”


“Its wrong again… you must leave some leeway for yourself when attacking.”

“I am making you reduce unnecessary movements, not to make you completely undefended.

Again! In the case of certainty, the attack is the best defense.

Those who seize the preemptive opportunity are the best martial artists!”

Xiaya was constantly reprimanding, and Tien Shinhan also kept pondering over Xiayas words.

Although every attack of his was turned upside down, Tien Shinhans gains were too big, and he felt that his mastery of martial arts was constantly improving at a speed never seen before.

Education was a two-sided affair that concerned both teacher and student.

If the teacher was very able but the student was incompetent, then the teacher wouldnt feel like teaching, and the student also wouldnt like learning.

Likewise, if the student had a heaven-warping talent but the teacher was mediocre, then itll be hard for the student to have any achievements.

A lot of matters in the world would only become legends when coexisting as a pair.

The best example would be Huang Shigong and Zhang Liang.

If Zhang Liang had returned to the bridge located in Xia Pi and Huang Shigong wasnt waiting for him, it would have portrayed Zhang Liang as someone who thought too highly of himself, and also as someone who, although young, had a complex thought process.

Likewise, if Huang Shigong was waiting and did not see Zhang Liang return, it would have portrayed Huang Shigong as a fool that was trying to learn how to fish like Jiang Ziya, yet failing to catch any fish.

It was only when Zhang Liang and Huang Shigong had reached a certain level of enlightenment and were absolutely certain of each others expected reaction that this event finally became a legend.

Just like now, Xiaya was quite insightful and could teach students in accordance with their ability, and Tien Shinhan was also talented and willing to train hard.

The teacher and student duo both had a significance to each other.

‘Sure enough, Teacher is a hidden expert on Earth! But are there also many people like this Tien Shinhan pondered.

Previously, from Master Shens speculations, he thought that Xiaya and the others were experts from Sacred Land of Korin, but since he climbed Korin Tower, he realized that the strength of his teacher was not as it seemed.

Meanwhile, at the Kame House, Krillin and Chi-Chi continued to train under Master Roshi, and at the same time, there was one more person who joined them in training; he was—Yamcha.

After the martial arts tournament ended, Yamcha also joined the Turtle School.

While Goku, after martial arts tournament ended, set foot on the road of self-training, and also, he took the dragon ball radar that Bulma gave him to find the dragon ball left behind by his grandfather…


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