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Goku and the others started training in the suburban area of the island surrounded by sea.

It was said to be an island, but in fact, a small part of it was connected to the mainland.

In addition to several flourishing urban cities, there are many towering green hills and quiet suburbs here.

Such a magnificent landscape was arranged orderly along the towering mountains in the center of the island, forming a harmonious and natural scenery.

One day, on a beautiful afternoon, white clouds like cotton candy floated in the sky and constantly changed shape under the clear breeze.

Xiaya’s villa…

The luxuriant green leaves extended out and blocked the sunlight as round spots of light fell down.

The flowers around the courtyard were blooming; the white, red, and purple flowers were extremely gorgeous, emitting a refreshing and pleasant fragrance.

In a training room, Xiaya was sitting quietly on the ground under a not-so-strong gravity, as golden light flickered around his body.

Suddenly, it erupted out with boiling sounds like a kettle of boiling water, followed by exploding sounds.

“My training speed has begun to slow down after entering the Super Saiyan level.” Xiaya slightly frowned as he muttered to himself, then he took a shower and walked out of the room.

Xiling was sitting on a small wooden bench in the courtyard.

When she saw Xiaya coming out, she handed over a folded communicator and said, “This is the news from Planet Hongshan.

Recently, a civilization called Big Gete Star made contact with Planet Hongshan.”

“Big Gete Star” Xiaya was slightly startled on hearing this name.

“What is their purpose for contacting Planet Hongshan” Xiaya inquired.

If he remembered correctly, Big Gete Star was a civilization with quite a developed technology, such that even their entire parent star had been transformed into a metallic structure.

It was a civilization that wandered through the universe.

Xiling sneered and said, “What else can it be They are vainly attempting to get Saiyan blood from Planet Hongshan.

Maybe they want to study it or something.

But Charlene had already flatly refused them.”

The technology of Big Gete Star was more advanced than that of the Feidaya people.

They wanted to get Saiyan blood, so one can well imagine what they intend to do with it.

They probably intend to perform scientific experiments in order to create Bio-warriors.

But how could Saiyan blood be carelessly handed over to others In the original work, they could create Meta-Cooler, so there was no telling what problem they would cause this time.

Xiaya thoroughly scanned through the information provided by Planet Hongshan and found that the Saiyan blood that Big Gete Star requested was not ordinary Saiyan blood, but the blood of several candidates who had the potential to become Super Saiyans, and even his, Xiling, Myers, and Bardock’s names were within their requirements.

“Their courage is really big!” Xiaya’s eyes suddenly erupted with a frigid light.

Big Gete Star had been included in his blacklist.

“If this Big Gete Star doesn’t obtain Saiyan blood from Planet Hongshan in an honest manner, maybe they will secretly use some underhanded methods.

Notify the Saiyans outside to pay attention, and also have the warriors of Guardian Corps be on alert.”

“If they provoke us, then directly eliminate them!” Xiaya said decisively.

These few years, Planet Hongshan had always been developing in a friendly and peaceful manner, which made Planet Hongshan’s development process smooth, but it seemed that a lot of people had forgotten the bloody side of the Saiyans.

Don’t forget, the Saiyans were a true Fighting Race.

Recently, Saiyans had been good-natured because Planet Hongshan was not being threatened.

However, if someone dared to harbor evil intentions, then they must let them properly experience Saiyans’ cruelty.

If a civilization had the guts to reach out their hands to the Saiyans, then they had to be prepared for destruction.

Planet Hongshan’s Saiyans had already accumulated enough merits and weren’t afraid of losing a little bit.

“Hehe, Planet Hongshan’s several special battle squads have been established for so many years, but haven’t yet revealed their fangs.” Xiaya sneered.

Xiling rolled her eyes and said, “I know, and I have already notified them.

I think Big Gete Star should be monitored as soon as possible, just in case.

Who knows what this technologically advanced civilization would do It would be bad if another Bio-Warrior like Zangya appears.”

“Speaking of Zangya, how has she been living on Planet Hongshan in these past few years Did she contact her former companions”

“She has been quite well-behaved.

Every day, she would wine and dine, and when she has time, she would go to Planet Meishan to throw her weight around…”

“However, the other areas of the universe has suffered a disaster.

I heard from the people of the Galactic Patrol that now, except for the East Area, Zangya’s companions have stirred chaos in the South Area, the West Area, and the North Area!”

Hearing that, Xiaya couldn’t help but laugh.

“It’s quite interesting.

These guys really want to overturn the entire universe in search of Bojack’s sealed place.

However, it doesn’t concern us, so there is no need to pay attention to them.”

What does it matter if Bojack escaped the seal He was at the level of Cell’s Perfect Form, so there was no need for Xiaya to take action as Meiling alone could suppress him.

Currently, the characters who could catch Xiaya’s eyes at least had to be at the Super Saiyan 2 level.

Others who hadn’t reached this level, in his opinion, were all like clay chickens and pottery dogs and were not needed to be paid too much special attention.

“Speaking of this, I have been in the Super Saiyan realm for six years, but I still haven’t found a way to breakthrough to Super Saiyan 2.” Thinking of his strength, Xiaya sighed.

He had been worried about Super Saiyan’s bottleneck for a long time.

It had been a while now since he achieved Full Power Super Saiyan, but he hadn’t been able to touch the realm of Super Saiyan 2 yet.

It seemed that there was a veil placed in front of him, which he couldn’t pierce through.

“Oh, by the way, Kakarrot is also training on this island.

I can feel his Ki,” Xiling suddenly said and continued, “There is also a rotten old man carrying a tortoise shell on his back.

He is not strong, but he is giving them directions in training.”

Xiaya smiled and replied, “The old man is Master Roshi, who is known as the God of martial arts on Earth.

He had received pointers from Korin on Korin Tower three hundred years ago.”

“Oh, so he is called Master Roshi.

It’s no wonder that he is carrying a tortoise shell on his back.

But what a surprise that he has lived for so many years!”

Xiling’s bright eyes flashed with a bright light, seemingly interested.

“Ah, they are heading to our place,” Xiling suddenly said.

At this time, Xiling sensed that Goku’s Ki was approaching their place.

A few minutes later.

“Grandpa Master Roshi, this is the place I told you about.

There is a sister named Launch inside, and she is very powerful!” Goku pointed at the villa in front.

“Hmm!” Master Roshi nodded and his expression turned serious as he mused, ‘Since she could be called “very powerful” by Goku, then she must be very amazing.’ Master Roshi couldn’t help but feel a little expectant.

“Creak!” Just as Goku and others neared the villa, the wide door opened by itself, and the blue-haired Launch came out from inside and welcomed Master Roshi and others, smiling as she said, “Guests, please follow me in.”

“Cough! Cough! Then we will trouble you,” Master Roshi said embarrassedly.

Soon after, Master Roshi, Goku, Krillin, Chi-Chi, and Hasky followed Launch into the villa and were stunned by the beautiful scenery inside the villa.

At this time, Master Roshi stopped walking as if he hadn’t seen a beautiful woman.

He quietly said to Goku, “Goku, is she the powerful person you mentioned From her steps, she indeed gives the feeling of a strong expert.”

The blue-haired Launch was not as strong as the blonde-one, so she had revealed a faint aura that was captured by Master Roshi.

Goku shook his head and explained to Master Roshi, “Grandpa Master Roshi, I am not talking about this Launch, rather the blonde-her; that one is even more powerful, and I am not her opponent at all.”

“So powerful!” Master Roshi was shocked.

He knew Goku’s strength.

Even if he was at his peak, he would not dare to say that he could surely win against Goku.

He mused, ‘Is this girl really so strong’

Master Roshi stroked his sunglasses, feeling complex emotions in his heart.

“Kakarrot, you have come again,” Xiaya shouted towards Goku.

At this time, Launch had already served them fruits.

This visit was very interesting.

What Xiaya didn’t think of was that, besides Goku and Krillin, even Chichi was following together with them, and as for the girl who looked like Blonde Launch, Xiaya couldn’t guess her identity for a short while.

“Interesting, interesting, even Chichi also seems to have become Master Roshi’s disciple.

The storyline has changed, but it may not be so bad…”

Xiaya’s mouth curved into a smile.

He remembered his conversation with Bulma in the other world.

Maybe in that world, Bulma liked Goku too, but because of the various strange combination of circumstances in the world, they missed it.

“Goku, why is this person calling you Kakarrot” Krillin whispered.

Goku shook his head and replied, “This person is this place’s master, and I don’t know why he calls me Kakarrot.”


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