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“Hey, Goku, what do you think of that girl below Would Master Roshi like her” The Flying Nimbus stayed in the air, and Krillin rolled his eyes as he pointed at the girl who was fighting the police below and asked.

Goku inclined his head to the side as he looked for a moment and said in surprise, “This girl looks exactly the same as a person I met previously, but that person was much more powerful than her.” Goku didn’t care if the girl below was beautiful or not, he just thought that her martial arts were not good.

“Hehe, then just pick her.

If we had encountered a powerful person, we wouldn’t have been able to take them away.”

Krillin’s thinking was particularly flexible.

With just a glance, he knew that she was in trouble.

At this time, if they help her get out of trouble, then the probability of taking her away was big.

However, the police officers below had guns, so Krillin intended to have Goku take action.

“This is also true,” Goku thought for a bit and agreed, then he brought along Krillin and jumped down from the Flying Nimbus, standing directly between the blonde girl and the police.

“Hey, are you stupid They all have guns! We will get killed by standing here!” Krillin felt dazed; he immediately turned to Goku and angrily shouted.

He didn’t expect Goku to bring him along and directly jump in between the two sides.

However, Goku smiled at him and said indifferently, “Don’t worry, they cannot hurt us.”

“This is not for you to decide!” Krillin looked regretful as he thought, ‘If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have come together with this idiot!’

“I mean, they really cannot hurt us,” Saying that, Goku waved his palm a few times towards the bullets which were swiftly blazing through the air.

Numerous afterimages could be seen and then dozens of bullets were caught by his palm.

The sound of bullets falling to the ground was heard.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Even the bullets were caught with his bare hands!

Whether it was the blond girl or those police officers, they were all scared by Goku’s move.

It was deathly silent, and then the police cars sped away.

The several police officers mistakenly thought that Goku and Krillin were the girl’s accomplices, so they turned and ran away in fear.

“It’s done” Krillin didn’t expect it to be so simple and was somewhat surprised.

At the same time, he was also filled with curiosity towards Goku.

“Hey, what’s your name We just saved you, so I will take you away,” Krillin stepped forward and looked up at the girl as he said.

“What” The blonde girl still hadn’t recovered yet, “Hah, you want to take me away Not a chance!”

“Hehe, young lady, this brother of mine is very powerful, so you better obediently follow us…” Krillin thumped Goku’s chest and threatened.

In order for him to become Master Roshi’s disciple, he was ready to bring back this girl no matter how.

“You…” The blonde girl hesitated, seemingly afraid that they would use force.

In the end, she gnashed her teeth and compromised, “I can go with you, but you must guarantee my safety.”

“Ok!” Seeing that she had agreed, Krillin was over the moon.

“My name is Krillin, and the person next to me is called Goku.

Who are you, and why were the police chasing you”

“My name is Hasky.

They were chasing me just because I stole jewels from the safe of a corporation’s boss.” The blonde girl curled her lips in disdain and continued, “Heh, they didn’t even think twice before going all out to catch me, but how could they catch me by relying on these useless people”

“So you are a thief!” Goku shouted.

Hasky’s eyes widened and she subconsciously wanted to refute, but she remembered that Goku had the ability to catch bullets with bare hands.

Furthermore, she could feel that she had no way to argue, so she said, “This lady is the world’s number one master thief.

There is nothing in this world that this lady can’t steal.”

“You are still a thief,” Goku suddenly understood and said.

“The world’s number one master thief!” Hasky corrected him.

This girl was surprisingly the Master Thief, Hasky, who appeared in the anime for a few episodes.

In the anime, she was hired by the Red Ribbon Army to steal the two dragon balls that Goku found, so she disguised herself as a young fortune telling Arabian and tried to get close to Yamcha, Goku and others; however, she was ultimately seen through by Goku and was defeated.

Because Hasky’s appearance was almost exactly the same as that of the Blonde Launch, many people mistakenly thought that she was Blonde Launch.

“Enough! Whether you are a thief or the world’s number one master thief, you must follow us and live in Kame House…and you can’t steal anything,” Krillin laughed gloatingly as he said.

As he thought of how he could live with such a beautiful girl when learning martial arts, he inwardly began to admire Master Roshi’s foresight.

“Wuu!” Hasky struggled for a moment, but in the end, she chose to compromise and obediently followed Goku and Krillin to Kame House.

At Kame House, when Master Roshi saw that Goku and Krillin had really brought back a beautiful girl, his whole body seemed to emit a youthful aura, and his spirit suddenly became younger by several years.

Of course, even if Master Roshi really became young by several years, he would still be a few hundred-years-old rotten old man.

After that, Master Roshi took out the bikini swimsuit and said in a serious manner that it was Turtle School’s working clothes, but it was burned to ash by Hasky, which made him quite embarrassed.

“Cough, cough, Fine! From now on, Krillin is also my disciple.

This is a tortoiseshell to be worn during training.

No matter what you do in the future, you can’t take it off without my permission.”

Master Roshi no longer cared about Hasky and turned around, took out a tortoiseshell and placed it on Krillin’s back, and then under the guidance of Master Roshi, Goku and Krillin began their first step of training.

Firstly, to determine the strength of the two people, Master Roshi had them each show their strength and speed, and then he drafted a training plan according to their situation.

Although Master Roshi’s Battle Power was not the highest on Earth, he was unmatched in terms of giving pointers to people for training.

Under the guidance of Master Roshi, Goku and Krillin’s training proceeded step by step in proper order and stepped into the right track.

While Hasky stayed by herself in the Kame House, bored.

Because Kame House was surrounded by the sea, she had no place to go.

She just looked at Goku and Krillin training.

Sometimes she imitated them and learned a lot of things.

Until one day, Ox King came to Kame House with Chi-Chi.

“Master Roshi, please teach Chi-Chi martial arts!” Seeing teacher, Ox King immediately lay face down on the ground, respectfully bowing to Master Roshi.

“It’s Ox King, ah! We meet again.

This cute little girl is really beautifully dressed today,” Master Roshi walked towards Chi-Chi while leaning on a cane, stared fixedly at her and said.

“Master Roshi,” Chi-Chi rudely glared at him and said in a soft voice.

The soft voice made Master Roshi’s whole body go limp.

He didn’t even think about it and readily agreed, “Not bad, not bad, her foundation is quite good.

If Chi-Chi wants to learn martial arts from me, she is very much welcome!”

Right now, Master Roshi had also thought it through, ‘In any case, there is no difference between teaching two or three disciples; moreover, she is such a cute girl.’ Master Roshi felt that his life was once again full of passion.

“Thank you, Master Roshi!” Ox King was very excited as his daughter was able to acknowledge a master.

“It’s fine,” Master Roshi calmly waved his hand and said.

“Hello, I am Chi-Chi, the daughter of Ox King.

Are you Goku, the guy who destroyed my house” At this time, Chi-Chi asked as she walked towards Goku.

Goku replied honestly, “At that time, I used too much force, but if I hadn’t done that, then I wouldn’t have been able to extinguish the fire.”

“Well, please advise me in the future, senior brother!” Chi-Chi reached out and shook hands with Goku.

Like this, there were suddenly four more people in the Kame House.

Master Roshi told Goku and Krillin to live together, while Chi-Chi and Hasky lived together.

The small Kame House became a little crowded.

After giving Chi-Chi a simple training routine, Master Roshi was surprised to discover that Chi-Chi was actually a rare martial arts genius.

She could quickly understand a lot of theoretical things after explaining them to her just one time.

Her latent talent was higher than Krillin.

However, it must be known that the Chi-Chi in the original work had only trained under the guidance of Ox King for a few years and could achieve good results, reaching the top eight of the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.

So, her understanding naturally wasn’t bad.

‘However, Chi-Chi’s training method would have to be carefully considered,’ Master Roshi pondered inwardly.

In the past, all of his disciples were male, but now, there was a female disciple.

Many training methods had to be changed.

Think for a bit, if a beautiful girl carried a thick tortoiseshell on her back every day, the scene wouldn’t really be beautiful.

Next day, Master Roshi figured out the new training methods and then notified Goku, Krillin, and Chi-Chi.

After that, their training location was changed to a small town not far from the Kame House, which was the peninsula city where Xiaya and others were living in seclusion.

In this beautiful place where the island was linked with the city, Goku and the others started their new training.

The first routine was to plow the fields of the villagers and deliver milk to them free of charge.

Of course, they all used their hands to plow the field, and when the milk was delivered, Master Roshi will especially catch some beasts to chase them.

Sometimes they will live in a temple at the peak of a towering mountain, chop firewood and carry water.

They lived like a coolie.

Compared to Goku and Krillin, Chi-Chi’s training was much easier.

In between a half-meter-thick trunk were lined slender ropes.

These ropes were connected to each other to form a large net.

Chi-Chi’s daily training was to fight with Master Roshi on the big net, however, she mustn’t fall.

This was a training program specially developed by Master Roshi, and the specific result needed further verification.

The days passed by, and Goku, Krillin, and Chi-Chi’s strength changed unknowingly.

Just at this time, Crane School’s Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu also arrived in this city…


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