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Chapter 31 Adri’s cautiousness

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“How was it, wasn’t Jetonian’s attitude disgusting” Feeling someone lightly patting his shoulder, Xiaya turned around and saw that Uncle Adri had come over.

Adri said with a smile: “Actually, you do not have to mind what those Jetonian are saying.

Those hired guys mouths were always loathsome.

If it were not that they were sent from Frieza’s headquarters to Planet Vegeta, all of them would have unknowingly died many times over cause of their annoying attitude towards Saiyan’s.”

“Well, having less or no contact is much better so as to avoid bad luck!” Adri’s words were laced with loathing towards Jeton.

As the other side had Frieza’s support, and they were the communication channel between Planet Vegeta and Planet Frieza for conveying many instructions through them, so Saiyan could only let them have their way and act arrogant for the time being.

However, this account which had accumulated to a certain extent will sooner or later have to be settled.

So far Jetonian were totally oblivious that they were digging their graves, as Saiyan’s were still arrogant and bossy.

So you had known all along how Jetonian’s act ah, Xiaya couldn’t help but roll his eyes after he finished listening to Uncle Adri.

No wonder he had us go submit the mission and he himself had run off for swimming, he hadn’t wanted to see them ah!

“Oh, by the way, I will be taking Myers out tomorrow to complete a mission.

And I am afraid, I will not be able to return for a long period of time.

If you have any mission-related questions later, then you can ask Rebecca.

She could provide you with references as she had previously completed lot of difficult missions in my Squad.

Adri carefully explained.

“Oh, OK!”

“Rest assured, if we couldn’t understand something then we will ask mother.”

Facing Adri’s urgings, Xiaya and Xiling readily agreed.

In fact, when they were young, Adri often accompanied teams out to perform training mission and would usually be gone for few months, so they have long become used to it.

“Which planet are you going to this time, and approximately how long would it take to return,” Xiaya asked.

Adri roughly calculated and said: “The mission location this time is comparatively closer to Planet Vegeta, and aside from time spent on Planet Red plus traveling back and forth, it will be about one month.”

“A month’s time, that’s quite fast.” Xiaya inwardly pondered inside his heart.

Planet Red is located very close to Planet Vegeta.

It only takes few days time to fly there using a spacecraft and is the closest life-planet to Planet Vegeta.

And naturally, this planet is under Saiyan’s control and is one of the few training bases of Saiyan’s for training younger Saiyan.

Of course, these training bases were all established for High-level Warriors, the ordinary Low and Mid-level Warriors could not possibly have such treatment.

“Uncle Adri, I have something here to give you!”

Having pondered for a while, Xiaya pulled out a small brown bag from his bosom and in front of Adri’s puzzled eyes, put dozens of dried flat Senzu Beans in it.

Xiling watching quietly on the side, saw Xiaya take out Senzu Beans and put them in, she immediately understood his intention and a captivating smile blossomed on her little face.

“What is this” After taking the bag and looking at it for a while, Adri asked somewhat puzzled.

At this moment, Xiling jumped out and quickly urged Adri to accept the Senzu Beans and said while loudly shouting: “Dad, accept it quickly! It can be used to save lives at important times.”

At this point, Adri was even more puzzled, and looked at the seemingly dried and flat little things, what treasure is this little thing that my daughter is eagerly urging me to accept

Xiling explained: “These things are good and called Senzu Beans.

No matter how severe the injury is, as long as there is a single breath left, after eating it will be able to immediately recover to peak condition!”

Then she once again explained the specific effects of Senzu Beans.

“There is actually such a magical thing in the world!” After finished listening, Adri with an astonished look on his face looked at the beans in his hand.

He didn’t doubt the authenticity of Xiling’s words and thought of the importance these simple little beans could contain.

As a veteran Saiyan warrior, he had experienced many dangers that he was clearly aware of the importance of such medicine on the battlefield which could quickly heal wounds.

It does not only mean one more life but in critical moments it could even change the entire situation of war.

Without being polite, he immediately took the bag of Senzu Beans and carefully stored them away.

After that Adri turned serious and said: “Senzu Beans, this thing only we can know about it, absolutely do not reveal it, otherwise it will bring endless troubles.”

Wealth can change people’s heart, not to mention this kind of thing which can save people’s lives at critical moment.

The fewer people know this secret the better because it is not apt to divulge this information.

In fact, Adri need not say, Xiaya also know this truth.

The reason he took them out was only for the sake of people around him, he had no intention to reveal them to everyone.

After all, the Senzu Beans in his hand may look many, but with every use, they will become one less, so he has to be especially careful while using them.

He will naturally not be stingy with his loved ones, however other people can just forget about it!

“Well, only we three people know about them and I also do not intend to reveal it to others as I think currently Saiyan’s are in a very dangerous situation.

And King Vegeta’s way of doing things will only worse Frieza’s patience with us.

I am afraid that Saiyan will be in real danger at that time….

This is not the first time Xiaya said that Frieza may have malicious intention towards Saiyan’s.

After hearing his words, Adri couldn’t help but seriously consider, not just thinking it be nothing.

He pondered for a moment and said: “If Frieza really intends to attack Saiyan then we will surely not be able to deal with him.

It seems we need to find a good retreat ah!”

“Ah, there is also tapping device installed on those energy detectors.

He obviously has malicious intentions towards Saiyan ah!” At that time, Xiling who was listening on the side for a while jumped out and said.

Regarding the detector thing, it could be easily checked by going to any Alien who knows something about high technology and carefully let them search for it.

“What did you say, they installed tapping device on detectors” Hearing that Frieza installed tapping devices on energy detectors used by Saiyan’s, Adri was not idiot and immediately realized the severity of the matter.

Frieza, what are you up to, you really do not believe in Saiyan

Adri’s face suddenly became gloomy while a surging energy unconsciously burst out from his body, and like the center of a hurricane, airwaves exploded out in layers, and the original calm sea in an instant became the roaring sea.

Layer upon layer of airwaves hit the face while black hair danced in the air as carefree as the wind.

Xiaya looked at all this in astonishment.

From the imposing momentum surging out of Adri’s body, his Battle Power has at least reached a minimum of 8,000, which is already a very rare combat strength.

After a long time, Adri gave a long sigh dispersing the imposing momentum from his body, and everything again become calm as if the scene just now was illusory like a dream.


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